Our Week Captured #38 #TWTWC

This week is probably best described as varied!  Some fun moments and some stress, all mixed in.  We went to  a fab blogger event and nearly had to smash the car window, all in one day!

Our Week

Our Week 1024x783 Our Week Captured #38 #TWTWC

  1. Sunday – It was a glorious day and so we went to Ufton Court Open Day.  You can read all about it here.
  2. Monday – We went to the Baby Gym with our friends K and T.  The girls had so much fun, Baby collected stilt pots and wouldn’t let them go.  We played in the garden in the afternoon.
  3. Tuesday – Baby and I went swimming.  Baby let Lambie ride her pony and enjoyed wearing her new PJ’s!
  4. Wednesday – We went into town, to collect my tablet (from being repaired) and do a couple of other jobs.  We had a quick stroll down the canal to see the lovely swans.  In the afternoon we just played in the garden.
  5. Thursday – Baby locked herself in the car, so after calling hubby home from work and the breakdown man, we finally set off to London to the Huggies Pull ups event.  Amazing PR company sent a car to the station for me and were generally charming.  It was a great event at Surrey Docks Farm, which is opposite Canary Wharf.  It was great to see familiar faces and new bloggers too.  More on the event coming soon.
  6. Friday – Baby and I went to Hobbycraft as we had a voucher to spend and I was lacking in inspiration of what to do.  After a quick look round (nap time approaching!), I bought a colourful set of storage drawers and some bunting fabric for her new room.  After driving for 45 minutes she finally went to sleep, but after 20 minutes of sleep, the thunder and lightening hit really hard.  I was so scared the car was going to get hit, so I had to try to get her into the house without waking her.  Which amazingly I did.  First time for everything!  There was also a lot of wearing my slippers (and not by me!).
  7. Saturday – We popped to Mamas & Papas to buy the wallpaper for Baby’s room.  The previously ordered stuff was not as expected, so it had to go back.  Mr Hubby and I had lunch in the car, while Baby napped (oh the glamour!).  Then we played in the park on the way home.  Hubby took Baby upstairs to listen to football, leaving me some Baby free blogging time.

So that’s our week captured.  What have you got up to this week? x

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 Our Week Captured #38 #TWTWC

Huggies Little Swimmers Review

Huggies recently sent us some Little Swimmers Nappies and a hygiene mat to review.

Baby loves swimming and goes for lessons every week, so we knew we would be able to put them to the test!

Little Swimmers 1024x947 Huggies Little Swimmers Review

The hygiene mat is a really cute design and folds away into itself.  This is really useful and ensures any wet patches are folded in on themselves and then turned into the outer casing.  So nothing else in your bag gets wet.  The bottom of the mat is non slip and the top is a soft neoprene.  It is shaped so it provides quite a large changing area, however when folded down, it is quite a small package.

The Huggies Little Swimmers nappies are great and Baby now wears them every week.  They have sticky sides and are done up when in the pack.  Baby likes to pull them on like pants, but they could be unstuck and then stuck back together like a normal nappy.  They are a lower profile than normal nappies, but equally as effective.  We have used them for a few weeks and we have never had any accidents escaping!  Baby seems comfortable in them too.

We love these products and will certainly continue to use them.


Disclosure:  We were sent a hygiene mat and pack of Huggies Little Swimmer in order to do this review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own and are 100% honest.

Silent Sunday 21st September 2014

Silent Sunday Silent Sunday 21st September 2014

Silent Sunday Silent Sunday 21st September 2014

Sundaylge e1396359989177 Silent Sunday 21st September 2014

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 Silent Sunday 21st September 2014

Word of the Week #36

Us usual I am linking up with the lovely Jocelyn from The Reading Residence to share my Word of the Week #WotW.

This week my word is

time Word of the Week #36

A couple of annoying things have taken too much of my time this week.  I won’t bore you with the details, I will just say Asda and Vodafone grrrr.  Both necessitated making daily calls to get issues resolved.  Quite frustrating and using up time, I feel I am already lacking in.

