Drifting on the beach

Last week we experienced our first family holiday.  I have a full review coming up this week, but I wanted to share part of the holiday here.  I love to document the ordinary moments which we experience as a family.  Often these moments are also magical to us in their low key way.

We decided on recommendation from some blogging friends to head out to Tenby to see what it had to offer.  It was freezing and threatening rain when we arrived, but nothing could dampen our spirits, as we set off to explore this attractive seaside town.

We wandered around the town, taking in the brightly painted houses (cream, blue and pink seem to be a recurring theme) and found ourselves at the top of a coastal path.  We descended to find a wonderful cove-like section of the beach, which was deserted apart from the occasional dog walker.

Baby 2

As we explored our surrounding, we snapped away on our phones, while playing with Baby.

Baby Ripples

We couldn’t believe the difference in the light of these pictures, which haven’t be altered or filtered.  They were all taken on the same day within 30 minutes of each other.

beach 3

It was so wonderful to spend time, just the three of us, in this beautiful setting.  Despite the cold Baby was happy to play in the waves, showing her ducks the sea.

beach 4

She would wait for the wave to come in and as it got close would run off screaming.  Only to go back immediately for more.

beach 5

beach 6

At times she needed to be rescued as her little boots sank into the sand.

beach 8

beach 10

Beach 11

We met a beautiful dog, who stopped to give Baby cuddles.  I think she was rather taken with him.


Dog 2

We all love the beach and the weather doesn’t deter us.  However, there was something very special about the time we spent on the beach at Tenby.

Shadow beach

Definitely an experience we will remember for a long time.

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Living Arrows 05

It’s time to link up with ‘The 52 Project’ (Practising Simplicity) and the ‘Living Arrows’ (Shutterflies).  The aim is to take a picture that captures the beauty and magic of childhood in our eyes.  I am also linking with Snowing Indoors and my Point & Shoot linky.

“You are the bows from your children as living arrows are sent forth’ Kahlil Gibran.”

05/52 (2015)

Living Arrows

Our 2014 year of Living Arrows can be found here.

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5 Things; I love to watch

Welcome to ‘5 Things’, my Sunday series, which covers everything and anything.  After a couple of deep posts, this week I am sharing;

5 things

I love to watch

I love TV, it is rarely off in our house, although now it is Disney Junior on loop….  I find watching TV really relaxing and although I adore reading, I can watch TV while doing other things.

Although I have to admit, I haven’t got very sophisticated viewing taste.  In fact, I do love more than my fair share of trash TV, much to Mr Hubby’s dismay!  So here are 5 things; I love to watch.

  • Googlebox - Who knew that watching people on TV watching TV could be so entertaining!  I remember when the show launched, I thought it was a ridiculous idea.  I was so wrong, it is genius!  Just so funny.  Dom & Steph are fabulous entertainment!

5 things

  • Suits – For those of you who have never heard of it.  Suits is an American Law drama, following a guy, Mike Ross, as he tries to run away from the cops.  He seeks safety in a hotel and bursts into a room where interviews for a legal associate are taking place.  Although Mike was a pot head, he had a photographic memory and earned money passing the bar exam for students.  Needless to say he got the job in a weird twist of fate and the series follows him, his mentor Harvey and the other lawyers at the firm.

SuitsErr….do you need any other reason to watch?…..

  • Made in Chelsea – Reality television at it’s finest documenting the lives of the rich youth of Chelsea.

5 things

  • Great British Bake Off - I love this show so much that I feel like I am in a cult.  Mary Berry is an institution and in my eyes should be worshiped.  What she doesn’t know about a Victoria sponge isn’t worth knowing.  I am less enamoured with Hollywood, but the fabulous Mel and Sue more than make up for him.  I actually applied last year, although I didn’t get very far.  I’m sure Mary would have loved my signature Millionaire Shortbread!

5 things

  • Strictly Come Dancing – Strictly is my favourite show, I adore it!  I am a big fan of dancing shows anyway.  Add in some sequins and celebrities, then you have a winner in my eyes.

5 things

Do you share any of my favourites?  What shows do you love?  Any guilty pleasures?


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My Sunday Photo 1st February

beach 9Sundaylge e1396359989177 Silent Sunday #37

If you enjoy my posts, why not
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Gratitude List #34

I love the process of writing a weekly gratitude list, as it ensures I consciously take in the small, but lovely things that happen every day.  Then, they are immortalized here on the page, so I will always remember.


