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Do you ever get time for you? If you’re anything like me, you run round all day sorting things out for others. Time for yourself being a rarity. Christmas is always such a lovely family time, but now the routines are back in place and we can be left feeling a little blue.


So, how do we combat these blues. Especially, when our pockets are not deep enough to treat ourselves to a spa day?! Enter the Boots Natural Collection to save our dreary days.


Just before Christmas I worked with Boots. I showed you how I could use their products to quickly go from day-time make up to evening. I was so amazed by the quality of the Natural Collection and that each item was only £1.99! So, I jumped at the chance to work with them again. This time I wanted to share my picks from their collection, which will give your make-up bag a much-needed make-over for 2017.




For under £10 (£9.95 to be exact) I got the following key products, which helped me create a subtle, natural day-time look. I was looking for products that would help me enhance my best bits. Covering up the eye bags would be a bonus!


My ‘Give yourself a boost kit’


I LOVE lipstick, over the last couple of years I have embraced bright lipsticks, which I would never have worn previously. I fancied trying a more natural, nude shade.


  • Natural Colour Foundation

Sadly, I’m not the kind of person who’s confident enough in their own skin to go out bare-faced. I always wear foundation if I’m leaving the house. The feeling that my skin is even, with no red bits showing, gives me so much more confidence. Before trying the Natural Collection, I would have believed that paying more for foundation would give me better coverage. However, that simply isn’t the case, as I have been so impressed with coverage I got from this foundation from Boots.


  • Sun Tint Bronzing Pearls

Now, bronzing products are something which I haven’t used much before at all. A strange choice then, you might say! Well, I’m so pale (even in summer) so I thought they might give me a summer glow, even on these cold, grey days. I was really impressed with how I looked healthier, and a little less transparent!


  • Water Guard Mascara

Mascara is a must-have in my make-up bag. A slick of mascara can work wonders for over-tired mum eyes and there really isn’t any need to spend masses, when you have this £1.99 mascara. It does a great job of opening your eyes and giving each lash a luxurious coating.


My brows are sparse in places and need a bit of filling, so they can frame my face and provide some structure. In my previous video, I shared the saying that eyebrows should be sisters not twins, which is well worth bearing in mind when trying to get an exact duplication. My product of choice would normally be a pencil, however I found this brow gel really good for adding colour, definition and then fixing brows in place to minimise strays popping up.





With my make-up bag packed with these fab products. I know that in a couple of minutes I can put on day-time make up. While  feeling like I have had a bit of luxury ‘me time’, but without the spa-break price tag!





Here’s my pre-make-up face! (yikes the things I do for this blog!).


BEFORE (ahh no make-up selfie!)

Boots Natural Collection


After a 5 minute boost with my ‘Give yourself a boost kit‘.





I love the coverage the products give me. How I look less tired, more fresh-faced (if that’s possible when you’re approaching 40!) and that it didn’t break the bank to achieve.




Have you ever tired the Boots Natural Collection? What are your favourite ways to give yourself a January boost?


I’m working with Boots and BritMums in a paid relationship, showcasing the Natural Collection makeup. The simple, affordable and easy-to-use line. Find out more here

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