Brand Work Bootcamp course - You Baby Me Mummy - Monetize your blog

Do you want to work with more brands? Would you love to make blogging your job?

This 5 module bootcamp will cover;

  • Ways to work with brands / Getting started / What brands want / How to attract brands.


  • How & where to network / How to find brands / Remaining authentic.


  • How to decide on your fees / Creating a media kit / Value of case studies.


  • How to Pitch/ Scripts that sell / PR management.


  • How to negotiate / Contracts / Going the extra mile.

The Brand Work Bootcamp is available to purchase at any time and is run via Teachable. You can work through it at your own pace.

Take the first steps to pitching with confidence. 

Next steps

If you feel you need more help to make blogging your career and would benefit from a more in depth course then Blog Growth Accelerator is for you.

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