This week I have loved;

  • Watching how much Baby loved going to see the animals at the pet shop.
  • Going to the park the day before our holidays and the three of us just playing together.
  • Having time to focus solely on my hubby and daughter.
  • Seeing my lovely blogging friends at Bluestone, especially Hannah and Katie.
  • Spending time with Hannah in the Bluestone Spa.
  • Getting to buy Baby LOTS of new clothes when hubby realised he had left BOTH of Baby’s cases (and ALL her clothes) at home…
  • Special family time on the beautiful Tenby beach.
  • Seeing my lovely sister in law when we go back from holiday (as she stayed in our house for a few days).
  • That our little dogs coped really well with their holiday at the dog sitters, and were spoiled rotten.


So what are you grateful for this week?

I am linking up with This Enchanted Pixie’s 52 weeks of gratitude and

What Katy Said

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New Year Resolutions: are they going to plan?

At the beginning of the month I set myself some goals for 2015.  The mistake I have made in previous years is not revisiting the goals often enough. They then slip to the back of my mind and sometimes get forgotten about completely.  I am guessing I am not on my own.

New Year resolutions

So a month in, how am I doing?  As I explained some of my goals are long term, to be achieved at some point in the year, but I do need to be making progress towards them.  Let me recap;

Personal Goals

  • Find a better work life balance – Sadly there has been no progress on this front so far.  Working hard to give myself breathing space.
  • Continue to beat PND – I am doing a few things, which are helping me to stay in a good place.
  • Meet up with friends more – I am doing quite well on this and have had some fun times with friends this month.
  • Reach my target weight – Not at target, but I am doing well, so hopefully it will be my year!
  • Become proficient in French – I have made no progress at all with this.  I haven’t even put the CD in the computer….. pas bon.

Home Life Goals

  • Organise our clutter – I have made a start!  It really does make a difference to your attitude too.
  • Sell/Re-home all Baby’s unwanted things – oops nothing has happened here, I must focus on this in February.
  • Implement a cleaning schedule – We have talked about it…..does that count….?
  • Spend more screen free time with Hubby – I have just had a whole week with Hubby on holiday, so successful so far.
  • Have a night out – not yet, but I am hopeful.

Blogging Goals

  • Make blogging a viable career – I have now started as a freelance professional blogger.  January has been promising with lots of new connections.
  • Increase my blog subscribers – This number is ticking up nicely and I have a plan to help increase this, I just need a little time.
  • Improve my use of Pinterest – Ah, still not pinned so many of my posts…..
  • Get involved with my US peers - I have joined a primarily US Facebook bloggers group.
  • Increase followers on all my social networks – These are steadily increasing.
  • Vlog more – I have plans for one, which I think will go live next week.
  • Secure regular advertising – not focused any efforts here so far.
  • Work S.M.A.R.T.E.R – T.R.Y.I.N.G
  • More collaboration – I have LOTS of plans and there are a few interesting projects in discussion at the moment.

So overall, after only 4 weeks I am happy with what I have achieved towards my goals.  Sometimes I wish I had a crystal ball and could look into the future (even just to the end of the year) to see if I manage to achieve all of them.  I have even thought about consulting The Circle Free Horoscopes to see if they can shed any light on what I should be doing over the next few weeks and what might be on the horizon for me.

Have you set any goals for this year?  Do you read horoscopes?

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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The List #21

Hi and welcome to ‘The List‘.  If you are new here, ‘The List‘ is a great linky that I co-host with amaze-balls Hannah from Mums’ Days.  The idea is simple, just link up any post that is in list/bullet point format, easy!  I use mine to record my weekly highlights and remind myself of my hit list and targets, but yours could be a ‘top ten’ list or anything you fancy.  Your posts can be old or new, all welcome.

This week I am linking 30 Ways To Increase Blogging Productivity and Want to go to BritMums Live? Pearls of Wisdom.  Hannah is linking up Dry January and What Graham Norton Taught Me (I for one, cannot wait to read that one!)

I genuinely love hosting this linky and feel very proud to be part of this wonderful ‘The List’ community, so thank you for your continued support.  Each week both Hannah and I pick our own top 3 lists and give them a little shout out in our posts.  This week my favourite three are;
The List
This post is fab!  Ideas for toddlers breakfasts, with different options depending on how much time you have…AMAZING!
the thud
If you didn’t read this, go and do it now!  Lauren’s post highlighting the 10 enemies of the sleeping baby was fabulous!
tiny footsteps
I loved this post by Jenna on how walking every day has benefited her.  A very inspiring and uplifting read.
I am travelling back from holiday today,  so I may not be able to RT all of your tweets.  Normal service will be resumed on Saturday.

Now time for my list; (a bit shorter than usual!)


  • We have been enjoying our first family holiday at Bluestone Wales.
  • Real life high; Our holibags!


  • My most popular blog post this week was; No idea!  I haven’t been here to check!
  • Blog high; Having a little break!
  • Blog low; I bet I have itchy typing fingers…..



