When photoshoots go BAD

Last year Mr Hubby and I did a couple of mini photo shoots with Baby at home in order to get a picture for our Christmas card.  Cheesy as it may be to some, I think this is a ‘must do’ when you have kids and anyway the relatives love them.

So last year, yeah last year Baby couldn’t walk…. Things were so much easier last year!

Fast forward 12 months to now, the present day, Mr Hubby at work and Baby and I on our own with a camera.  I think it would be safe to say it didn’t go quite to plan…. Baby went rogue!

when photoshoots When photoshoots go BAD

So learn from my mistakes my friends.  You are armed with your camera, a snowy back drop and some decorations you found that should add a festive touch.  Now here’s what to do;

1.  Do not ask your child to smile.

smile When photoshoots go BAD

2. Do not let your child get distracted by a book

distracted by book When photoshoots go BAD

3. Do not ask your child a question

ask a question When photoshoots go BAD

4. Do not ask for the Christmas lights back

lights off child When photoshoots go BAD

5. Do not let your child hypnotise itself with the Christmas lights.

Hypnotise When photoshoots go BAD

6. Do not ask your child to look up

look up When photoshoots go BAD

7. Do not let your child lose focus

focus When photoshoots go BAD

8. Do not ask your child to pose nicely with a star

pose nicely with the star When photoshoots go BAD

9. Do not let your child leave…..

leaving When photoshoots go BAD

10. Do not ask your child to wear a Santa hat.

santa hat When photoshoots go BAD

11. Do not ask you child to look at the camera.

look at camera When photoshoots go BAD

12. Do not encourage your child to be a Christmas Tree.

Christmas Tree When photoshoots go BAD

13. Do not let your child ignore you

ignore When photoshoots go BAD

14. Do not let your child hide in the ‘fake snow’

fake snow When photoshoots go BAD

15.  Do not let your child improvise with making their own sleigh

Sleigh When photoshoots go BAD

If you follow all these tips you should end up with a picture that turns out a lot better than ours!


The lovely people at printed.com have kindly offered to make our Christmas cards.  They print various products from Instagram prints, Greeting cards, to Invitations and Giclée Fine Art Prints.  So safe to say our photo shoot didn’t go to plan at all, even though we tried three times.  In order to get something that was worth printing, I called in the PicMonkey big guns and created a little design that I actually really like.

Final Card Layout When photoshoots go BAD

I can’t wait to see the finished version when the guys at printed.com have done their thing.

 When photoshoots go BAD

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Silent Sunday 23rd November 2014

Silent Sunday 23rd Silent Sunday 23rd November 2014

Silent Sunday Silent Sunday 23rd November 2014

Sundaylge e1396359989177 Silent Sunday 23rd November 2014

If you enjoy my posts, why not
 Silent Sunday 23rd November 2014

When Baby met Orla – Oobicoo Review

Baby was recently sent an Oobicoo.  What is an Oobicoo I hear you ask!?  Well, Oobicoos are fabulous life-sized soft dolls, that are deigned to wear outgrown baby clothes.

Each Oobicoo is hand sewn, which I think is amazing.  There are so many mass produced, plastic toys around, that it is lovely to be able to give children something that was handcrafted and made with love (and skill!).  Also because of this, all Oobicoos are slightly different.

As Oobicoos are just like little people the possibilities for play are plentiful.  Through dressing them up, children can develop their motor skills and is a great way to recycle your children’s outgrown clothes (they are the size of a 6 month old).  Play with them in role play situations to improve communication skills or just cuddle them!  Made from recycled materials they are kind to the planet as well.

Another great benefit of buying an Oobicoo is that money from each and every sale goes to help the Children’s Immunology Fund (CIF). Working with The Bubble Unit, in Newcastle upon Tyne and the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh, CIF raises money to treat and care for sick children and to support their siblings and families.  Registered charity number SCO41239.

O.K Let’s meet the Oobicoos!

Oobicoo Ollie

interests: outdoorsy things like trees and flying kites, football, being in the band, reading.

Oobicoo Olywn

interests: all things pink, reading, dancing, cooking.

