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Blogging tips

Blogging tips

Last Saturday I joined with an army of other bloggers and headed to London for BlogFest.  I love blogging get together’s, as blogging can sometimes feel like a solitary pursuit.  So it is great to have an opportunity to see your blogging friends, to learn, swap ideas, have a good gossip with lots of laughs.

I met up with various friends along the way and eventually we found our way to the venue, the fantastic Kings Place, which was a fabulous conference venue.  After drinks and pastries (not for me I must add!), it was onto the welcome by Mumsnet, followed by  a panel discussion highlighting how the internet shapes the way we think.  Onward to the first break out session, which gave us a chance to pick which session suited us best.  I went to the session ‘Making money from your blog’ and these are the main points I gleaned.

Gina Roughan (Zone)

  • Mum audience is hard to reach for brands.  Mums are tuned into bullshit and brands know they need to use Mum bloggers to target mums.
  • Mum bloggers get into the nooks and crannies of the internet that brands can’t.
  • Mum bloggers have credibility and are especially interesting to a brand if they have a particular passion in a niche.
  • Cut through – Mum bloggers know SEO and social media.  They also know who and how to connect.
  • They have trust, their readers trust what they say.
  • They encourage approaches to their agency.
  • If using images for gift guides etc, you can just take them, as you are promoting the product.

Why brands want to work with certain bloggers;

  • Traffic and figures.
  • Quality and regularity of content.
  • Social profile/following.
  • Previous brand work.
  • Reputation/relationship with agency.
  • Level of work involved.
  • Added social media support offered by the blogger.

Tara Cain – Sticky Fingers – 8 ways to work with brands

  • You are a brand – be professional at all times (especially on social media).   Don’t apologise for wanting to make money.  Be respectful when you turn a job down.
  • Make it easy for people to contact you – ensure all your contact details are in a prominent place.  If brands can’t find them quickly, they will move on.
  • Build up traffic and social media.
  • PR Yourself – make sure you have a media pack.
  • Join a blogger network.
  • Get creative – think for the brand.  If you don’t want to do something in the way it is pitched, counter pitch a creative idea.
  • Show off – list all the companies you have worked with.
  • Be in it for the long haul.

Alicia Navarro – CEO of Slimlinks

Skimlinks is an automated Affiliate link network.

  • Simply install one line of Javascript and Skimlinks will start to work.
  • Traditional advertising is peripheral, but affiliate marketing is within the content.
  • They are native adverts (the same format as the content) so they look more natural.
  • Simply input your usual link and Skimlinks will monetize it (if possible).  You are in control of the links.
  • Through the reports you can gain an insight into which pages drive most money.
  • Provide a url shortener which you can use on twitter/ FB etc.
  • Affiliate marketing makes brands notice you.  Then they start to approach you for other opportunities.
  • If you install Skimlinks it will convert historical links too!

Advanced Social Media – Paul Armstrong

  • Use Twitter lists
  • Beatrix – Gives you post ideas, cost approximately $9 per month.
  • Flipboard, great for drawing together content in one place.
  • Rapportive, adds a panel to your emails, which shows you the persons social media channels.
  • Hello Bar – nicely designed bar on your page, which you can edit as you wish.
  • Twitter Cards
  • TSU – pay for your posts.
  • Find out where your traffic comes from and interrogate it, in order to maximise it.
  • If your bounce rate is high – make sure your blog theme is responsive.
  • Increase FB traffic – Commenting, sharing with friends, good use of adverts.
  • Increase Twitter – Photo’s, GIFs and calls to action, asking for RT.
  • Google + is good for international traffic
  • Google hangouts are good for free advice,
  • Instagram – remember to tag, tags drive traffic.
  • Text people your blog post links. On average the response time for texts is 15 seconds!
  • If you are starting a blog, use Squarespace, not WP or Blogger.

The Science


The Facts

Monetize your blog roundtable – Chaired by Alison Perry (Not Another Mummy Blog)

  • Paul from Alfilinet – Brands want bloggers who can communicate their brand values.
  • Disclosure is VERY important.
  • Alison – ‘Your voice/tone is your niche’ 
  • If you are paid to tweet you should incorporate #ad or #sp.
  • Emma Nutrition – makes most money from joint ventures.  Her mailing list is the most important thing to her.  Join with a bloggers or companies and cross promote between each other’s mailing lists.  To grow a mailing list – offer an incentive to sign up.
  • Reviews – must be balanced, and show some negatives in some or you will lose credibility with your audience.

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