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One thing I have always been really bad at is my skin care. Until recently my routine consisted of taking my make up off in the morning with a wet wipe.  I did purchase some toner and cleanser a couple of months ago, but I can’t say I have developed a strong routine and it normally focused on the morning.


The Body Shop offered to send me some skin care products and best of all a tailored programme to suit my skin and the issues I have personally. I completed a questionnaire about my skin and was excited to receive a package of skin-care goodies.








  • With a wet face massage in a pea sized amount of VITAMIN C MICRODERMABRASION. This cleanser felt really luxurious and smelled lovely too. My skin definitely felt smoother and more even.




  • Using a cotton pad, sweep the NUTRIGANICS™ REFRESHING TONER across your face.  It was interesting to see how the toner removed traces of make up, when I actually thought I have removed my make up thoroughly. Just goes to show what gets left on our faces if we don’t use the correct products. I liked the way this toner refreshed my skin, cleaned it deep into the pores, without leaving it dry.






  • Pump the once DROPS OF YOUTH™ EYE CONCENTRATE and apply the roller ball gently around the eyes. This felt immediately refreshing and seemed to make the delicate skin under my eyes feel tighter. Bye bye fine lines!




  • Apply a few drops of the DROPS OF LIGHT BRIGHTENING SERUM to your finger tips, rub together to warm the serum, then pat onto your face. I noticed how quickly this serum absorbs compared to others I have used and how soft it left my skin.




  • Apply a pea sized amount of DROPS OF YOUTH™ YOUTH CREAM to your face. I have a real dislike for any moisturiser that leaves a greasy feel, but this one was perfect. It made my skin feel so soft, without any greasiness.






As mentioned my biggest downfall had previously been evening skin care. I often work late into the night and so the last thing I want to before before I head to bed at 1am is start a complicated routine. I decided to start my routine much earlier in the evening, so there was nothing to prevent my getting all the sleep I could get. This has been working out really well.




  • Massage a generous amount of DROPS OF LIGHT BRIGHTENING CLEANSING FOAM onto a wet face. This was really effective in removing all of my make-up and it left my skin feeling really clean.


TONE – EYE CREAM – SERUM as the morning routine.




  • Apply a generous amount of OILS OF LIFE™ SLEEPING CREAM to your face.  This cream contains three seed oils that help you relax before bed. Again this moisturiser was really nourishing without any greasiness and I really felt like it was replinishing my skin.




My skin feels so much healthier and better cared for. The routine is easy and it helps me that three of the steps are repeated from morning and evening, so it becomes a habit.


Disclosure: I received these products in return for an honest review.

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