Our #Sweeet Summer

Although Baby is too young to be on her summer holiday from school, we still want to have a summer. to remember. So, I thought we could collect together all the things we want to do this summer, so we have a hit list.  Otherwise, we may find the are nights drawing in, before we have got the most of of our summer.

OUR SUMMER LIST 682x1024 Our #Sweeet Summer

There is lots of fun to be had on those long sunny summer days, but it is best to make sure you are prepared.  That way you can  get the best out of the day.  Here are my top tips for summer fun;

Top tips for a great summer 682x1024 Our #Sweeet Summer

Another tip would be to make sure you take a snack for the journey, such as McVities BN biscuits.  The biscuits with the cheeky wink!  We were recently sent the Raspberry and Chocolate flavours, which we all love!

Biscuits Our #Sweeet Summer

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So, what is on your summer bucket list?  Do you have a great tip for getting the most out of summer?


 Disclosure: We received two packets of biscuits, to see what we thought of the yummy flavours.

Yankee Candle Indian Summer Review & Win a Holiday!

We were recently sent a Yankee candle to review.  I have often seen them, and sometimes smelled them, in shops but I haven’t actually bought one before.

Yankee Candle have been established since 1969 (before I was born!) and as the name would suggest, is an American company.  Since these early days, Yankee Candle has become the world’s most popular scented candle range.

Yankee Candle Indian Summer Crop 992x1024 Yankee Candle Indian Summer Review & Win a Holiday!

Yankee Candle have launched a new summer range, Indian Summer, which includes Amber Moon, Ginger Dusk, Honey Glow and the one we were sent, Wild  Fig.  They are also running an amazing competition,  which gives you the chance to win the prize of a bespoke holiday of your choice worth £5,000 plus a set of new candles.  The ten runners up will receive £50 each to spend at Yankee Candle online.  You can find out more about the competition here.  It is very easy to enter.

Our candle arrived quickly and even before I lit it, I loved the smell.  Although we are in the middle of a heatwave, I couldn’t wait to try it.  We have two small dogs at home and so often use a spritz of air freshener, to ensure there are no doggy odours lurking.  I couldn’t wait to light it and experience the full scent.  It certainly didn’t disappoint and did a better job than the air freshener, which always smells a little artificial to me.  For more details on the other scents available in this range, click here.

Aesthetically they are great, I love that all the wax is contained in the jar, so there is no mess.  They also sell pillar candles and beautiful trays to put them on.

For me, this has been a great introduction to Yankee Candle and I could definitely see myself buying more in the future.

The candle we were sent was priced at £19.99.  However, you can pick up a cute little car air freshener for £2.25.

Yankee Candle sells a wide variety of fragranced items, so it is well worth having a look on their website to see if anything takes your fancy.

Yankee 1024x815 Yankee Candle Indian Summer Review & Win a Holiday!

Disclosure: I was sent a Yankee Candle in order to do this review.  All words are my own and all opinions are 100% honest.

Yankee Candle logo Yankee Candle Indian Summer Review & Win a Holiday!

download1 zps16e15ea5 Yankee Candle Indian Summer Review & Win a Holiday!

Baby’s Fairy Tale

We were so absorbed in other things last week, that we didn’t think about our plans for Saturday, until the day was upon us.  A quick Google search reminded us that there was a Fairy and Pixie party at our local Country Park.  These are words that the mother of a girl loves to hear!  Baby has a few tutus (obviously!), so we had that covered and we popped to the shop on the way there, for some fairy wings, as you do!

I will warn you now, this is going to be a photo heavy post, as Baby looked so adorable.  Plus I had a spin on Mr Hubby’s posh camera, which I LOVE!  There were giant bubbles, real life fairies and pixies, face painting, bouncy castles, plus all the usual great things that Wellington Country Park usually offers.  However, what Baby wanted to do most of all was explore!

Fairy 768x1024 Babys Fairy Tale

She kept on trying to give us the slip, before running down a hill for the first time (which was slightly nerve wracking!).  Bless her she got so hot and tired, so we decided to take her to play on the swings for a while to calm down and cool off.

Fairy 3 820x1024 Babys Fairy Tale

After a little snack break under some trees, we headed to my favourite part of the park, the fairy garden.

Fairy 4 1024x1024 Babys Fairy Tale

Fairy 5 1024x447 Babys Fairy TaleThere was even a lovely wooden horse, which was perfect for a little fairy to have a ride on.  She adored finding all the little fairy doors, which are littered throughout that section of the woods.  She would knock on each to see if the fairies were in.