Oobicoo Orla

interests: painting, painting, painting, animals, singing, football.

Oobicoo Ed

interests: being different, wearing hats.

We were sent Orla and this is how we got on.

Oobicoo 901x1024 When Baby met Orla   Oobicoo Review

At first Baby was a little wary of Orla, I think she thought she was a real child.  After a while she started to warm up.  Baby doesn’t tend to play with dolls, but instead prefers her teddies or character toys, so I think this is why Orla wasn’t an immediate hit.

I dug out one of Baby’s old dresses and got Orla changed and then just sat her on the couch.  Baby wandered up and gave her a bug hug.  I found Baby liked to interact with Orla, giving her milk or feeding her.  She even wanted to dress her up in her own Christmas Antlers!

Oobicoo collage 585x1024 When Baby met Orla   Oobicoo ReviewThe Oobicoo’s all arrive in their own little green pod, which doubles are their sleeping bags.  This is the eliminate the need for a big plastic bag.

I thinks Baby will warm further to Orla as she gets a little older,  her favourite toys are those which she is really familiar with and so I look forward to watching their developing relationship.  It also gives me a reason to hang onto some of Baby’s pretty old clothes!

An Oobicoo costs £29.99, which I think is reasonable for a hand sewn toy that has lots of potential developmental benefits, that is earth friendly and helps to support a charity.


Disclosure: We were sent an Oobicoo in return for an honest review.

 When Baby met Orla   Oobicoo Review

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Gratitude List #25

Gratitude 25 Gratitude List #25


I love the process of writing a weekly gratitude list, as it ensures I consciously take in the small, but lovely things that happen every day.  Then, they are immortalised here on the page, so I will always remember.

This week I have loved;

  • Baby and my little trips to see the sheep each morning on our way out.
  • That my blog went up to 75 in the Tots100 rankings.
  • That I had my best week stat’s wise on the blog.
  • That my 6 week weight loss total is 25lb.
  • The way Baby waves hello and goodbye to everyone, including the sheep near our house and the local cats!
  • I was mentioned in the Tots100 Fresh Five, which was lovely.
  • I stepped out of my comfort zone and was filmed as part of an interview process with a major TV channel for a new show.  Even if I am not successful I am proud of myself.
  • That when I ask Baby a question, she furrows her brow, says ‘uhmmmm’ and puts her finger to her lips!
  • Mr Hubby coming home early from work on Friday, so I could catch up.
  • Playing catch with Baby.


So what are you grateful for this week?

I am linking up with This Enchanted Pixie’s 52 weeks of gratitude and

Welcometotheweekend Gratitude List #25

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*Original Image: Christian Holzinger

Car Seat Safety – Parents questions answered

As a parent you have many concerns; one of the biggest is ensuring that you have an appropriate car seat and that it is correctly fitted.  I remember that first drive home from hospital, so scary!

Do we really have all the facts that we need regarding car seats?

car seat Car Seat Safety   Parents questions answered

This week has been National Road Safety week (17th-23rd November) and to highlight this Kiddicare, together with Britax’s car seat expert Mark Bennett, asked parents what their main concerns were.  These were the questions that parents wanted answers to;

  • Is there an expiry date on car seats?
  • Are there any recycling schemes for old car seats?
  • Is it better to have forward or rear-facing car seats for your children until 4 years of age?
  • Can you pass car seats down to younger children?
  • Who can check car seats for you if you buy them online?
  • How does the ISOFIX seat differ in case of a frontal or side impact compared to a belted system?
  • What are the advantages of ISOFIX?
  • Car seats for children under 4 go by weight, does the height matter?
  • Is a high backed booster seat better than one without a back?

One major thing I learned during Baby’s first few months was that I was overdressing her.  There has been quite a lot of media coverage about the issues of children wearing thick coats, while travelling in car seats.  I must admit I used to always wrap Baby up like she was venturing to the Arctic before going out in the car.  That is, until I saw a Facebook post highlighting the dangers which come from the seat belt having to compress the coat before it restrains the child; truly shocking and it is something I had never even thought about before.

For more information on this issue and the answers to the questions above, pop over to the Kiddicare blog and make sure you have all the up to date safety knowledge to keep your little ones safe in the car.


