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If you are a blogger then you will probably know that the voting has just opened for the Brilliance in Blogging awards, organised by Britmums.  Each year these awards celebrate bloggers, blogs and our wonderful community.


I have said before, the single best thing to come out of blogging for me is the friends I have made. These ladies are truly awesome, so supportive, inspirational and well, just incredible women really. So I thought I would share my nominations, in case you need any inspiration.  I find nominations very difficult as I read lots of blogs and there are so many fabulous bloggers that fit within each category; I feel sad to leave people out.

I would also like to say thank you ladies for being in my life.

Fresh Voice

Mr and Mrs T Plus Three

If you look at Amy’s blog, you would be forgiven in assuming that she had been blogging for many years, not just a year.  Her blog is beautiful, slick and full of heart.  Amy has become a true life long friend of mine.  She is an incredible person, that just radiates love and warmth, which comes across in everything she writes.  Her imagery is stunning and a visit to her blog is a daily treat for me.


Taming Twins

Sarah’s blog is a real treat for the eyes.  Her blog is packed of amazing culinary creations and I only wish a could recreate such masterpieces.  The photos and food styling is beautiful and you certainly wouldn’t regret paying her a visit.


Pouting in Heels

My nomination for Inspire goes to Kate from Pouting in Heels.  The worst enemy of women, is often other women, but Kate is a champion of all women.  Her posts capture your imagination and inspire you to change the way you think, feel and even act.  Positivity seeps from this blog and she writes so beautifully that her posts are truly captivating.  Like a self help hit, but without the b*llsh*t!

Social Media

Verily Victoria Vocialises

Victoria writes VeViVo and Victoria Visits with ease and has a strong social media presence.  She is a very talented blogger and a fabulous lady to boot! She runs a social media linky, which focuses on a different social media platform each week, which is fabulous and so helpful to the wider blogging community.


Headspace Perspective

Leigh is a remarkable woman and has strength beyond my comprehension.  Since losing her beautiful baby Hugo, she has campaigned and supported other parents who have suffered the same trauma.  She has created #HugosLegacy and achieved amazing things in the memory of her son. Her posts are so insightful and touching.  She really deserves this recognition of her talent.


Snowing Indoors

Em is a very close friend of mine and is such a beautiful person.  She is such a brilliant photographer, who in my opinion, is largely overlooked.  Her blog showcases her incredible style and she is kind enough to share her knowledge in her photography tips posts.  She writes about her beautiful children and I adore the mix of humour and sentiment, which shines through in her posts.  Please have a look at Em’s blog and I am sure you will fall in love with it as much as I have.


Brummy Mummy of 2.

My video nomination goes to Em, who is a force of funniness!  I love her blog, but she is also an awesome vlogger.  Showing what real mums get up to and packing her amazing personality into each video.


Mum’s Days

Hannah is a phenomenal friend and a delight to know.  Hannah’s blog is like a magazine, she effortlessly covers a wide range of topics, but her focus on days out & family holidays is wonderful. This year she has embarked on a challenge to visit 45 Northumberland castles in a year, which her little boy and some friends she meets along the way.  Such a innovative and inspiring feature.  Her photography and writing are captivating.  Reading her blog is like talking to a friend, which I am honoured that she has now become.


Tigerlilly Quinn

Fritha is a beautiful person and everything about her and her blog oozes style.  The images of her home, family and fashion are the epitome of style and I can think of anyone who deserves this award more.  Her blog is edgy, colourful, heartfelt and a pretty wonderful place to be.


Crafts on Sea

Kate’s blog is a collection of the most awesome craftiness.  She creates things that I can only dream of and her tutorials are always clear and really easy to follow.  I love the effort she puts into her photos, which make the tutorials even more appealing.  She is such a lovely lady and her blog is a warm and happy space online.


Here is where I ask for a cheeky vote in this section.  I write about what I love, my family and I am so flattered that people respond so warmly to my blog.  You Baby Me Mummy started as an online baby book and rapidly developed into the love of my life (family aside).  My blog has given me so much, and I try to give back to the people that take the time to read it.  I am always honest and if I am honest a nomination would mean a lot to me.

You Baby Me Mummy


Mummy Daddy Me

I have been reading Katie’s blog since I started blogging.  I love this window into her beautiful family life and I was captivated from my first visit.  Her images are stunning and she writes posts that I feel I could have written, so identifiable.  Katie is a gorgeous person and is so supportive to other bloggers.


So there you have it my nominations and maybe some ideas for you too.  If you are not a blogger, it is completely fine, you can still vote and we would love you too.  You don’t have to vote in all sections, but you cannot use the form more than once.

If you choose to vote for me you will need my url : and my email: (just click on the badge to go to the form).  Some of my favourite posts are; Blogging as TherapyMark Warner Baby!, Blogging; a full time job? in case you need some inspiration.  People taking the time to vote, whether it is for me, or any other bloggers, really does mean a lot.  So thank you.


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