Gratitude List #8

Gratitude  1024x682 Gratitude List #8

I love the process of writing a weekly gratitude list, as it ensures I consciously take in the small, but lovely things that happen every day.  Then, they are immortalised here on the page, so I will always remember.

This week I love;

  • The way Baby says ‘woof’ and it comes out ‘oof’.
  • How in love with her playhouse Baby is.
  • That we got to visit my wonderful friend Em and meet her beautiful little people.
  • That my husband really is my knight in shining armour and rescues me on my bad days.
  • Reading to Baby and watching how excited she gets at the prospect.
  • Seeing Baby’s face first thing in the morning.
  • Vanilla coolers from Costa, although they give me an incredible ice cream headache!
  • My new skirt, made by my mum from some great fabric I found.
  • Watching Baby trying to balance her bath toys on her head, when in the bath.


So what are you grateful for this week?

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Share Your Wedding #26

Hello!  Welcome to Share Your Wedding.  The weekly feature that gives you the chance to re-live your wedding day and may just give soon-to-be–weds some inspiration.

This week we have access to Kerri-Ann’s wedding.  Kerri-Ann blogs over at Mummy Hargreaves and can be found on Twitter @kahargreaves

Tell us about your family,

I’m Kerri-Ann or KA as my friends call me, a 34 year old mummy to Lil G who is 3 in June and our dog Alfie Bear.  Wife to Mr H, we share our life together in Staffordshire, in our Victorian Terrace, which has been a renovation project for the last 5 years.

I’m a full time working mummy, I split my time between the office in Manchester and working from home to get the work life blend.  My weekend mainly revolves around Lil G’s adventures including swimming and football, with the occasional ‘date night’ with Mr H and time spent with friends.

About me…

I love clothes and all things fashion, my social media networks and the communities I’m apart of, I’ve just found a new love for blogging, other than that it’s cake and my gorgeous little boy.

How did you two meet?

As old school as it gets, our eyes met in a bar, in what was one of the ‘Cool’ places to be on a Saturday night!  That was back in 2001, it took until 2004 for us to speak where we shared a New Years Eve kiss, and then finally my now husband asked me on a date in July 2005.  We were living together within 3 months, bought our first house within 6 months, the rest is history!  It took you ages to get going, then it was a whirlwind!

How long have you known each other?

9 years in July 2014

How did he propose?

My hubby proposed, December 2008 in Central Park, NYC.  Planned and unexpected, well I knew the time was coming but didn’t expect it to be on this holiday.  As it was the 1st day of our holiday it was a very memorable stay, and it even snowed.  That sounds magical.

How long were you engaged before you were married?

2 years exactly

When did you get married?

December 29th 2010

Wedding3 Share Your Wedding #26

Was your wedding a large event or a more intimate affair?

We had 76 guests in the day, roughly 100 at night, our day guests were mainly those we had shared our lives with as a couple, no extended family members who didn’t know us.  Close family and our friends.  It was a party after all.  I had 3 bridesmaids, my husband had 4 groomsmen and 2 page boys, we had 3 close friends who did readings during the ceremony.

Tell us about the Venues?

We were married at Crewe Hall, Cheshire in a Civil Ceremony at Midday, with it being a winter wedding we were conscious there would be very little light to have pictures taken after 3pm, but on top of that we wanted the day to last as long as it possibly could.  Crewe Hall is a beautiful stately home, with open fires, candlelight combined with beautiful decor.  A truly romantic setting.  For the week before our wedding day, it snowed.  The night before our big day, the rain came and washed it all away.  What it left was a beautiful blue sky.  We had kept our fingers crossed for snow as the building and grounds would have looked so beautiful.  What a beautiful venue.

Did your wedding have a certain style?

We (I mean I) kept things quite simple as there was so much colour in the venue.  I chose a simple vintage style, our tables dressed with white linen, finished with a cream lace runner, candelabra’s and small vintage vases containing silk roses and peonies in a cream and dusky pink.  I sourced all the elements myself.

Tell us about the most important thing, the Dress? 