Disclosure: We were sent a car seat for sharing this information.

 Car Seat Safety   Parents questions answered

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Tomy Sing ‘N’ Learn Bunny Bus Review

Baby recently got some exciting post.  A lovely new toy!  She was thrilled to receive a Tomy Sing ‘N’ Learn Bunny Bus to review.  She was a little annoyed that Mummy had to photograph it (lots) before she was even allowed to touch it, but thus is the life of a Blogger’s child.

Bus toy 1005x1024 Tomy Sing N Learn Bunny Bus Review
What the website says:

Hop on the Tomy Sing ‘N’ Learn Bunny Bus and the bunny band will take you on a fun learning journey!

  • Tomy Sing ‘N’ Learn Bunny Bus with 3 adorable bunny characters!
  • Learn about colours, letters and numbers through song!
  • Hop on the bunny bus and go on tour with the bunny band!

What we think:

First, it was testing time, which Baby took very seriously.  Repeatedly seeing if she could turn the bus upside down with the bunnies falling out… she couldn’t!

playing with bus 1024x1024 Tomy Sing N Learn Bunny Bus Review

She loves carrying to little bunnies around and happily pops them back in the bus.  She is a bit too young to get the maximum benefit out of the educational aspects of the toy, but at least that means the toy will last longer.  I love the bright colours and the electronic voice isn’t as annoying as some we have on other toys (You know the one’s you want to accidentally ‘lose’!).

Value for money:

This toy is £19.99, which I think is pretty average for a toy with an educational aspect such as this.

It is a great toy, that Baby really enjoys playing with, thanks Tomy!


Disclosure:  We were sent this toy in return for an honest review.

 Tomy Sing N Learn Bunny Bus Review

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20 years of dieting

I have been overweight for almost 20 years.  Wow, that is a long time!  I cannot actually remember a time when I wasn’t dieting or just about to go on a diet.  I think fat genes must run in my family, as we all struggle to lose weight.

I am now on a roll with the amazing support of Diet Chef, but over the years I have tried MANY different diets; Weight Watchers, Slim Fast, Slimming World, 5:2, Atkins, the list goes on…. and on!

I recently considered gastric band surgery, although the irony is that I would have to put weight on before I was allowed it!  I have looked at pure hcg drops site ‘s to find out more about taking the hcg hormone combined with a low calorie diet.  I have even considered asking my Doctor for diet pills.

Prior to my pregnancy I joined a gym and hit it regularly.  I combined this exercise with a low calorie diet and barely shifted a pound which was very frustrating.  I think that sometimes in the past I have probably not eaten enough, which has meant my body has wanted to hang on to everything!

I feel the success of a diet starts and ends in your head.  You have to have your head in the game and find a diet that works for you.  As parents, we are often up at all hours and suffering from a lack of sleep.  I find this makes fasting type diets very hard to sustain.  I also want to eat with my daughter, I don’t want her to grow up watching mummy skip meals or having a meal replacement shake.  This is not the example I want to set her.

I am so glad that I have found a plan that is working for me.  A lot of people think all you have to do to lose weight is to eat healthy and exercise, but if like me, your exercise options are limited then this makes things a little more tricky.  I suffer from Arthritis, disc issues and SPD, so taking up running or the like, would be out of the question.

My advice is to keep going, eventually you will find a programme that works for you and I wish you all the luck in the world when you do.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post

The List #12

Hi and welcome to ‘The List‘.  If you are new here, ‘The List‘ is a great linky that I co-host with one of my blogging besties Hannah from Mums’ Days.  The idea is simple, just link up any post that is in list/bullet point format, easy!  I use mine to record my weekly highlights, to remind myself of my hit list and targets, but yours could be a ‘top ten’ list or anything you fancy.  Your posts can be old or new, all welcome.

This week I am linking 20 Blogging apps/programmes I couldn’t live without and a post about our Christmas traditions.  Hannah is sharing 10 tips to get focused and her Mothercare haul for Reuben.

