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Being a mum is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I’m sure most mums would share my sentiments. For all of the amazing aspects it brings into our lives, it often takes away from us too. We are frequently robbed of any ‘me time’. There’s always something to be done for someone else and often we totally forget about looking after ourselves too.


I feel it’s so important that we don’t lose ourselves completely to being ‘mum’. We were people in our own right before kids came along and we will be just us again when they have left home; so we need to cherish ourselves a little more in the present.


Grace Cole contacted me recently about their Own Every Day campaign intended to empower women, which is brilliant. This independent business is based in Cheshire, (where I was born) and creates a selection of luxury bath and body gifts. Luxurious blends of fragrances and special formulations are combined to create luxurious, beautiful products, which celebrate women’s beauty, confidence and grace.  You can see this ideology reflected in the product packaging.



Award-winning Grace Cole was established in 2007, and today they produce and export their luxurious fragranced products to over 85 countries worldwide. I was lucky enough to be sent a selection of their gorgeous products and I have already put them to work. I chose the Vanilla Blush & Peony scent, which is divine and has been working its magic on me for a few days now. As said the products look stunning, which always helps to make using products feel more of a treat.


The Boutique’s Bath Soak is a luxurious formulation including extracts of Almond Oil, Silk & Champagne. It leaves your skin delicately scented and perfectly moisturised. Such a treat! In this range there’s moisturising Body Lotion, Body Mist, Body Butter, Hand and Nail Cream, all with the same extracts and wonderful effects.


I have been thinking of downtime recently and realised that I don’t actually have any, ever! My brain is always whirring and so lying in the bath would probably just make me anxious (I should be getting on with something!). I have decided that I need a plan, starting with yoga. I think the best way to calm down my brain would be to give it something coming to focus on. If left to its own devices it’s very cheeky, so giving it a task should help. I will then use the products during a quick bath, to leave me feeling refreshed afterwards.


We can let life happen to us or we can go out there and #OwnEveryDay with confidence. I think we all need some encouragement from time to time to realise how amazing we are. Often we just do things, juggle everything and rarely take time to give ourselves the recognition we deserve.


I love that Grace Cole products can help us to feel special when we use their skin and beauty products. We need to treat ourselves, look after ourselves and know how awesome we are.


Disclosure: This is a commissioned post.


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