You’re right, for me it was the dress!  I chose an Ian Stuart Dress, Cabaret in Ivory.  One of the first dresses I tried on actually, I looked at others but nothing quite matched the feeling I had when I tried this beautiful dress on.  My dress had a fitted bodice and a lace up corset at the back, and a sweetheart neck.  One of my favourite features was the strap over one shoulder which fell down the back of the dress too, my second favourite part was the skirt of roses, I used to love opening the dress bag and fluffy the roses up, they came alive.

Wedding4 Share Your Wedding #26

Describe your wedding.

I’d planned the wedding over a 2 year period, to the last teeny tiny detail.  Thankfully all but one item went to plan, but actually what was missing made no difference.

For me it was about the dress, photographer (although we did this together), Bridesmaids, decoration, cake and flowers which all tied in.  My then to be husband was given the responsibility of dressing himself , the boys, pulling together a playlist for the evening and arranging the honeymoon.

We opted for silk flowers as there was little choice for us in December. I also love roses and peonies which fitted with the style of my dress and cake.  I hadn’t mentioned the silk flowers to anyone as I was so conscious they wouldn’t look real.  We had so many compliments on how beautiful and pretty they looked.  My bouquet was silk too, the magic is that I can physically touch my bouquet every day and our guests took away the single vases which were on their tables.

The Bridesmaids were in Ivory dresses from Laura Ashley, floor length.  Accessorised with silk flowers in their hair, pearl necklaces, a pearl Thomas Sabo bracelet as a gift from me and cream heels.

Mr H kept his and the groomsmen outfits quite simple, just perfect for the venue and our style of course.  The boys and page boys all wore dinner suits, bow ties and black patent shoes.  Mr H wore an off the peg suit, tailored, a Hugo Boss white shirt, D&G patent brogues.  He looked very handsome.

We kept the day as tailored to us as much as possible, the reception drinks were Beers for the boys and Champagne for the girls.  The music was what we loved but taking into consideration the different age ranges in the room.  The food, we chose was what we loved to eat.  We filled the tables with enough wine to get our guests tipsy and to prevent them visiting the bar until after the meal.

As part of the invitations we asked our guests to select 2 or 3 songs, we added most of these songs to our list which we gave to the DJ.  That way we knew most would be up with us dancing at some stage.  My husband had 1 rule of the day, no requests, the DJ was very obliging.  Who wants Cotton Eye Joe anyway!  Yes someone requested it, sadly for them it wasn’t played!  In the day we had some soft music playing, Michael Buble, Take That, Elton John, Frank Sinatra.

As we took to the dance floor for our 1st of 2 dances our bridesmaids handed out sparklers which made a lovely atmosphere and looked so stunning.

Wedding5 Share Your Wedding #26

What was your favourite part of your Wedding?

The ceremony, the dancing and of course the pictures, mainly because we escaped for one whole hour where we could spend some time alone together, before the food was served and evening celebrations kicked in.  Great idea!

What extra touches made it special for you both?

My mother in law coming up to my room to make sure I was ok.  My bridesmaids gave me a scroll and a penny as a memory for our special day.  Ah lovely.

Did anything not go as planned? Any funny stories?

Two things, the venue organisers failed to lay out candles down the aisle for me to walk down, my husband some how messed up the seating plan for the first 3 rows, I’d recommend name places popped on to the seats.

Would you do anything differently with hindsight?

Looking back I think we gave the wedding photographer too much guidance.  Our photo’s were stunning however some shots were too scripted.  Don’t get me wrong we had nearly 1000 images so extremely satisfied.

What song did you walk into and what was your first dance song?

First dance was ‘So high’ by John Legend followed by Viva la Vida by Coldplay.  I walked down the aisle to Come away with me by Norah Jones.  Love Norah Jones.

Do you have any advice for the soon to be married?

Enjoy it, smile as you walk down the aisle, try to steal an hour away together, the day goes so quickly, try to take it all in, Video the ceremony, we didn’t but a friend did and we were so grateful.

Wedding2 Share Your Wedding #26

Where did you go on honeymoon?   

