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I often hear bloggers talking about suffering from Blogger’s block; they have no clear ideas for topics and the pressure is building for them to write about something!  I haven’t really suffered with blogger’s block, but there have been times when I am stuck a little for a specific angle within the theme I know I am going to write about.


I have shared 80 prompts for your editorial calendar before in the blog, these prompts being tied to seasonal dates.  So I thought I would give you some more general types of posts that can be used all year round and could keep on producing ideas for you if you change them up.


If you have blogger’s block a great place to start is by changing your environment. Get some fresh air, go and sit somewhere else, read a book or magazine; but what if you have this lovely little break and you still can’t think of anything to write about?  Then, one of these prompts might just help you out.


Do you suffer from blogger's block? Waste valuable time trying to be inspired and find a direction in your writing. This post is packed full of tips and post ideas so you never have blogger's block again. Plus there is a free downloadable 115 blog post title template

Do you suffer from blogger’s block? Waste valuable time trying to be inspired and find a direction in your writing. This post is packed full of tips and post ideas so you never have blogger’s block again. Plus there is a free downloadable 115 blog post title template



  • Progress post – People love a good ‘journey’, X-factor style! It’s always inspiring to read how far someone has come in a specific area.  What have you progressed well at in your life?  Your writing? Blogging? Weight loss? Even being a parent?


  • Hypothetical post – Most people like to day dream about their life.  So you could share any hypothetical idea. If you won the lottery, what would you do?  If you lived in any other country, where would you live and why?  If you could do any job, what would it be?  Explain your passion, why do you love it so much. Readers will be interested by your choices, motives and will start thinking what they would do, if posed with the same question.


  • Write a list – List posts are great in so many ways (and not only because you can link them up on a Friday to our linky #TheList !).  They’re easy to read, easy to write and they structure themselves.  Your list could be on anything you like; your all time favourite top 10 songs, your dream travel destinations; anything that takes your fancy.  Just think of something you would like to read about. I recently shared Too many ideas? How to choose the right direction for example.


  • Round-up post – The possibilities are endless with this! Round up your week/month of Instagram pictures, your top five blog posts, your personal favourite posts vs the most popular of the year, your most notable posts from the previous month, your favourite outfits of the month, the best posts you have read by other bloggers, favourite bloggers (even down to theme – photography blogs, family blogs, fashion blogs).


  • Tag posts/Meme – Take part or start your own.  There are various posts that you can be tagged in and they give you an instant structure.  I have done a few over the years and Vogue’s 73 Questions  still gets me traffic to this day. Examples I have previously enjoyed writing are ‘The Blogger who‘ and an A to Z of Me.


  • Hindsight – Write a list or a story telling your readers what you wish you had known,  i.e. before you started blogging or became a parent.  What would you tell your teenage self?  This gives your readers an insight into your life and also enables them to learn from your mistakes.


  • Run a giveaway – People love a freebie; whether you are giving a product or your own ebook, it will help your page views and will give you a solid idea for a post.


  • Share a day in your life – We love an insight into people’s daily routines, so share yours.


  • Interview someone – This could be a professional in your field or simply a peer.


  • Share the story behind your blog name – Some names have a funny or interesting story behind them. Some are intriguing and ripe for explanation.


  • Review a product you own and love – Even if you haven’t been sent a product for review, you can still review something you love and have at home.  It might just make some companies notice you too!


  • Share a family day out – A full on family trip, or a simple trip to the park, can make for a great post with the addition of some lovely pictures and an interesting story.


  • Teach people – Posts that are useful to people are gold and will be shared a lot.  So whether it is a post about how to bake an amazing cake or run social media accounts; anything you feel you do well and that you could write a tutorial on.


  • Haul post – Have you been shopping recently? Share your purchases.  Or even share a haul wish list.


  • Share a success story –  Are you successful in an area of your life, share how you got there.  Your tips for being successful.


  • Behind the scenes on your blog –  Please the nosy part that’s in everyone and share your work space/environment. Room tours of your home could make an interesting mini series.


  • Milestones/Important Events – Have you changed your design? Is it your blog birthday? Celebrate these and share them on your blog.


  • Why did you start blogging?  I, for one, am always interested in the story behind why a person started to blog and what blogging has given them.


  • Write a mini series – A year or so ago, I found myself with space in my calendar quite regularly on a Sunday, so I started a little series 5 Things. I don’t do it anymore, but it aways gave me a structure to write around, which was useful.


  • Make negatives a positive – For example ‘Why I won’t diet anymore’ Pick one thing you will never do again and explain why. An extension of this was my Top Ten Blogging No No’s.


  • Ask someone to guest post for you – Contact someone directly or tweet out that you are looking for guest posts.  This won’t necessarily solve your block, but taking the pressure off might help.


  • Use your profession to write a helpful post –  Not all professions will be ideal for this post, but even if you are a Vet you could write something appropriate to the general public –  pet care tips for example.  Interior designers/Graphic Designers/Chefs/Teachers all have lots of potential posts based on information/skills gained from their profession.


  • Write up a recent event/conference – Include the important take home messages that you learned.


  • Write a ‘Did you know’ type post – 10 Things you didn’t know about Twitter for example.


  • Repost an old post – Revive an old post, add some new information and republish it.


  • Have you got a good story? – Do you have a story that you would normally tell on a night out? Share it on your blog instead.


  • Revive an old post with a follow up post – Write a continuation post and link back to the first.  You can expand on your original post and the first post will also get traffic.


  • Do people always ask you certain things? – If so answer their questions in a Q & A style post.


  • What has been the highlight of your blogging career so far? – I love reading these sorts of post and I am sure I am not alone.  What is the best thing to happen since you started blogging?


  • Start a linky, either on your own or with a friend – The linky theme will give your post structure and it will run on a certain day of the week, filling a gap in your editorial calendar.


  • Write a charity post – Think of a charity that’s close to your heart and share it on your blog.  I have shared posts for various charities; Macmillan Cancer Support, Comic Relief, the Dogs Trust and many more.


  • What’s the best or worst advice you have ever received – What was it?  Why did it suck?  Why was it useful?


  • Create a project series – Are you about to transform a room in your house?  Write a series showing each aspect of the makeover.  Or even taking up running, could produce a good series of posts, that may inspire others?


  • Share a mood board for an upcoming project – A lovely visual post, possibly giving inspiration to others as well.


  • Solve a problem – I wrote a post explaining how I organise my blogging, as it’s something I get asked about a lot.


  • Address a common misconception about your industry – I wrote Blogging; A Full-Time Job, as a reaction to people telling me I have received products for free.


  • Get your readers involved – Have you got a big event coming up? Share a flat lay of two possible outfits and ask readers to vote.  This could be done with a home make over as well.


  • What inspires you? – Books? Films? Other bloggers?  Maybe sharing your inspiration will inspire others too.


  • Share your trade secrets – I do this every week in my blogging tips posts and videos.  I could keep the information I know to myself but, by sharing them, I believe together we are stronger.


  • Share recent projects – Sharing projects will be inspirational to others and also might attract more brands.


  • Creative tutorialHow to’s are great posts that are viewed, shared and pinned lots.  So if you’re good at crafting, DIY, gardening or cooking, create a tutorial and share it!


There is it, my solution to beating blogger’s block.  I hope it has given you some ideas, whether you have the dreaded block or not. Have you ever had blogger’s block? Did you do anything in particular to overcome it?




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