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When you start blogging you have no idea what lies ahead. If you are anything like me, you start it on a whim, probably with little or no knowledge; then suddenly this big wide blog world opens up and it can be a little overwhelming.  Maybe you’re a blogger who has been round the block a bit, but things have changed and you’re not quite sure where you should be going with your blog? Whatever stage you’re at in your blogging journey, here are 21 things all bloggers should know;


  • How to find your voice

It can be so easy to get sucked into the feeling that you need to replicate how another blogger blogs in order to be successful. You don’t! One of the best things you can do for you and your blog is find your own voice.


  • How to find your tribe

When you start blogging it can seem like a solitary hobby, but there really is no need for it to be. There is a lovely supportive community just waiting for you to find your place within it. Finding your tribe will make your blogging life so much sweeter.


  • How important community is to your blog

Following on from tribes, you need to consider the wider community, how you can make a difference and how the community can in turn help you too.


  • How to collaborate with others

When you have your tribe/support network and a lovely community around your blog, you should try to collaborate with your fellow bloggers. You can gain so much from this personally and also sharing each other’s audiences is never a bad thing!


  • Alternative ways to monetise your blog

As blogging becomes more a part of your life, you may want to look at ways to monetise your blog. There are some ways you might not even have thought of.


  • Why your blog’s not growing & how to fix it

There are times when your blog growth may plateau. This post shares the reasons why your blog’s not growing and how to make sure it does.


  • How to design a beautiful blog

When I think back to my first blog design, it seems so far removed from my current design. Having some advice on designing a professional looking blog could be just what you need to push your blog to the next level.


  • How to take great photos

Great photos can be the thing that sets your blog apart from others. With thousands of blogs out there, you need to make sure your images are as good as they can, these tips to improve your blog photography should give you some pointers.


  • How to organise their time

Anyone who has been blogging, even just for a few months, will know how time consuming it can be. I shared some insights into how I organise my time and gave you some top tips to help you get your systems in place.


  • How to write an awesome about me page

Your about me page is your opportunity to tell your readers about yourself and your blog. About Me pages vary so much, so make sure yours is showing you off in your best light.


  • The myths about blogging that are best ignored

Blogging is still very much a newer industry and as such, we are to some extent, finding our way. These means sometimes myths appear which then become considered to be true. Here I share some of those myths and why you should ignore them.


  • How to master your email

As you become more involved in blogging and begin to work with brands/PRs your email inbox can start to get out of hand and it can be a complete time drain. Learning some email organisation tips can mean you’re not chained to your inbox!


  • Overcome procrastination

We are in a wonderful position with our blogs in that we can make them anything we want them to be. Sometimes that gives us too many options and can lead us to procrastinate. Here are some ways to overcome this and remain productive and focused.


  • How to write many posts quality every week

Being in the zone, with a clear work-flow can increase your productivity and output dramatically. I share my tips and how I produce around 17 new posts (at least!) each week.


  • How to work with brands

Working with brands may or may not be in the plan for your blog. However, most people who wish to monetise their blogs will work with brands. Here are some tips on how to do this and how to do it well.


  • How to be a brand ambassador

Being a brand ambassador can be a great way to work closely with a brand and can be pretty lucrative too!


  • How to set achievable blogging goals

To keep moving forward with your blog, it’s a good idea to set achievable blogging goals. It’s vital that these are achievable to make sure you don’t get disheartened.


  • Sponsored post costs

The subject of fees is not widely discussed in blogging circles. I think we are all too British! I shared my thoughts on what to charge and how to negotiate to shed some light on the area.


  • Writing a winning pitch

When you start gaining confidence, pitching to brands is the next step. You can focus on the brands you want to work with and hopefully secure a collaboration.


  • How to get your blog noticed

One big area to focus on as you develop as a blogger is how to get your blog noticed. A little effort and some community spirit will see you well on your way to being noticed and more involved in, and supported by, the community.


  • How to avoid blogger burnout

Blogging is hard work, whether you blog full time or blog as well as working, it can be hard not be be overwhelmed by it at times and sometimes even start to feel the effects of burnout. Be kind to yourself and don’t take on too much. Be realistic with the workload that your life will allow.


There are 21 things that every blogger should know. There is one more thing you should all know and remember when you have a tough day Blogger’s rock, don’t ever forget that!  What do you think all bloggers should know?



21 things all bloggers should know about blogging

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