We flew the next day, travelled to Thailand, we arrived on New Years Eve which we celebrated in Bangkok, then moved on to Krabi and then PhiPhi.  Truly magical. What makes our wedding and honeymoon all the more special is that unbeknown to us we were actually 8 weeks pregnant on our wedding day, we didn’t actually find this out until we were 15 weeks but looking back it makes me smile so much knowing that Lil G shared our special day with us.  He danced with us!  Awww so wonderful!

Thanks again to Kerri-Ann for giving us access to her beautiful wedding.

If you want to Share Your Wedding just drop me a line

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Baby is 16 months old today!

16 months Baby is 16 months old today!

Today our little girl turns 16 months old, she is no longer my little baby, but an inquisitive, all action toddler.

So this month, her walking has turned to running and occasionally her version of skipping, which is really cute.  She is very confident on her feet and can ‘do’ stairs!  She adores other children and will often sit mesmerised by a child she has spotted, when we are out and about.  When playing with her little friends she is so friendly and loves to cuddle, kiss and pat them.

Her diet has improved this month and although breakfast can be a little hit and miss, she is much better at eating a proper meal in the evenings (even if it is only half a toddler sized meal).

She adores being outside and will spend ages playing with her water table in the garden.  However, she has got much more interested in the television this month and loves Doc McStuffins, Sheriff Callie, Jake & the Neverland Pirates and Sophia the First!  Cue Mr Hubby and I constantly humming the tunes from these shows.  She adores dancing and will dance around the living room while watching the TV.  She also dances in her pushchair if there are songs on in shops.

July has seen her turn a corner regarding her fear of the bath.  She now adores it and it seems that it is the highlight of her day.  Although she is petrified of a wind up bath toy we brought her, which has now been banished! (it can’t even be in the room!).

Swimming is her first love and she has now moved to the toddler class.  Confidently jumping off the side or off a float.  Happily going under water, she keeps on surprising me each week with how much her confidence has improved.  I love taking her swimming and watching her have such an amazing time.  She has a real ‘thing’ for water in general now, even if it is just putting her hands under a running tap, she loves it!

Her confidence is quite surprising.  She will happily wander up to a stranger and try to talk to them, she might even take them by the finger and try to lead them around.  She will think nothing of going off and sitting on another mums knee, if we are at a toddler group or even a picnic in the park!

Her favourite word seems to be ‘Duck’ which she pronounces ‘uck’, she doesn’t seem to bother with the beginning of some of her words.  She also say ‘oof’ when she sees a dog.  We have also added a new impression to her repertoire, a Lion!  Which is super cute.

She still has three bottles a day, morning, 3pm and bedtime.  She doesn’t always drink all of them, but I am sure she will tell me when she wants to drop the 3pm one.  At the moment I am glad that it slows her down a bit while she is drinking it, as she literally never stops.

She loves climbing and is a bit of a daredevil, occasionally heart in the mouth stuff.  She can be challenging; doing nappy changes is mostly a nightmare, as she wants to be on the go and resents any hindrance to this.  She can be naughty when testing her boundaries, she constantly tries to touch, hit or pat my laptop even though she is told no.  Hands will go in drinks, if they are not put up high enough.  I think her naughty moments are frustration, as she gabbles away desperatey trying to tell us things and, as yet, we can’t understand most of what she says.

For the most part, she is incredible company.  She brings such a joy and a light into our lives and I am grateful every day that our dreams came true.


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The Black & White Photography Project #3

Photographer extraordinaire Charly over at Podcast Dove hosts a weekly photography linky, which gives us the opportunity to show off our Black and White pictures.

These pictures were taken a few weeks ago at a local children’s farm.  Baby was hitching a ride on her Aunty J’s shoulders.  Monochrome strips a picture back to the basics and so works best with pictures that have an emotion behind them.  It seemed natural to see what they would look like in black and white, as these two have a really wonderful relationship.  I love them!

BW 1 1024x680 The Black & White Photography Project #3

BW 1024x680 The Black & White Photography Project #3

Why not pop over and have a look at some other lovely black and white captures?

