A letter to Baby at 18 months old

I love to keep a monthly record of Baby progress, so that I can look back in years to come.  It will also help me remember when important things happened! (my memory is awful…).  Every six months I write Baby a hand written letter, which I pop into an envelope and keep for her to read when she is older.  I hope that she will enjoy them when she grows up.

So this brings me on to this post, today Baby is eighteen months old.  So it was time to write to her again.

thirteen to eighteen 1024x868 A letter to Baby at 18 months old

To my darling Baby,

I can’t believe I am writing your 18 month letter.  So much has happened in the last six months, the changes in you are immeasurable.  You have gone from cruising around the furniture and venturing the odd step, to running rings round Daddy and I.

You are so active and we rarely see you walk anywhere.  You much prefer to jog and run.  I think your brain works to fast to allow you to walk.  You want to be everywhere as quick as possible.  There is always something in your hand, you like nothing more than collecting things and sometimes struggle carrying your spoils around.

It seems as if every day you learn something new.  Your vocabulary is coming along and the new words this month have included cracker, cheese, ham, yo-yo, bubble plus a few others.  You adore chattering, and you spend most of the day talking.  You are so bright and have a smile that could light up even the darkest of days.

Taking after Mummy and Daddy, you are really tall.  People are always surprised when they learn your age.  You still don’t have much hair, but it is getting a bit longer at the back and so blonde.  It will take some getting used to when you finally have a full head of hair.

You love to help Mummy and Daddy and are gaining much more understanding of what we are saying.  Being able to carry out tasks and it is so nice to start this proper communication with you.

The last couple of months have been challenging.  I think you are being bothered by your teeth and feeling frustration at not being able to talk to us properly.  It has resulted in lots of crying and shouting, which is draining for us all.  Hopefully, things will start to settle soon.

You are bright, funny, beautiful, determined, loving, independent and I hope you always will be.

Every day you make me laugh, you make me smile, you make me proud, and above all you make me very very grateful to be your mummy,


All my love, to the moon and back,

Mummy xxx

11ghkra A letter to Baby at 18 months old

NCT Charity & Nearly New Sales

I first heard of the NCT in relation to their antenatal classes.  After having Baby, I went to a weekly coffee group organised by the NCT and met some fabulous ladies, some of which are now my closest friends.
The NCT is the UK’s largest charity for parents.
“We’re here to support parents. We give them accurate, impartial information so that they can decide what’s best for their family, and we introduce them to a network of local parents to gain practical and emotional support.”
The NCT run courses, events and provide information to parents on pregnancy, birth and parenting.
Last weekend we headed to the bi-yearly local Nearly New sale.  I LOVE these sales!  All the products are vetted before they are offered for sale, so you are assured of excellent quality items.  In the past we have managed to pick up some fabulous things at bargain prices.  Last year, the sales raised £1 million for the charity helplines, breastfeeding counselling and other projects.
nct FINAL 1024x810 NCT Charity & Nearly New Sales
I love the expectation of the bargains I may find!  The major benefit that the NCT sales have over other Children’s sales, is that everything is organised in categories.  So you do not have to search through each stall in the chance of finding things.  At NCT sales all the clothing and shoes are in one room and are hung on groups according to sex and age group.  All the toys and equipment are also grouped together.  This makes it so much easier to find what you are looking for and no time is wasted searching through unsuitable things.  At these sales time is of the essence!
I was so lucky to be able to go in early, so I had a little more breathing time and after an initial wander round, I headed to the clothes room.  I wanted to show you what I bought, so you get an idea of the type of things you can find.
Clothes 1024x1024 NCT Charity & Nearly New Sales
My main bargain is this lovely Ted Baker wool coat for £3!  It already has a home with a friends daughter when Baby outgrows it!.  I thought the dress and the bolero would be nice for Christmas outings.  I love cord, so the cute little skirt and trousers had to come home with us.
Then it was onto the other room, which was filled with ride on’s, all different types of toys, books, puzzles, highchairs/prams, bedding, feeding and everything else you can imagine.  I immediately saw a wooden easel, that has paper roller on it too, for £8 and a stair gate for £5, both came home with me.  I also got this little lot.
Toys 1024x741 NCT Charity & Nearly New Sales
I also picked up a bag of Happyland animals (£2), a Happyland Toy Shop (50p) and a mixed bag of lots of little ITNG figures for £1.  I couldn’t photograph them as Baby held them hostage!  We have given Baby all the books and a few other bits, but we have kept some things aside to add to her Christmas pile.
So if you haven’t been to a NCT Nearly New Sale, I would advise that you find your nearest one and give it a whirl.  (In Berkshire the next sale is on March)
If you are in the Berkshire area, the Newbury branch have a Cheeky Monkeys tea party coming up on 17th October 11am- 1pm.  Newbury also run weekly Social Bumps for pregnant mums/couples, Bumps and Babes and Crawlers & Explorers, for parents to meet others and get support locally.
Have you ever been to an NCT Nearly New Sale?
download1 zps16e15ea5 NCT Charity & Nearly New Sales
Disclosure: I was given early access to the sale in order to write this piece.  However, all opinions are 100% honest.