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The List
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Valentine’s Gift Guide for Him

Have you got the man in your life a Valentine’s gift yet?  No, me neither (shhh don’t tell him!), but don’t worry I am here with some inspiration for you all.

Valentine's gift guide for him

PLAYBULB Bluetooth Smart LED speaker lightbulb by MiPow – £60^.

The PLAYBULB is an LED light, a speaker, a wireless, Bluetooth smart, music playing device.  Is your mind blown yet?  Amazingly you screw it into a light socket, light it up and let it play using the MiPow app on your mobile device.  Find me a man who wouldn’t LOVE this!  Fabulous gift for the man who lights up your life (ha ha couldn’t resist!).

Worx SD - £39.99 Argos, Homebase and B&Q or direct from Worx^

The Worx Slide Driver is quick and easy to use on a range of jobs around the home. The ideal present for DIY lovers and novices alike.  A convenient cordless screwdriver, which comes fully loaded with six different SD bits, meaning there’s no need to worry about wasting time looking for loose bits. The LED light makes easy work of dark or enclosed areas so users will be able to complete a range of tasks quickly and efficiently.  The powerful battery holds its charge much longer than standard batteries so users are always ready to go – whatever the situation.  The tool is small, compact and loaded with all the bits you need, so there’s no limitations about where and when you can use it and no need to worry about lugging around a heavy toolbox.

Clinique For Men Essentials Kit for Oily Skin*£30 available from House of Fraser

What a treat for your man!  Customised formulas to meet the daily needs of his skin.  Clinique is the science behind smooth, comfortable, revitalized skin.  For prep and cleanse: Oil Control Face Scrub 50ml and Face Wash 50ml. For Hydration: Oil Control Mattifying Moisturizer 40ml and Anti-Age Eye Cream 15ml.  I am sure your man would love a pamper!

Leather Wash Bag by Vida Vida – £45 NOTHS

Distressed buffalo leather and a waterproof lining to give vintage character – ideal for travelling in style!  Each bag is handmade to ensure their longevity.  They can be personalised, by hot pressing monogrammed initials, a name or a message to make it the perfect gift.  Available in dark tan or black leather.

Silver Hidden Message Bracelet by Sacha Jacobsen Designs - £59 NOTHS

A lovely men’s bracelet, personalised (hand stamped) with initials on the front and a hidden message on the back.  Great idea if your man is shy of PDAs!  Made from eco-friendly recycled silver.

Personalised Date Art Print by Letterfest - £20.80 NOTHS

Commemorate a special date with this unique number art print using photographs of door numbers on different textured backgrounds.  The black and white photographs are subtly tinted blue, brown and green, or just black and white.  Available in landscape or portrait format. This unique designs is also available in a white leather photo album.


What are you getting the man in your life?

Disclosure: I was challenged by House of Fraser to create a Valentine’s Gift List.

^We received these items for their inclusion in this guide.

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My Diet Chef Weigh In!

Welcome to my weigh in!   This week is my 16th week on the Diet Chef plan.  All my previous weigh ins are here if you want a little look.

I am currently on holiday, so this won’t be a very detailed post.  However, I wanted to still weigh myself and record a post.

Diet Chef

I wore a pair of jeans!  I haven’t worn jeans for ages as my legs had started to look really awful in them.  I am not saying they look great, but good enough to wear to soft play.

Diet Chef

Weight lost

-2lb (total 48lb in 16 weeks)

Total inches lost (across 10 measurements)

-1.5 ” (total 59″ in 16 weeks)



The programme I am on would cost £8.75 per day.  However, if you order a 12 week supply this daily cost reduces to £6.61 (this is for all three meals and a snack).  Check the website for great offers.

Disclosure: I am being sent Diet Chef hampers in order to review the programme.  All opinions are 100% honest and are my own.

Diet Chef
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Share Your Wedding #51 Featuring Tin Box Traveller

Hello!  Welcome to Share Your Wedding.  The weekly feature that gives you the chance to re-live your wedding day and may just give soon-to-be–weds some inspiration.

This week we have an invitation to Claire’s wedding.  Claire blogs over at Tin Box Traveller and can be found on Twitter @tinboxtraveller.

Hi Claire, Introduce your family,

Hi all, I’m Claire aka Tin Box Traveller.  Despite the blog name, I’m not a full time gypsy (just a weekend one), so I’m afraid my wedding didn’t involve a dress that required a fire extinguisher or a 45-tier wedding cake.  I’m also a bit of an ‘old married’ as Mr TB and I tied the knot nearly seven years ago.  Since then we’ve got a caravan, started our family by acquiring a loopy Labrador Retriever, bought a house, had our first non-fury baby and have another on the way (due April).

Let’s set the scene.

How did you meet?

