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One of my favourite quotes is


Comparison is the thief of joy


So you might now be wondering about the title of this post….. is it a typo? Did she mean to say shouldn’t compare? Nope, stick with me.


I know most people say usually talk about comparison in a negative way, myself included most of the time. However, I think there can be occasions when comparison can actually be a positive tool.


I totally agree that comparing yourself and your accomplishments to other people can be unhealthy, it can make you feel jealous and insecure. IF you don’t handle it a positive way. The key is to handle it the right way; to look at other bloggers/blogs in a professional and objective manner. If you’re clever, comparison can actually be a brilliant way to grow as a blogger.


We learn by modelling our behaviour on the behaviour of others. It has always been that way since we were children. We modelled our behaviour on that of our parents, our friends, then perhaps our colleagues at work, maybe then successful people in our field.


So you might be wondering, how can comparison help you? Let me explain,


You can gain great design inspiration by comparing your blog to one of a more successful blogger in your niche. How do they layout and format their content? Which pages do they have? How do they use colour? Consider all your favourite blogs or successful blogs, do they have a common theme in terms of design? Use this information to feed into your own design. It’s not about copying, just getting inspiration for changes you could make and then making them your way.


Consider the content you see on other blogs. Is there a feature which sparks a fresh idea in you? Are there areas of your own blog that you could expand? What sort of content do you see people engaging with more on other blogs? Maybe this is an area you could cover on your blog. Again not specific posts, we are talking about general areas. You can use the flow of traffic to other blogs to identify a demand for content of that sort.


Be inspired by others. Considering the work others do and the time and effort they put into their blogs, can be really useful in giving you a virtual kick up the bum (should you need it!). What are these people doing that is working? Why are they getting the brand work? Now this doesn’t mean you have to replicate everything these people are doing. It’s not about copying, more identifying the characteristics which are leading them to success. This success could be anything you are interested in, perhaps producing helpful content, monetising, doing well on a certain social media channel; whatever you’re looking to improve about your blog.


If you do what you’ve always done, you will get what you have always got


So you could keep trundling along, doing the same things, hoping that your blog will take off and grow. Or you could look at other blogs to give you a whole heap of ideas and goals. Try something different and be more proactive in your blog’s growth. Goal setting is so important!



Do you compare your blog to others? Feel jealousy or ways to grow?


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Why you should compare your blog to others


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