4d06e438 4e6a 4f3b 88b2 0c1093350397 zps361ad0e9 The Black & White Photography Project #3

Our #Sweeet Summer

Although Baby is too young to be on her summer holiday from school, we still want to have a summer to remember.  So, I thought we could collect together all the things we want to do this summer, so we have a hit list.  Otherwise, we may find the nights are drawing in, before we have got the most of of our summer.

OUR SUMMER LIST 682x1024 Our #Sweeet Summer

There is lots of fun to be had on those long sunny summer days, but it is best to make sure you are prepared.  That way you can  get the best out of the day.  Here are my top tips for summer fun;

Top tips for a great summer 682x1024 Our #Sweeet Summer

Another tip would be to make sure you take a snack for the journey, such as McVities BN biscuits.  The biscuits with the cheeky wink!  We were recently sent the Raspberry and Chocolate flavours, which we all love!

Biscuits Our #Sweeet Summer

“This post is an entry for 42 Days of Summer Linky Challenge sponsored by McVitie’s BN. Learn more here


So, what is on your summer bucket list?  Do you have a great tip for getting the most out of summer?


 Disclosure: We received two packets of biscuits, to see what we thought of the yummy flavours.

Yankee Candle Indian Summer Review & Win a Holiday!

We were recently sent a Yankee candle to review.  I have often seen them, and sometimes smelled them, in shops but I haven’t actually bought one before.

Yankee Candle have been established since 1969 (before I was born!) and as the name would suggest, is an American company.  Since these early days, Yankee Candle has become the world’s most popular scented candle range.

Yankee Candle Indian Summer Crop 992x1024 Yankee Candle Indian Summer Review & Win a Holiday!

Yankee Candle have launched a new summer range, Indian Summer, which includes Amber Moon, Ginger Dusk, Honey Glow and the one we were sent, Wild  Fig.  They are also running an amazing competition,  which gives you the chance to win the prize of a bespoke holiday of your choice worth £5,000 plus a set of new candles.  The ten runners up will receive £50 each to spend at Yankee Candle online.  You can find out more about the competition here.  It is very easy to enter.

Our candle arrived quickly and even before I lit it, I loved the smell.  Although we are in the middle of a heatwave, I couldn’t wait to try it.  We have two small dogs at home and so often use a spritz of air freshener, to ensure there are no doggy odours lurking.  I couldn’t wait to light it and experience the full scent.  It certainly didn’t disappoint and did a better job than the air freshener, which always smells a little artificial to me.  For more details on the other scents available in this range, click here.

Aesthetically they are great, I love that all the wax is contained in the jar, so there is no mess.  They also sell pillar candles and beautiful trays to put them on.

For me, this has been a great introduction to Yankee Candle and I could definitely see myself buying more in the future.

The candle we were sent was priced at £19.99.  However, you can pick up a cute little car air freshener for £2.25.

Yankee Candle sells a wide variety of fragranced items, so it is well worth having a look on their website to see if anything takes your fancy.

Yankee 1024x815 Yankee Candle Indian Summer Review & Win a Holiday!

Disclosure: I was sent a Yankee Candle in order to do this review.  All words are my own and all opinions are 100% honest.

Yankee Candle logo Yankee Candle Indian Summer Review & Win a Holiday!

download1 zps16e15ea5 Yankee Candle Indian Summer Review & Win a Holiday!

Baby’s Fairy Tale

We were so absorbed in other things last week, that we didn’t think about our plans for Saturday, until the day was upon us.  A quick Google search reminded us that there was a Fairy and Pixie party at our local Country Park.  These are words that the mother of a girl loves to hear!  Baby has a few tutus (obviously!), so we had that covered and we popped to the shop on the way there, for some fairy wings, as you do!

I will warn you now, this is going to be a photo heavy post, as Baby looked so adorable.  Plus I had a spin on Mr Hubby’s posh camera, which I LOVE!  There were giant bubbles, real life fairies and pixies, face painting, bouncy castles, plus all the usual great things that Wellington Country Park usually offers.  However, what Baby wanted to do most of all was explore!