We are so thrilled that this linky is turning into something truly special, with so many talented writers joining in.  We both LOVE hosting!  Last week was no exception with so many wonderful posts being linked up.  My favourite’s were;
misplaced brit The List #12
I loved Steph’s emotional post about her young daughter.
Mrs H The List #12
Mrs H summed up her BlogFest experience in a great way.  Pop over and have a read if you haven’t seen it already.
motherdom The List #12
This post on why she has never had a smiley face sticker is so funny!
Now it’s time for my list;


  • Baby was much more confident swimming this week, which was fab.
  • ‘Operation Move to France’ is officially GO!  It is so weird that Mr Hubby is doing so much work to prepare now, but we don’t go until mid 2016.
  • A film crew rocked up at my house to film me.  I have applied for a TV show, so now I just wait to see who the channel want to go with.
  • Real life high; See below for my blog high.  Real life and blog life are beginning to merge…..
  • Read life low; Mr Hubby is going away again at the beginning of December for a week! Booooo!


  • My own favourite post this week was; This post about some special time with Baby and a certain penguin!
  • New blog discoveryMr and Mrs T Plus Three. Sometimes I am amazed that, with all the blog reading I do, I haven’t come across a certain blog before.  Amy’s blog is one of these blogs.  It is fab and has been swiftly added to my reading list.  She is also fabby too!
  • Blog high; Climbing to 75 in the TOTS100 rankings!  So very happy and grateful.

75 The List #12

  • Blog low; A negative comment someone made about my relationship with Baby.
  • Looking forward to attending the Nuffnag Bloggers Workshop next weekend.
  • I passed £6k Twitter followers.
  • I had my highest ever day and week in terms of page views.



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Win a Personalised Baby Blanket from Little Lucy Willow

I bring you a lovely giveaway today, just in time for Christmas.  Little Lucy Willow have offered one reader a wonderful personalised baby blanket (worth £32.95).  Little Lucy Willow offer wonderful children’s furniture and accessories.  The blankets are made from lovely soft fabric with your choice of name appliquéd across the corner.

blanket giveaway Win a Personalised Baby Blanket from Little Lucy Willow

As usual just fill in this rafflecopter for your chance to win.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Disclosure: I was not compensated in anyway for running this giveaway.

 Win a Personalised Baby Blanket from Little Lucy Willow

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Weight Loss Weigh in #6- Sponsored by Diet Chef

Weekly Weigh in Badge Weight Loss Weigh in #6  Sponsored by Diet Chef

Welcome to my weigh in!  Regular readers will know that I am currently on the Diet Chef plan and you can catch up with my previous weigh ins here.

My Week with Diet Chef

This week has been fine.  It is the time of the month that I find it difficult to lose weight, but hopefully next week it will show a bigger loss.  I think my body is getting used to DC now, as I rarely feel hungry.  Or maybe my mind is quite strong regarding losing weight and therefore maybe I am just controlling any pangs better.

I am still really enjoying the meals, I still can’t believe how tasty they are.  I have started to think about Christmas and how I will manage dieting.  We have family staying with us and we all usually end up eating way too much and regretting it as soon at the tinsel is back in the box.  I am not quite sure what I am going to do yet, by Christmas I will have been on the plan for 10 weeks; so I probably could have a small Christmas dinner as a reward!  I think I will just be really mindful and stick to DC most of the time.  I don’t want to undo any of my good work, and I certainly don’t want to have to lose the same few pounds twice!

Week six meals

DC week 6 1024x1024 Weight Loss Weigh in #6  Sponsored by Diet Chef

This week’s vital statistics

Weight lost

-2lb (total 25lb in 6 weeks)

Total inches lost (across 10 measurements)

- 4.5″ (total 38″ in 6 weeks)

Have you ever dieted over Christmas?  What are your top tips?

The programme I am on would cost £8.75 per day.  However, if you order a 12 week supply this daily cost reduces to £6.61 (this is for all three meals and a snack).

Disclosure:  Diet Chef are sending me food hampers in order for me to review the programme.  All opinions are 100% honest and are my own.

 Weight Loss Weigh in #6  Sponsored by Diet Chef
We Will Do It Support Linky Button Weight Loss Weigh in #6  Sponsored by Diet Chef
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