All week I have felt that I haven’t enough time to achieve all that I want to, which left me with a constant ‘chasing my tail’ feeling.  As usual I have been blogging from Baby’s bedtime, until I fall asleep on the couch.  However, I have been falling asleep earlier, which is very frustrating!

On Thursday Baby and I left for a trip to London to a Bloggers event.  All was going surprising well.  Baby had the car keys and I strapped her into her car seat, I took the keys off her and chucked them on the front seat.  Shut the doors walked round and opened the drivers door…. Only I didn’t open the door, as unbeknown to me she had locked the central locking.  Needless to say, the car keys also had my house keys attached to them, so no chance of popping in for a spare.  I put in an SOS call to Mr Hubby at work and the breakdown people, then waited for the cavalry.  This was the only occasion all week that time went slowly.  As I stood there and Baby became increasingly distress, it dragged.  I became more and more tempted to break the window, but didn’t want to scare her even more.  It was really awful to be so close to your crying baby and not be able to take them in your arms.

Then all of a sudden, it was as if time sped up again.  The breakdown man arrived (driving over the pavement to get to my car quickly) and started trying to break in.  Mr Hubby got back from work and went to try to find the spare.  Just as the mechanic was trying to turn over the key with a long wire, Mr Hubby came out with the spare and Baby’s ordeal was over.  When Baby had experienced a little mummy daddy cuddle time, Baby and I set off for London for a day of rushing to catch trains and cars on time!

Which word would sum up your week?

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 Word of the Week #36

 wotw Word of the Week #36

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Macmillan Coffee Morning + Recipe Printable!

Macmillan Macmillan Coffee Morning + Recipe Printable!

One in three of us will get Cancer.  That is really short odds and such a scary thought, one which we probably don’t want to dwell on that much.  What these stats mean is that if you haven’t had the diagnosis yourself, you will probably know someone who has.  In my family, my dad died from cancer, my mum survived breast cancer and two other immediate family members also died from this awful disease.  I know how much the Macmillan team helped my mum after her diagnosis.  The fact is the team help many more people, like my mum, every day.  The help they provide is completely invaluable, yet more funds are needed, so they can ensure they are there for the next person who needs their help.

Each year the Macmillan team ask us to organise a coffee morning to raise funds for their charity.  An excuse to drink tea and eat cake,  perfect!  Macmillan have discovered that the average Brit will never be more than half a mile away from a Macmillan Coffee Morning.  On 26th September, over 5 million cups of coffee will be drunk and 10 million slices of cake eaten.  Will you be eating your share?!

So why not host your own coffee morning?  Now this really is an excuse to get your bake on!  Get some friends together, bake a couple of cakes and all pop some money in the gift aid tins.  There are lots of tips and resources here to help make your event pretty and yummy.

If you cannot host your own, you can go along to another.  Simply pop in your details here and you will find all the events in your local area.

Last year’s Coffee Morning helped to raise £20 million for people living with cancer.

If you still need convincing, hear from the team how coffee mornings help them.

If you need baking inspiration, I have just the recipe for you.  Cat Dresser, from the Great British Bake Off has given us her Midnight Chocolate Loaf Cake recipe, which sounds amazing!  You can download the printable here.


Disclosure: I have not received any compensation for writing this post. 

It is simply a matter close to my heart.


The List #3

Welcome to ‘The List‘.  If you are new here then ‘The List‘ is a great linky that I co-host with Hannah from Mums Days.  The idea is simple, just link up any post that is in list/bullet point format, easy!  I use mine to record my weekly highlights and remind myself of my hit list and targets, but yours could be a ‘top ten’ list or anything you fancy.  Your posts can be old or new, all welcome.  Each week both Hannah and I will pick our own top 3 lists and give them a little shout out in our posts.

There were lot’s of fabulous lists linking up again last week, but after much scratching of my head, here are three of my favourite’s.