The Doctor, Princess, Sheriff and Monkey

Over the last few months Baby has developed much more of an interest in certain things.  One of these things is the television.  She never used to bother with it, would never pay much attention.  However, that has all changed.  She adores it!  Every morning we come down stairs and very quickly she is pointing to the TV and making noises, which must mean “mummy turn the TV on”.  She is very insistent!  n.b. I feel that I should say at this point, that we go out and about a lot, value outdoors adventures and do lots of reading with her too!

Anyway back to the TV, we are Team Disney Junior, her favourites being Doc McStuffins, Sofia the First, Sheriff Callie and Curious George.  They are repeated so often, sometimes twice a day, so I can almost recite the scripts by heart.  This doesn’t matter to Baby, as she watches as intently on the 50th watch, as she did on the 1st.  If she is watching Doc she likes to grab her character toys and hold them for the entire programme.

TV Baby 1024x648 The Doctor, Princess, Sheriff and Monkey

When she is watching Sheriff Callie, at the same point each time she lets out a massive shriek! (as she can’t say ye-ha yet!).  You know, I actually love these shows too.  Yes, they are a little cheesy (obviously), but they have great messages for children.

Quiet 802x10241 The Doctor, Princess, Sheriff and Monkey

Baby watching TV, a very ordinary thing to do, but filled with so much joy and delight for her.  I love watching her taking everything in, dancing along to the songs and talking to the characters.  Our very ordinary moments.

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Living Arrows 39/52

It’s time to link up with ‘The 52 Project’ (Practising Simplicity) and the ‘Living Arrows’ (I Heart Snapping).  The aim is to take a picture that captures the beauty and magic of childhood in our eyes.  I am also linking with Snowing Indoors Point & Shoot linky.

“You are the bows from your children as living arrows are sent forth’ Kahul Gibran.”


Living Arrows 39 Living Arrows 39/52

living arrows Living Arrows 39/52

practising simplicity Living Arrows 39/52
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HOSTING: The Week That Was; Captured (#65)

Hello!  Welcome to “The Week That Was; Captured”.  I am hosting for the next three weeks, as Hannah got married yesterday!  Congratulations hunny,  I cannot wait to see the pictures!

“The rules are simple; link up one post about your week! It can be photographed, Instagrammed, written, videoed… basically in any format you wish! This linky is about capturing memories and I treat it a bit like an online diary. Please only link up relevant posts. Also, if you fancy commenting on other people’s posts that would be super too – everyone loves a comment!” (Hannah’s words!)

So while Hannah was making the last minute preparations for her wedding, we were having a mixed week.

Our Week

OWTW 1024x811 HOSTING: The Week That Was; Captured (#65)

  1. Sunday – After a chilled out morning at home, I took Baby out for a car nap and then we met Mr Hubby for lunch at Pizza Hut (as they don’t mind screaming kids!).  Baby was a nightmare and we soon wished we hadn’t bothered!  We went to a little park on the way home, but Baby wasn’t feeling it.
  2. Monday – We met our friends Z and D in the local Cake Boutique, although we (Z and I) resisted cake.  We had a little wander round TK Maxx and I bought Baby a fab dress.  You can get such great things in there, but it can be hit and miss.  In the evening it was my first french night school class.
  3. Tuesday –  We went swimming first thing.  Baby did a tiny bit of solo swimming, so proud.  After the daily car nap, we went for a lovely walk and almost got chased by a cow!
  4. Wednesday – We went into town, as I wanted to get Baby these adorable shoes from Marks and Spencer, but they didn’t  have any left.  Booooo!  So we wandered down the canal to see our mates, the swans and then had a play in the playground.
  5. Thursday – Baby and I went to Primark to stock up on bits, like socks and tights for her.  I can never believe the bargains in there.  She is now fully stocked with socks! (20 new pairs!).  I found out the blog has gone up to 114 in the Tots100 rankings!  So happy and very grateful.
  6. Friday – I had a Doctor’s appointment first thing, so Mr Hubby stayed off to stay with Baby.  When I got back I had to label things we were hoping to sell at the NCT sale.  Mr Hubby took Baby downstairs and she fell, hitting her face on a table.  She bled everywhere, poor Baby.  So the rest of the day was spent at the Doctors, Emergency Dentist and having lots of cuddles with Mummy and Daddy.  I didn’t take a single photo, which is unheard of!
  7. Saturday – I had an pre sale shop at the NCT sale (post next week).  Mr Hubby went to drop off our sale things early.  We met him there, and I had my early shop.   I got lots of bargains for Baby and with what we sold, we were up on the day!  Result!  Baby’s face was very swollen today and she was still quite emotional.

