Last Friday, I was one of the lucky bloggers to have an invitation to the MAD Blog Awards at the Royal Garden Hotel. Even more exciting was that my best friend Amy, was a finalist alongside me in the Outstanding Contribution category. I was so excited to know I was going to be able to spend time with her, as although we speak multiple times every day, distance means we don’t often  get together.


After a fair bit of travel disruption and having to opt for cabs, Amy and I arrived at our hotel. Before too long Lucy and Anna arrived too, it was so lovely to get ready together.


I have spoken about what it means to me to be a finalist in this category before, but I still wanted to remember our special evening here on the blog.


MAD Blog

What a beaut!


Amy, I, Anna and Lucy





Neither Amy or I had been to the MADs before, so we had no clue what to expect. The venue was very grand and the champagne free flowing when we arrived. Although none for me as I was being good and sticking the to Cambridge plan.




It’s always so lovely to chat to other bloggers and meet new people, who your chatted to online. I met Just a Normal Mummy for the first time, which was really lovely.  When Baby was tiny, I used to sit rocking her to sleep reading this blog on my phone. So often I would have to bite my finger to stop myself laughing and waking her up.




Amy and I were on a table with Lucy, Al, Ali and Alison who were all Finalists in the Outstanding Contribution award (apart from Lucy, who was a Photography finalist).




I loved the awards. Watching bloggers, friends and strangers, being recognised for their hard work and skill was fabulous. I especially loved that Emma won both the video category and the blog of the year, which are both thoroughly deserved.


When it was time for the Outstanding Contribution award, all of us finalists were invited on stage and we all received a trophy, which was lovely. Becky was a totally deserving winner and the video of her friends paying tribute to her was very touching.




It was so amazing to be acknowledged by the community and be alongside my best friend throughout.








I loved catching up with so many friends, it was such a fun evening. Around midnight, both Amy and my feet were almost reducing us to tears, so we grabbed a cab and headed back to our hotel. Once there we decided to record the next instalment of #VlogStars, which was such fun to do together. I can’t wait to watch it back.




Thanks to everyone who voted for me, it really has meant a lot and thanks also to the TOTS100 team for treating us to a wonderful event.

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