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Welcome to the Blog Biz Goal Party! Whoop! My round-up to make sure I stay accountable to my goals and also share how I’m growing my blog biz. Each month members of my Facebook community the MomBossSquad can all add their goal updates in the comments and I’ll pick one person, who I will give a shout out to on my Twitter feed (22k followers). I might be able to rustle up some extra goodies too! There will be a winner each month.


So, let’s get going, here’s the low down on my blog biz from February.



Top 5 posts


  1. 23 things to do if you’re serious about blogging [VIDEO]
  2. Why You Need To Use These Hashtags
  3. Join #TheListLinky #127 – Some changes
  4. 59 simple ways you can delegate to a Virtual Assistant
  5. How To Become A Brand Ambassador


Follower growth during February


Twitter –  21,887 to 22118  – 1.6% growth

Facebook– 6716 to 6776  – 0.88% growth

Instagram – 14,854 to 15345 – 3.2% growth

Instagram – (small account) – 1232 to 1338 – 8.6% growth

Pinterest- 5350 to 5904  – 10.35% growth

Youtube – 1610 to 1622  – 0.7% growth

Email subs  – 13.7% growth


What goals did I set this month ?


*Research Podcast – Signed up for a free Podcasting course. Still need to actually do it, but it’s progress

*Successfully support the students on the Blog Growth Accelerator – Had really great feedback from the students.

*Pitch 5 UK magazines – Made a couple of press contacts and created a press release. Still need to actually pitch.

*Begin to create next free challenge/course – This is all done and content written. Just need to sort the landing page.

*Start researching the next paid-for course – Topic decided and modules mapped out.

*Give enough time  (an hour a day) to the courses I have bought for myself – Need to work harder on this.

*Finish outstanding US guest posts – Still need to finish these.

*Create hit list of potential guest posting opportunities –  Decided to finish US ones before I compile this.

*Grow my list – retarget the numbers – 2/3 of the way through the 1st quarter I have grown my list by 48% (target for entire 1st 1/4 was 20%)

*Devise a content creation strategy – I have held off finalising my plan, as I have a hot seat with my coaching group next week, so I’m waiting to see what comes from that.

*Sort out my sales funnels – Really thrashed things out and have the plan in place.



What one habit did I focus on for this month ? (How did that go?)


  • Getting on with it – This month I wanted to stop over-analysing and just get going with the tasks that I’ve been pondering on for too long. I made some good headway and finished a huge 16 page spreadsheet doc which is now for sale. Plus some other stuff got done too.



What experiments did I try?


  • I learned about Facebook pixels!
  • Started using Pinterest group boards a bit more.


February wins


  • Great feedback from the bloggers on the Blog Growth Accelerator.
  • Had a major breakthrough with my next free challenge and then everything fell into place.




  • Take time away from work.
  • I still need better focus.
  • I must get more sleep.


Memorable moment from February


  • Such lovely moments in the MomBossSquad community.
  • Great feedback from the Blog Growth Accelerator.


March goals


  • Write my next course.
  • Set up the free challenge so it’s ready to go.
  • Promote the free challenge.
  • Make time for to the courses I’ve bought for myself.
  • Finish outstanding US guest posts.
  • Create hit list of potential guest posting opportunities.
  • Grow my list.
  • Devise a content creation strategy.
  • Implement my sales funnel.


Now it’s your turn! Share your goal review in the comments for your chance to win yourself some exposure and a pat on the back!


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