So that’s our week captured.  What have you got up to this week? x

twtwc badge HOSTING: The Week That Was; Captured (#65)

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 HOSTING: The Week That Was; Captured (#65)

Silent Sunday 28th September 2014

Silent Sunday1 Silent Sunday 28th September 2014

Silent Sunday Silent Sunday 28th September 2014

Sundaylge e1396359989177 Silent Sunday 28th September 2014

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 Silent Sunday 28th September 2014



Word of the Week #37

It is time for me to link up with the lovely Jocelyn from The Reading Residence to share my Word of the Week #WotW.

This week my word is

rollercoaster Word of the Week #37

Our week had a bit of a bleugh start.  Our TV broke a couple of weeks ago, this week our oven and Baby’s pram broke!  Unfortunately, we are not in a position to replace any of them at the moment.  Things always break in groups don’t they?!  I have been increasingly depressed about my weight and have been waiting for a few months for some products from a company that agreed to help.  This week, however, they emailed to say they are pulling blogger trials, which is really upsetting.  Especially as I have waited for them for months.

Then in a change of fortune, on Thursday night the new TOTS100 rankings were released and I have risen to 114!  I know not everyone likes rankings such as this, but for me it is a mark of how well my blog is doing.  I am so pleased and grateful to be this rank, after only one year of blogging.

Friday saw Mr Hubby at home with us.  He had just taken Baby downstairs for a drink, when she climbed on her little foot stool and fell off, face first into the telephone table.  Cue screaming and blood everywhere.  I walked her quickly to the Doctor’s, as it is just round the corner.  The nurse checked her, but advised that we take her to the emergency dentist.  Mr Hubby took over and drove her down there.  There is a big cut behind her front teeth and lots of swelling.  I think one of her front teeth is less straight that it was before, but the Dentist said that none were wobbly.  Bless my little Baby, it was so stressful to see the blood pouring out of her mouth, with her looking so scared.  She is now a little brighter, but still a quite subdued which I think due to the shock.

On a positive note, Mr Hubby is off for four more days now, which makes Baby and I happy!

Which word would sum up your week?

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 Word of the Week #37

 wotw Word of the Week #37

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welcome to the weekend Word of the Week #37

*Original Image: The Crypt

The Great Cereal Theft (Eat Natural)

O.K I have a confession….. I love cereal!  I have said many times before, but if it weren’t for Mr Hubby (who cooks), I would live on cereal.  My favourite cereal treats being Muesli and Granola.  We were recently sent some breakfast products from Eat Natural; I was really looking forward to trying them, as I really enjoy their macadamia nut bars.

We received the Toasted Muesli Buckwheat and the Toasted Muesli Vine Fruit.

Toasted Muesli  1024x608 The Great Cereal Theft (Eat Natural)

Gluten free!

Vine Fruit 1024x627 The Great Cereal Theft (Eat Natural)

I normally do a little blogging at breakfast, while Baby is occupied.  So I got everything ready and then this happened……

Eat natural 1 1024x399 The Great Cereal Theft (Eat Natural)

After taking my eyes off her for just a second….. she tried to help herself!

Eat natural 3 1024x613 The Great Cereal Theft (Eat Natural)

Although I was a little miffed that Baby tried to steal my muesli, I wasn’t worried about her eating it.  All the ingredients are healthy and natural, with no added nasties, which is peace of mind when your little one scoffs it all!.

I We enjoyed both mueslis and we will definitely be getting them again in the future.


Disclosure: We were invited to take part in a blogger competition and were sent the muesli in order to review it. 

However, all opinions are my (and Baby’s!) own and are 100% honest.

Mumkind Review & Giveaway

Mumkind logo Mumkind Review & Giveaway

Mumkind is a new pregnancy nutrition brand that offer drinks, lozenges and snacks for pregnant women and new mums.  During these times women need to support themselves by taking the right vitamins and minerals.  Mumkind make it easy and convenient to top up your nutrients.

I was asked to review a couple of products and was sent the Ginger Me Baby Lozenges and Water Our Way – Water Enhancer.

Mumkind Mumkind Review & GiveawayGinger Me Baby Lozenges

Soothing Ginger and Chamomile lozenges billed to help reduce nausea in pregnancy and produce a feeling of calmness.  They are in clear wrappers, which would be very useful in the early days of pregnancy, when you may be trying to be discrete.

48g reusable tub is £3.49.