Running in lavender 1024x307 The List #3Heledd shared her top ten beauty tips.  They were fab, every one a winner!

betty and the bumps The List #3

 Beth shared her top blogger style icons.  I love reading about other bloggers and other people’s inspiration.

georgina The List #3

Georgina shared a lighthearted look at other things her baby may be mistaken for.  Well worth a read.


Here is my list for this week;

  • Mr Hubby had a work meeting about France.  #OperationMoveToFrance
  • The start of my French course was rescheduled and now starts on Monday.  Night school here I come!
  • Baby is soon to start doing swimming awards during her lessons.
  • I need to Ebay lots of Baby stuff.  If anyone wants lovely barely worn girls clothes (under 2 years) let me know!

REAL LIFE WEEKLY GOAL: My aim is to feel a little less anxious and a little more in control.



  • My most popular new blog post this week was last weeks #TheList.
  • New blog discovery; Natalie’s lovely blog Little Jam Pot Life. Gorgeous, gorgeous blog, pop over and have a read.
  • Blog high; We went to a wonderful blogger event yesterday for Huggies Pull Ups.  Amazing PR company who organised it at Surrey Docks Farm, opposite Canary Wharf.  They arranged a car to pick us up and take up back to the station, which was so kind and MUCH appreciated!
  • Blog low; I have got quite a lot on at the moment and all week I have felt like I am chasing my tail, never quite getting enough done.  Then falling asleep whilst typing in the evenings.
  • We have some varied things in for review at the moment, from beauty products to bikes!

BLOG/SOCIAL MEDIA WEEKLY GOAL: Try to get to 5k Twitter followers.  I’m here if anyone fancies helping!



1.  You can link up to 3 posts per week!  Be sure to paste The List badge on each post you would like to link up (code below – paste it into the HTML option of your blogging platform).

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3. Comment on at least 2 other links – share the love man, it’s what makes this community great!

4. It would also be amazing if you could share your post and the linky party (using the hashtag #TheList) on your social media channels to help grow the community.  Hannah and I will also retweet all your posts via Twitter if you mention us in your tweets! (@youbabymemummy/@mumsdays)

5. Finally, if you could please follow Mums’ Days (Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest) and You Baby Me Mummy (Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest) that would be wonderful!

By adding your post to the linkup you are agreeing to be notified of subsequent linkups.


So you know what do to, grab the badge and link up your lists.  I can’t wait to have a read!


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The Alphabet Project {S is for….}

Welcome to the ‘Alphabet Project’, a fun photography project brought us by Charly over at Podcast Dove.  The idea is simple, we take a picture each week based on a certain letter of the alphabet.  The links can be literal or more abstract.

This week it is ‘S‘ and for us S is for Slide.

Slide 1 777x1024 The Alphabet Project {S is for....}

Slide1 The Alphabet Project {S is for....}

Click here to check out my Alphabet so far.

Why not pop over to Podcast Dove to check out some others.

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 The Alphabet Project {S is for....}

Gratitude List #16

Gratitude 16 Gratitude List #16


I love the process of writing a weekly gratitude list, as it ensures I consciously take in the small, but lovely things that happen every day.  Then, they are immortalised here on the page, so I will always remember.

This week I have loved;

  • My wonderful husband, who came home from work early and then drove to Reading to get me a new phone.  (I was getting stressed about not being able to hear people when they called!)
  • My amazing blogging friends, who supported me and jumped to my aid when someone started using my blog header, as their Twitter header. #GetYourOwn!
  • Our new TV.  It was so frustrating not being able to turn our other one on!
  • Hand feeding and stroking a swan!
  • Listening to Baby say the new words she has learned recently, Cracker, Ham, Cheese, Lou Lou and Lily (L and L are our dogs!).
  • Watching Baby run round showing off her new shoes.
  • Listening to Baby sneeze and then say ‘Achoo’.  So adorable!
  • The our (Hannah and mine) new linky, #TheList is doing really well, with almost 40 linkee’s last week!
  • Watching Baby reading her personalised book, pointing to a picture of her and Mr Hubby saying ‘Dada’.
  • That Baby now requests that she wears her new wellies for breakfast.


