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Ooh I love a good plugin!  I get a geeky buzz when someone gives me the heads up about a plugin I haven’t used before.  Especially when I know that it will either, save me time or help me in some way.  THAT, I love!


Firstly, I need to say sorry to all those people who are on Blogger, this post will not please you, but you never know it might encourage you to move to WP!


This post will not be in order of preference, as I love them all and I’m sure you wouldn’t be able to pick a favourite child… well it is the same for me… #saddo.


20 wordpress plugins you need for your blog

Without further ado, here goes, my 20 WordPress Plugins You NEED For Your Blog


  • EDITORIAL CALENDAR (*whispers, probably is my favourite*) – I don’t know how I coped for so long without this.  It is amazing, giving you a rolling calendar which you drag and drop draft posts onto.  You can move them around, click into edit and you can also have a draft section at the side for posts you haven’t allocated a date to yet.  If you are a visual planner get this now.


  • EVERGREEN POST TWEETER – This little beauty kindly tweets out your old posts for you.  You can set it to only tweet certain categories, tags or a certain age of post.  Then just adjust the frequency and forget about it.  A great way to give your archive some love, with minimum effort.


  • DUPLICATE POST – If you do a series, a feature or join in with the same linky each week, then this will make your life so much easier.  This plug in adds a ‘Copy to a new draft’ button in the section which allows you to schedule.  So all you do is go into the published post you want to copy, click the button. Then go back to you calendar and you will see a duplicate post in drafts.  Then you can drag this onto the calendar where you want it and use this post as the starting point of your new post.


  • AKISMET – A great spam filter, which has blocked so much spam from my site.


  • JETPACK – This does so much.  Stats, email subscribers, contact forms and lots more.  Here is a full run down of all its features.  If you move from WordPress to self hosted WP, Jetpack will make everything look the same as it was before!  I mainly use it for daily stats, looking at referral sites and most popular posts.


  • WP – DRAFTS  FOR FRIENDS  – This is so handy, it allows you to share a particular post as it will look on your blog before it is published.  Great when a brand or PR wants to see a post before it is live.


  • SUMO ME – This is a recent addition on my blog, after it was recommended by ProBlogger and I already think it is amazing.  There are so many aspects to it, email subscriber tools (which allows you to use different pop ups depending on where the person has come from, e.g Google search or from Facebook), heat maps (showing you the areas of your blog people are drawn to), social sharing buttons (the ones I have on the side of the page), smart bar and lots more.  It is such a useful plugin with a free and paid for versions.


  • WP ULTIMATE RECIPE – A fab plugin that enables you to produce a recipe card, that can be printed.


  • BETTER DELETE REVISION – Did you know that each time you hit ‘save draft’ your blog stores that file and even when you publish your post, all the previous versions are stored and will be clogging up your blog?  This genius plugin deletes all the drafts of published posts.


  • SHAREAHOLIC – This plugin makes it easy for people to share your blog posts.  It pops a block of network buttons under each post.


  • CYCLONE SLIDER – Allows you to create a sliding image based widget for your sidebar. You could use this for current competitions, blog categories, top posts, whatever you want to highlight.


  • UPDRAFT PLUS – A great, reliable way to back up your blog to various different destinations, including Dropbox.


  • WORDPRESS POPULAR POSTS – Gives you a widget that you can pop on your sidebar to display the posts getting most hits.  This is really useful in making your blog sticky and showing social proof (people like to go with the crowd).


  • WP GOOGLE FONTS – The flexibility to use different fonts within your WordPress blog.


  • COMMENT LUV/PRO – Give your readers some love by letting them link their last post on their comment to you.  The Pro version has additional features such as emailing the commenters with your response.


  • YOAST SEO-  A fab and super easy way to make sure your posts are SEO friendly!


  • PINTEREST WIDGETS – Enables you to create a board widget to pop in your side bar or into posts.


  • JQUERY PIN IT BUTTON FOR IMAGES – Gives you a grayed out picture when someone hovers over an image and a pin it button.  You can customise the button with a different image if you wish, as I have.


  • ULTIMATE NOFOLLOW – The quick way  to change your links to nofollow, just by clicking one button.  No need to learn coding.


  • YOUTUBE FREE – This is another newish addition for me. It allows you to embed YouTube videos and galleries into your posts and other parts of your blog.


Do you use any plugins that are not on this list ?  I would love to know which is your favourite plugin?



20 WordPress Plugins You NEED For Your Blog

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