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How to create meaningful connections online [VIDEO]

This week I decided that #BlogFixFriday would be about how to make meaningful connections online, which is really important aspect of growing your blog.


Creating meaningful connections online



If you have any topics or questions you would like me to cover in #BlogFixFriday then please let me know in the comments and I will try my best.


You can find the other vlogs in the series below.


Blog Fix Friday


For more blogging tips check out my Blog Club page, hope it helps!

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  • Zoe Upson

    I’ve just launched a business and even though we don’t have a blog currently I really feel that these tips are going to help me with my social engagement. Thanks so much.

  • Mummy Times Two

    Thanks so much for this, I really needed this push today. I’m just in the process of going self-hosted and this is one of my priorities. I love your weekly email, especially as it comes out on the day the List comes out.

  • Jo Sandelson

    I watched the WHOLE video which on a Friday is especially precious time! But you speak good sense. My other half said that from the start, just keep going and you’ll do well. Always good to have a visual reminder and I like the way you put things clearly. Had a coaching session from Sarah (Mumzilla) who was recommending you yesterday as someone to subscribe to as you have so much helpful info. Jo #TheList

  • Laura - Threesypeasy

    You do share some fab advice but I really struggle with time. I do sometimes feel on the outside but I know that if I keep putting myself out there as much as I can then it maybe start paying off one day x #thelist

  • Elizabeth

    This was so encouraging, thank you. Definitely know that feeling of being the new kid at school, and it is makes so much sense to be authentic and to keep sticking around.

  • Rebecca

    <3 this! I too have found the blogging community to be just amazing and am so happy that I took the plunge to be part of it. I totally am in the phase where I feel like 'the new kid at school' but am starting to slowly make some really good connections through continuing to take part in Twitter chats and linkies… also Instagram hashtag communities too.
    I had you talking in the background while I was doing blogmin this morning and I love the advice to 'just be you' too… certainly something that strikes a chord with me as it is so easy to compare yourself when you are in this huge community.

    Thank you for the tips! #thelist

  • Cal at Family Makes

    Thanks again Aby – I watched this when it first went live but I could really watch your vlogs again and again. The advice is so good, and you are so easy to follow. It’s really good to watch again and reinforce these valuable messages. #TheList

  • Lauren Moseley

    I am a massive BFF fan, you always have such amazing advice that has really helped me. So much of what you say here rings true, above all I try to be authentic & that is definitely what has propelled my blog forward. #TheList

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