So what are you grateful for this week?

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fJzNWoE Gratitude List #16

ShareWithMePicM Gratitude List #16


*Original Image: Michael Hull


PicStick Review, Giveaway & Discount code!

We love photographs and are always looking for ways to display them.  We were recently contacted by PicStick, to see if we would like to review their magnetic pictures.  A big YES later and we were given a code to order our pictures, this way we got to experience the whole process.

PicStick PicStick Review, Giveaway & Discount code!

PicStick’s come as a sheet of nine pictures, which can be easily divided.  The sheet costs £9.50 and the postage is free.

It was really easy to order, simply upload nine pictures, then drag and drop onto the template.  Once there the pictures can be moved around as you wish.  That’s all there is to it!  Our PicStick’s arrived really quickly and I am really thrilled with them, they look great!

PicStick image 1024x512 PicStick Review, Giveaway & Discount code!

They are now displayed on our fridge, much to Baby’s delight!

So now I am giving five lucky readers the chance to win their own PicStick!  Simply fill in the Rafflecopter below and keep your fingers crossed.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you aren’t successful, or just can’t wait for the giveaway to end, I have a discount code for ALL my readers.  Just enter the code MUMMY125 for 25% discount (for the next month).


Disclosure:  We were sent a free sheet of PicStick in order to write this review.  All opinions are my own and are 100% honest.


Share Your Wedding #33

Hello!  Welcome to Share Your Wedding.  The weekly feature that gives you the chance to re-live your wedding day and may just give soon-to-be–weds some inspiration.

This week we have an invitation to Little Miss Alba’s Mummy and Daddy’s wedding.  Little Miss Alba blogs here and can be found on Twitter @LittleMissAlba

Hi Alba,  Introduce your family,

You may or may not know me from the blogging community – I’m pretty new on the circuit, so for those of you that don’t know me I’m Little Miss Alba.  Me, Mummy, Daddy and brother Harley live in Brighton.  Daddy is a professional footballer, Mummy is a dance choreographer and works in PR.  Harley is at school and I’m a fashion/lifestyle blogger icon wink Share Your Wedding #33 .  Although Mummy and Daddy have been together quite a while now it was only recently that they got married.  It was such a beautiful occasion I am thrilled that You Baby Me Mummy has given us this opportunity to share our special day with you all.  I hope you enjoy our story.

Let’s set the scene..

How did they meet?

Mummy and Daddy met in the gym – love at first sight from across the running machine.

How long have they known each other?

It’s been nearly 6 years now since they both met.

How did he propose?

It was the most romantic proposal EVER.  Mummy was pregnant with ME – Daddy had the whole of the back wall graffitid with ‘WILL YOU MARRY ME’ on it.  It was all sprayed in scrabble letters as that’s their favourite game.  The scrabble letters were hanging from ribbons on a ballet barre (as Mummy is a dancer) and it also had a stalk flying overhead which resembled me of course in Mummy’s tummy.  AMAZING – he designed it himself.  That sounds so romantic!

How long were they engaged before they were married?

5 years together before getting married.

Share ‘Their’ Wedding

LMA 1 Share Your Wedding #33

When did they get married?


How many guests, bridesmaids etc did they have?

We had 75 guests including 2 bestmen, 7 bridesmaids, 2 flower girls and 2 page boys.

Tell us about the venue? 

Mummy and Daddy got married in Ibiza at a beautiful place called the Amante, where the ceremony and reception/evening doo were held.  Such a truly magical place that was in a cove and all you could see was sea.  That must have been amazing!

Did their wedding have a certain style?

It had a very relaxed Ibiza beach feel to it.  The sun was shining, we ate outside then partied when the sun went down.

Tell us about the most important thing, the Dress?

