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Back at the start of the year, I set myself some blogging goals to keep me focused and ensure I keep moving my blog forward throughout the year. Six months have passed of 2016 already, so it’s the perfect time for me to check in with the goals I set to see how things are looking. I might even add a few new ones too!


2016 has been pretty awesome so far for my blog. I made it into the finals of the BIBs, been nominated for the outstanding achievement award at the MADs, scored contracts that I never thought would be possible, been on some amazing holidays and best of all met some more amazing bloggers and deepened my friendships with the ones I already know. In terms of the concrete goals I set, here’s how I got on;


Follower numbers


  • Reach 10,000 followers on Instagram (Jan 1st 4141)

This was the most challenging goal I set myself and I didn’t think for one second that I would achieve this goal, but wanted to set myself a decent challenge. I couldn’t believe it when about 3 weeks ago I passed the 10k follower mark! 41% growth in less than 6 months, I’m happy with that.


  • Reach 5,000 followers on Pinterest (Jan 1st 2,500)

Pinterest is a platform that is lacking my focus. My half year check in numbers were 3.5k, I think with some concerted effort I should be able to get to 5k; but I actually need to remember to go on Pinterest every day.


  • Reach 20,000 followers on Twitter (Jan 1st 14,400)

18905 is my half year figure. I am thrilled with 4.5k growth for a platform that I don’t actively focus on growing. I am confident to reach my 20k target within the next couple of months.


  • Reach 8,000 likes on Facebook (Jan 1st 5074)

I struggle with Facebook and this is the platform that is the hardest for me to grow. My half year figures are 5983, which makes it a little doubtful that I will get to 8k by the end of December, but at least I have something to aim for!




  • Increase my monthly page views by 20% – My page views seem pretty static at the moment, so I am starting to work on better SEO, not just at post level, but deeper ensuring my blog is submitted to search engines properly and things like that.


  • Press on with a book project I have with another blogger – This has stalled due to a lack of time, however we have another project together, which will be quicker and easier to get off the ground. Watch this space!


  • Become more efficient – use a notebook and don’t rely on keeping everything in my head – I have tried a few different things, Trello, Bullet Journal and more recently Meister Task. Meister Task has come out as my favourite, although I still use my bullet journal for my weight loss progress and things like that.


  • Introduce working hoursTime block for certain tasks and have set hours during the day and night. Never working past 11.30pm – I have totally failed at this and will try to refocus for the second half of the year.


  • Try to break the top ten in the Tots100 – I reached number 9 in May, so goal achieved!


New goals for the second half of 2016


  • Finish my eBook – I am struggling to find time to do this, but setting myself this goal might help me prioritise it.


  • Produce my email course – Still very much in the planning stages but it shouldn’t take too much to pull this together. This will be a free challenge.


I think you might need to wish me luck!  Did you set yourself any blogging goals for this year?  I would love to hear about them in the comments.

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