Fairy 6 1024x968 Babys Fairy TaleShe is such an inquisitive girl and enjoyed playing on the bouncy planks, but she did need Daddy’s help.

Fairy 7 1024x774 Babys Fairy Tale

Fairy 9 1024x488 Babys Fairy Tale

It was such a hot day, that we didn’t stay for the fairy tea party, which I’m sure was amazing.  Baby was pretty pooped from all her explorations and she had a little doze on the way home, dreaming of life as a fairy, no doubt.

Fairy 8 680x1024 Babys Fairy Tale

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Living Arrows 30/52

It’s time to link up with ‘The 52 Project’ (Practising Simplicity) and the ‘Living Arrows’ (I Heart Snapping).  The aim is to take a picture that captures the beauty and magic of childhood in our eyes.  I am also linking up with Snowing Indoors Point & Shoot feature.

“You are the bows from your children as living arrows are sent forth’ Kahul Gibran.”


Living Arrows 30 680x1024 Living Arrows 30/52

living arrows Living Arrows 30/52

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Our Week That Was Captured #30

This week has been good, we have seen friends, cracked on with some jobs that needed doing and have had a lot to think about.  I had my first ever Skype call with Hannah, very exciting!  So here is our week captured;

Our Week

Our week 1024x819 Our Week That Was Captured #30

  1. Sunday – For the first weekend in a long time, we didn’t go on a day trip.  Instead, we went to the Range to buy paint and other bits for the house.  Then took it in turns to start painting the kitchen.  Not exciting, but necessary.
  2. Monday – Baby and I went to the Living Rainforest.  Baby met a Chameleon!  Wow! it was hot in there.  It may not have been the best choice on a hot day.  We spent time in the garden in the afternoon.
  3. Tuesday –  Swimming for us as usual.  Baby wore her new float jacket from Konfidence for the first time.  She was amazing, jumping in off the side and from a float, all by herself.  Then, after a snooze and lunch, Baby had a play with her water table.
  4. Wednesday – I had a Doctors appointment first thing.  Then Baby and I went to see our friends K and T-B and the girls had lots of fun playing together.
  5. Thursday - We went to visit our friends L, E and A who are moving to Scotland at the beginning of August.  We are so sad to see them go, but they are moving back home, so we are pleased for them too.  Baby and I had lunch in Sainsburys and a pootle round, getting a few bits (Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy were in the sale so had to come home with us!)
  6. Friday – Baby loved her Heinz breakfast bits that we were kindly sent to her.  Then, Friday became the day from hell.  I was rushing to get to the hospital (having waited since January for the appointment), picked up keys and car key missing.  The next 30 minutes included me frantically trying to find the key, phoning hospital, Baby wailing like a wounded animal, Hospital telling me my appointment was in fact last week and I wouldn’t be seen until November and me sobbing like a baby.  Mr Hubby came home to rescue me.
  7. Saturday – We went to a Fairy and Pixie Party at Wellington Country Park.

So that’s our week captured.  What have you got up to this week? x

As always I am linking up with the fabulous Hannah from Make Do & Push #TWTWC

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Silent Sunday #49

Silent Sunday1 Silent Sunday #49

Silent Sunday Silent Sunday #49

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Mums’ List #19

It’s Mums’ List time with the fabulous Hannah over at Mums’ Days.  I love a list, there is something so satisfying about writing a list and ticking things off.  Or simply using one to keep track.  The Mums’ List linky allows us to share whatever lists we have written each week.  I like to focus on my real life and blog highlights.

mums list image Mums List #19


  • We have been HOT HOT HOT!

Baby Mums List #19

  • We have been trying to decide whether our future is in France.  You can read about that here.
  • My painting marathon was in full pelt this week, with the kitchen and the picket fence on the go.  The fence *hopefully* goes in this weekend!.
  • We desperately NEED a holiday, but we are financially challenged, so there is no chance of that. #MustDoTheLotto
  • I am gutted that the NHS messed up my Fat Doctor appointment.  I have waited since January, I thought it was yesterday and they tell me it was last week!  They are now saying I might not get in until November!
  • REAL LIFE WEEKLY GOAL: I need to take control of various aspects of my life, my body and my surroundings to feel more at peace and happier.