We were both working in a pub while studying.  He was a doorman and I worked in the kitchen.  I can confirm that the way to a bouncer’s heart is definitely via his stomach!

How long have you known each other?

A loooong time!  Nearly 15 years now.

How did he propose?

It was six years after we met and a million miles away from pub life.  Mr TB had joined the Royal Navy and I was visiting him in Dartmouth for his passing out parade.  After all the formal marching about, family and friends were invited inside for drinks.  Mr TB asked me to take a picture of him in front of a statue of King George V.  I thought it was a bit strange at the time, but it turns out this was his way of getting me on my own so he could pop the question.  I trotted over to the centre of the room on my ridiculously high heels and was completely gob-smacked when Mr TB dropped to one knee and pulled a ring box out of this pocket.  After what seemed like a lifetime (so Mr TB tells me) I managed to pull myself together enough to say ‘yes’.

How long were you engaged before you were married?

Just over a year.

Share Your Wedding

When did you get married?

August 2008

Share Your Wedding

Did you have a large wedding or a more intimate affair?

We had about 200 guests, three bridesmaids, one best man and a guard of honour made up of eight of MR TB’s mates from Dartmouth.

Tell us about the venues?

We were married at St Ann’s Church in Portsmouth Naval Base and held our reception in HMS Nelson wardroom just down the road.  Both are absolutely stunning places and really wowed our guests.  The dining room where we ate our wedding breakfast has a mural of the Battle of Trafalgar painted on the walls.

Share Your Wedding

Did your wedding have a certain style?

With all the military elements there really wasn’t a need to incorporate too many other style ideas in the day. I choose a light green as my colour. This featured on our invites, seating plan, favours and my dress.

Tell us about the most important thing, the Dress?

I loved looking for my dress and trying on different styles. In the end I settled on an Alfred Angelo design. I hadn’t gone out to find a dress that incorporated colour but fell in love with the long train and coloured panel.

Share Your Wedding

Describe your wedding

When we began planning our wedding we knew we wanted a traditional day. Along the way we picked up lots of inspiration from our Royal Navy links that made our wedding unique to us.

Both of our dads, and my mum and brother were also in the Navy so we named our tables after ships and bases where they had served and had our toast with Port rather than Champagne.

Our favours were pin badges for the Royal Navy Benevolent Trust – we decided to make a donation to them rather than spend the money on trinkets or sweets.

Share Your Wedding

What was your favourite part of your Wedding?

The whole day was a whirlwind of highlights, but if I had to pick one moment it would be the speeches. I say a moment, but actually the speeches went on for over an hour! They were full of funny stories and the most beautiful sentiments.

There also seemed to be an awful lot of toasts. Mr TB’s Navy pals taught the whole room to bang on the tables rather than clap after each toast was proposed. Our friends and family still talk about it.

What extra touches made it special for you both?

We lit a candle during our wedding ceremony to remember my brother and our grandparents who had passed away. It was so important to us to make them part of the day.

Did anything not go as planned? Any funny stories?

We had two hiccoughs in the days before our nuptials.  The first was our vicar going over the handle bars of his push bike and smashing up his face. Thanks to an emergency trip to the dentist he managed to recover in time for the service.

I was hardly aware of the second near disaster thanks to my bridesmaids.  Our DJ pulled out at the last minute.  My bridesmaids got the call because they had asked to use his projector to surprise us with a presentation of baby photos and how we’d met.  They managed to agree a replacement DJ. He wasn’t great and his equipment kept shorting out, but I was enjoying myself too much to care.

Would you do anything differently with hindsight?

I had to think very hard about this question as there really wasn’t much.  If I’m splitting hairs I would have liked a sponge cake rather than a fruit cake.  My flowers were also a bit yellower than the ivory that I had asked for, but no one a part from me would have known.

What song did you or your wife walk into and what was your first dance song?

I walked down the aisle to Pachelbel’s Canon in D and our first dance was ‘We have all the time in the world’ by Louis Armstrong.  I was slightly sceptical about the latter as it was the theme song to the James Bond film On Her Majesty’s Secret Service in which 007’s wife gets shot!  This seemed to amuse Mr TB and I am yet to meet an untimely end, so it worked out OK.

Do you have any advice for the soon to be married?

Plan your day for you.  Everyone will have suggestions and things that they ‘simply have to help with’.  However, remember it’s about you, not them. Be polite and say you already have something in mind.

Share Your Wedding

Where did you go on honeymoon?

We went on a ‘three centre’ tour with Virgin Holidays, with stays in Las Vegas, Cancun in Mexico and then New York.  It was the most amazing trip and I’d love to do it all over again.

Thanks so much to Claire for sharing her wonderful wedding with us all!

If you want to Share Your Wedding just drop me a line youbabymemummy@gmail.com

share your wedding button Share Your Wedding #14