Fairy 768x1024 Babys Fairy Tale

She kept on trying to give us the slip, before running down a hill for the first time (which was slightly nerve wracking!).  Bless her she got so hot and tired, so we decided to take her to play on the swings for a while to calm down and cool off.

Fairy 3 820x1024 Babys Fairy Tale

After a little snack break under some trees, we headed to my favourite part of the park, the fairy garden.

Fairy 4 1024x1024 Babys Fairy Tale

Fairy 5 1024x447 Babys Fairy TaleThere was even a lovely wooden horse, which was perfect for a little fairy to have a ride on.  She adored finding all the little fairy doors, which are littered throughout that section of the woods.  She would knock on each to see if the fairies were in.

Fairy 6 1024x968 Babys Fairy TaleShe is such an inquisitive girl and enjoyed playing on the bouncy planks, but she did need Daddy’s help.

Fairy 7 1024x774 Babys Fairy Tale

Fairy 9 1024x488 Babys Fairy Tale

It was such a hot day, that we didn’t stay for the fairy tea party, which I’m sure was amazing.  Baby was pretty pooped from all her explorations and she had a little doze on the way home, dreaming of life as a fairy, no doubt.

Fairy 8 680x1024 Babys Fairy Tale

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Living Arrows 30/52

It’s time to link up with ‘The 52 Project’ (Practising Simplicity) and the ‘Living Arrows’ (I Heart Snapping).  The aim is to take a picture that captures the beauty and magic of childhood in our eyes.  I am also linking up with Snowing Indoors Point & Shoot feature.

“You are the bows from your children as living arrows are sent forth’ Kahul Gibran.”


Living Arrows 30 680x1024 Living Arrows 30/52

living arrows Living Arrows 30/52

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Our Week That Was Captured #30

This week has been good, we have seen friends, cracked on with some jobs that needed doing and have had a lot to think about.  I had my first ever Skype call with Hannah, very exciting!  So here is our week captured;

Our Week

Our week 1024x819 Our Week That Was Captured #30

  1. Sunday – For the first weekend in a long time, we didn’t go on a day trip.  Instead, we went to the Range to buy paint and other bits for the house.  Then took it in turns to start painting the kitchen.  Not exciting, but necessary.
  2. Monday – Baby and I went to the Living Rainforest.  Baby met a Chameleon!  Wow! it was hot in there.  It may not have been the best choice on a hot day.  We spent time in the garden in the afternoon.
  3. Tuesday –  Swimming for us as usual.  Baby wore her new float jacket from Konfidence for the first time.  She was amazing, jumping in off the side and from a float, all by herself.  Then, after a snooze and lunch, Baby had a play with her water table.
  4. Wednesday – I had a Doctors appointment first thing.  Then Baby and I went to see our friends K and T-B and the girls had lots of fun playing together.
  5. Thursday - We went to visit our friends L, E and A who are moving to Scotland at the beginning of August.  We are so sad to see them go, but they are moving back home, so we are pleased for them too.  Baby and I had lunch in Sainsburys and a pootle round, getting a few bits (Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy were in the sale so had to come home with us!)
  6. Friday – Baby loved her Heinz breakfast bits that we were kindly sent to her.  Then, Friday became the day from hell.  I was rushing to get to the hospital (having waited since January for the appointment), picked up keys and car key missing.  The next 30 minutes included me frantically trying to find the key, phoning hospital, Baby wailing like a wounded animal, Hospital telling me my appointment was in fact last week and I wouldn’t be seen until November and me sobbing like a baby.  Mr Hubby came home to rescue me.
  7. Saturday – We went to a Fairy and Pixie Party at Wellington Country Park.

So that’s our week captured.  What have you got up to this week? x

As always I am linking up with the fabulous Hannah from Make Do & Push #TWTWC

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Silent Sunday #49

Silent Sunday1 Silent Sunday #49

Silent Sunday Silent Sunday #49

Sundaylge e1396359989177 Silent Sunday #49

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