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You invest lots of time in your blog and yet your numbers seem stagnant. Blog views aren’t growing much, followers are creeping up too slowly. You desperately want to see a quicker return on all your invested time. You want to see some progress, to make all your hard-work feel worthwhile.


Here’s some reasons why your blog’s growth might not be sailing along as smoothly as you would like and how to give it a kick-start.




  • You are focusing on too many goals

Blogging is multi dimensional, which means there are always lots of different areas that we can focus on. You can have goals for follower levels on all your different platforms. Growth target for the page views in your blog. Email subscriber target; the list could go on and on. With blogging there is always something you could be doing, a target you could be aiming for and this means you can spread yourself too thin.


A few years ago we were told to get things done we need to multi task well. Now the opposite is advocated. Switching between the tasks in hand wastes time and energy, so focusing on one task at a time gets things done.


So, taking this theory to your blog; focus on one or two goals at a time and work on them for around three months, before switching to work on different goals. Break down your goals and drill down into the the aspects of your goal that you can affect. e.g. I want to reach 5k twitter followers. Specific tasks could be to engage with people in your niche, follow people, join in with twitter chats etc.


  • Over analysing and seeking too many opinions

Paralysis by analysis. Seeking external validation can leave you confused about your plans. This means things don’t get done and maybe your ideas even dwindle.


Parkinson’s law states that ‘work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion‘.


If you have an hour to write a blog post you can (usually) get it done in an hour. Your focus is deep and narrow and you are not easily distracted. If you had a week to write the same post it would take you the week, you would relax a little, interject other asks and you still be finishing it on its due date.


How does this relate to growing your blog? Easy, achieving your targets will help you grow your blog effectively and you will achieve your goals much more efficiently if you set time scales for their completion. Writing an ebook? Then announce it will be available for sale on a certain date. Nothing like a bit of pressure to focus the mind!


  • You want it all NOW

I think it’s human nature to look ahead and wish you were there already. You see other bloggers achieving what you hope to achieve and you get too far ahead of yourself.


Your end goal might be to make a living from your blog, but you don’t go there straight away. Instead focus on the smaller goals, which if achieved, will enable you to achieve your ultimate goal.


Don’t compare your middle to someone else’s ending

  • You lack a clear direction

What’s your why? Would you get in a taxi without knowing where you were going?  No, probably not, but lots of us start a blog without knowing where it is going. At some point in order to grow and thrive, we need to decide on our why’s. You need to set goals, which get you to your why. These goals will keep you motivated.


  • You’re not consistent enough

Your readers want to know your there. If they come to your blog a few times and you haven’t posted anything new, they might well stop coming.  They lost a bit of faith in you and decided not to invest anymore in you. You need to be consistent in order to grow your audience. Create a schedule of what you will post and when, then stick to it.


  • You don’t promote enough

If you build it they will come…. Well, only if they know where you are!  Promoting your work gets it in front of more people than if you don’t, simples. More eyes balls on your blog, more views, more followers and more chance of achieving your goals.


Create content 20% of the time.  Spend the other 80% of the time promoting what you created.


  1. Share on social media – schedule, schedule, schedule. Use social oomph queue reservoir to vary the text on certain  long-standing tweets.
  2. Email your list

  3. Share with online communities – platforms and Facebook groups.
  4. Repurpose old content – repurposing is providing your content in a different format. Why not turn a series of blog posts into an ebook?


  • Your site is not well branded

People respond to professional well designed blogs, places where it is nice to spend time. It also makes you look more professional.


  • There’s a disconnect between what you are writing and what people are feeling as a result

Not everyone is going to feel the same as you and not everyone likes the same things. However, you need to figure out who your ‘ideal’ reader is and write for them. You want people to feel connected to what you say and so you can only write if you know who you are writing for, who are you trying to be connected with?


  • Your posts aren’t useful enough

If you are helpful and write really useful content people will eventually sit up and take notice. Long posts that delve deep into a topic will be read and possibly bookmarked. Be very thorough and give people all the information they need.  Keep in mind, what you are trying to teach/say and who you are saying it to.


Building a blog, growing your readership, increasing social media followers, writing great content and promoting that, all take so much time. Don’t pressurise yourself into trying to achieve what the next blogger is achieving, as they are writing their own story, with a different motivation and they are at a different point in their journey.


Remember, growing you blog takes time, try to enjoy the ride!


Which area of your blog seems to be growing the slowest? Have you identified a strategy for improvement?



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