It took Mummy a long time to find the dress of her dreams – she knew what she wanted so it was a case of searching and waiting.  She wanted a Grecian feel to it and something that would look very Ibiza.  Finally she found THE dress from Amanda Wakeley.  It was the Cleopatra dress which Mummy had made specially for her.  The beading was second to none and the draped chains down the back were amazing – not to mention the silk finish on the dress.  To finish the look off Mummy brought a stunning head chain which she had made in Ireland from a place called Myrtle Ivory – PERFECT.  So beautiful!

LMA 5 Share Your Wedding #33

Describe the wedding?

I think everyone thinks it’s easy to just go away and get married abroad, but there is actually a lot of planning that goes in to it, especially as you can’t just visit the flower lady or try the cake when you want.  Mummy and Daddy were lucky to have a fab team working on the wedding.  The Amante sent through a whole load of suppliers to choose from, which really helped.  The flowers were stunning – big balls of white, ivory and gold flowers sat on top of black iron candle stands, which lit up as the sun went down.  Mummy’s bouquet was a big ball of ivory roses the bridesmaids had the same but on a smaller scale – us flower girls had baskets full of ivory petals and the men and page boys striking button holes.  There were flowers and lanterns everywhere, it really did look breathtaking.  For the food we had a mixed platter of Caprese salad, Asparagus and prawns straight from the sea.  It was a choice of fillet beef and cod for mains with a gorge lemon and fresh fruit cheesecake.  I’ve already told you about THE dress, but Daddy looked pretty dapper too in his Dolce & Gabanna suit, which had a gold shade jacket to match the black and gold theme of the wedding.  The bridesmaids were stunning in Two Birds wrap dresses.  Us littles wore Monsoon and the boys Benetton and Zara.  There were 4 speeches – Daddy, Popsy (Mummy’s Daddy) and the two best men.  They were all very good, heart felt, funny and brought tears and laughter to all the guests.  WOW!

What was your favourite part of your Wedding?

If you asked me what my favourite part of the wedding was, it would probably be walking down the isle throwing handfuls of petals on my way – it was so much fun.  If you ask Mummy and Daddy, they would say having all their close friends and family in one place sharing this special day.

LMA 2 Share Your Wedding #33

What extra touches made it special?

I think it would be the distance some people travelled to be there for the wedding – the furthest being Hong Kong – that was very special.

Did anything not go as planned? Any funny stories?

There is always a drama and it is usually to do with me hehe.  15 minutues before we were leaving the hotel, I got my foot stuck under the revolving door of the hotel entrance!  PAIN was an understatement, but the bruise was coming out straight away!  Lots of ice and treats later and we were ready to go (but half an hour late), which left all the guests sweltering in the heat….eeeeeeek.

Would they do anything differently with hindsight?

NOTHING at all.  It was perfect, wouldn’t have changed a thing.

What song did mummy walk into and what was their first dance song?

Mummy walked down to SHE, which is best known from Notting Hill by Elvis Costello.  Great song.

Do Mummy & Daddy have any advice for the soon to be married?

I’m sure this has been said a million times before but enjoy every minute!  The day flies by and then you just have the memories, all the hard work and planning needs to be enjoyed.  Also take time out as a couple.  Mummy and Daddy went and sat down on the beach for 15 minutes in the evening to just breathe – look at all their happy guests and have a little toast to each other.

Where did they go on honeymoon?

Honeymoon is next year for Mummy and Daddy and they are off to the Maldives.  Daddy doesn’t get much time off, so it would have all been a bit of a rush seeing as we were away for a week.  Something to look forward to as well.

Is there anything else you would like to share about your wedding?

It really was a dream wedding from start to finish, which was made by the stunning venue and backdrop.  We were touched at the amount of guests who made the effort to be there and truly had the best day of our lives. xxx

LMA 4 Share Your Wedding #33

Thanks again to Little Miss Alba for sharing her Mummy and Daddy’s wedding.

If you want to Share Your Wedding just drop me a line youbabymemummy@gmail.com

share your wedding button Share Your Wedding #33