I am not pregnant, so I cannot tell you how these combated morning sickness, but I do have some stress and anxiety issues.  I have tried a few of these lozenges and I didn’t feel any immediate benefit.  However, they do taste nice and they knowing they have vitamins and minerals in them, would make them a sensible choice.


Water Our Way – Water Enhancer

“Want to feel less tired?  Want to make water more exciting?  Just add a squeeze of Water Our Way to a glass of water for a great berry taste.”

I hate the taste of water, so this little bottle really intrigued me.  Water our Way helps you drink more water by flavouring it with a berry taste.  It contains a blend of B vitamins, which will help to reduce tiredness.  Water Our Way also has no calories or carbs, which is great news.  It is surprising how many calories can be hidden in drinks.

The small bottle is enough to make 10 drinks and it is small enough to just throw in your bag.  30ml bottle (10 drinks) is £2.99.

I found that it took more of the enhancer to get the water drinkable for me, but I think that is a matter of personal taste, how strong or weak you like your drinks.  I think I used twice as much as was recommended.  It did taste nice and was very refreshing.  While the results weren’t earth shattering, I did feel revived after drinking a glass.

I do like that it contains vitamins, as I struggle to ensure I am getting enough, so this solves that problem.


For both of these products, I imagine that the benefits for pregnant women may be greater, than those I felt.


Now you have a chance to win these products.  Simply enter your details into the Rafflecopter below.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I was sent these products for the purpose of the review.  All opinions are honest and 100% my own.

The List #4

Welcome to ‘The List‘.  If you are new here, ‘The List‘ is a great linky that I co-host with Hannah from Mums Days.  The idea is simple, just link up any post that is in list/bullet point format, easy!  I use mine to record my weekly highlights and remind myself of my hit list and targets, but yours could be a ‘top ten’ list or anything you fancy.  Your posts can be old or new, all welcome.  Each week both Hannah and I will pick our own top 3 lists and give them a little shout out in our posts.

Thank you to all the people who linked up last week, it is so brilliant to see so many of you joining in.  It does make it very difficult to pick three of my favourite’s though!  Finally I decided and here they are.

wave to mummy 300x177 The List #4

Sanna wrote a great post, How much time does blogging take?  I really enjoyed this as I love reading about other people’s blog life and it made me think about how much time I spend.  Although when I added it up, I wish I hadn’t!

tiny footsteps 1024x330 The List #4

I love this post of Jenna’s What’s in Jasmine’s sensory play bag?.  I think this is a fabulous idea, but I must admit Baby never had a sensory play bag and now I feel guilty.  The thing I love most of all, however, is the amazing pictures that couldn’t actually be any cuter!

baby chaos 1024x522 The List #4

I love Jenni’s post on the surprising things she has found out about in the first 9 months of little Boo’s life.  I can relate to so many of those, especially the fingernails!


Right, on to my list;


  • I started French lessons, yikes!  Pense que ce sera une lutte!
  • I started to use my new super duper computer, which I won back in May with this #Wonderblog post.  I love it, its huge screen and the fact that it is not (yet!) clogged up with pictures!
  • I am very down about my weight and I need help.  I can’t believe it was back in Jan/February that I asked my Doctor for help.  Still waiting.
  • I need to teach Baby to nap in the house, as I hate driving around using fuel to get her to sleep.  We have a ready bed and will use it in the lounge to start with.
  • My nephew has gone missing and at the moment the police are looking for him.  UPDATED: He has now been found, thanks for all the kind words.

REAL LIFE WEEKLY GOAL:  Figure out a way forward with my weight.



  • New blog discovery; How I am only just finding Jess’s amazing blog, Lady Neils.  I absolutely love it and it is going to be a daily read for me.
  • Blog high; I am now ranked 114 in the Tots100 rankings

tots 100 Sep The List #4

  • Blog low; The company that was going to help me with my weight loss has pulled out (they are no longer doing trials).  So gutted, as I was focused on them helping me.
  • I am hosting #TWTWC for the wonderful Hannah on Sunday, as she is getting married tomorrow!
  • I finally organised my first instagram giveaway.  It’s a fabulous JJ Cole changing bag.  You can see details here and you can find me on instagram here.
  • A few new opportunities came in this week, which is always nice. 

BLOG/SOCIAL MEDIA WEEKLY GOAL: I think my challenge next week will just be to host both #TheList and #TWTWC at the same time.  Best not to set myself any more targets!



1.  You can link up to 3 posts per week!  Be sure to paste The List badge on each post you would like to link up (code below – paste it into the HTML option of your blogging platform).

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5. Finally, if you could please follow Mums’ Days (Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest) and You Baby Me Mummy (Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest) that would be wonderful!

By adding your post to the linkup you are agreeing to be notified of subsequent linkups.


So you know what do to, grab the badge and link up your lists.  I can’t wait to have a read!


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