  • My most popular new blog post this week has been this one about Baby’s first pony ride and my riding history.  I find it interesting to look at stats sometimes and my most popular post ever is this one.
  • New blog discovery; Jenna’s lovely blog Tinyfootsteps.  Go have a read!
  • This article gave me lots of food for thought, with regards to the potential in blogging.
  • I have had some lovely deliveries this week of things for us to review.
  • The wonderful Hannah and I have a little blogger collaboration going on and I need to make links like this with other bloggers too.
  • BLOG WEEKLY GOAL:  Contact more companies for my blog birthday giveaway’s next month.


What’s on your list?  Have you managed to tick anything off this week?


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Konfidence UV Sun Protection Suit Review

We were recently sent a UV Sun Protection suit from Konfidence, as part of our ‘Official Swimologist’ role.  I am always very aware of protecting Baby when she is out in the sun.  Although I always put sun block on her, I do worry about how often I should reapply, especially is she is playing with water.  I am very pale, as is Baby and so I don’t think it would take much for her to end up getting burned.

So I was so excited when we were sent one of these nice looking suits, which retail at £17.50.

Sunsuit Konfidence UV Sun Protection Suit ReviewAs you can see these UV sun protection suits have full length sleeves and ¾ legs, leaving less skin being exposed to the sun and it also means I have less Baby to try to get sun block on!  The sun suits have a great added feature that when UV rays are present, the Konfidence logo on the front changes colour.  I’m sure Baby will love this feature when she gets a little bit older.  Who doesn’t want clothes that change colour!

Baby is super tall so I opted for 2-3 year old size and as you can see from the pictures it has lots of room for growth.  In the smaller sizes 6-12 months and 1-2 years, the crotch is poppered to make nappy changes easier.  It is made from lovely soft stretchy lycra, which feels nice against the skin.

The design of this suit is great,  Baby looks like a little surfer chick. I particularly love that it is not totally pink, but just has the lovely pink accent.

We couldn’t wait to try it out and it’s first test was a trip to the beach.  As I knew she was going into the water I popped her Baby Warma on over the top, but you can see pictures of the suit on its own further down.  I have shared this first block of pictures before, she spotted a little boys bucket and legged it to try and steal it!

Wittering 6 1024x476 Konfidence UV Sun Protection Suit Review

I was so confident that she was protected and could relax watching her have a ball in the sea.

Then we tried it on for a play in the garden.  Baby always get soaked through when playing with her water table, but she was much happier in this suit, than she is when she is just wearing a dress.

Konfidence 1024x1024 Konfidence UV Sun Protection Suit Review

As with all Konfidence products you can be assured of brilliant quality products at affordable prices.  I love the way that all the different products in the range co-ordinate with each other.  In my opinion it is very competitively priced and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another when she outgrows this one.

Disclosure:  We are Official Swimologists.  We were sent a UV Sun Suit for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are my own and are 100% honest.

download1 zps16e15ea5 Konfidence UV Sun Protection Suit Review

Word of the Week #28

It’s Friday, so it’s time to link up with the lovely Jocelyn from The Reading Residence and decide on my Word of the Week #WotW.

This week has been pretty average, we haven’t done masses, as we have been trying to get lots of house jobs done.  One thing that has over ridden the week is;

Contemplation Word of the Week #28

Mr Hubby was recently invited to apply for a job in France.  It would be a promotion and for a five year term (perhaps longer).  So here is where the contemplation comes in!  As you can imagine it is a very big decision with far reaching consequences for our family.  If we decided yes, we would not go until 2016, but we would know in a couple of weeks if he had been successful in securing the position.

There are so many factors to be considered.  Our rent would be paid, so when we returned to the UK, we could afford the deposit on a house, which we can’t now.  This is a pretty big positive for me, as I want to feel like we will be leaving Baby something in years to come.  My gut instinct tells me that we should go; opportunities like this don’t come along often.  Then, I think about the possible isolation and the fact that I can’t actually speak French and I wonder if we are being crazy to consider it!

I want the very best for Baby and this opportunity seems like something that could change her life for the better.

So, these thoughts have been dominating my thoughts this week.  Which word would sum up your week?

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The Alphabet Project {K is for….}

Welcome to the ‘Alphabet Project’, a fun photography project brought us by Charly over at Podcast Dove.  The idea is simple, we take a picture each week based on a certain letter of the alphabet.  The links can be literal or more abstract.

This week it is ‘K‘ and for us K is for Kisses.

This picture was taken at the Matilda Mae Welly Walk last November and it is one of my favourites.  I went to give Baby a little kiss for the picture and so gave me the biggest sloppiest kiss imaginable!

IMGP2889 1024x680 The Alphabet Project {K is for....}


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