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Pinterest can be such an amazing source of traffic if you harness its power. Although I fully realise that Pinterest could bring me more traffic, it wasn’t until recently that I decided to try to focus my efforts over there and, for a while at least, make if one of my priorities.


All of the imagery and text we put out there to the world represents our brand and is an opportunity to get people invested and attracted by what we are offering. With this in mind, and that I never seem to have time to pin my posts let alone make fresh pins, I decided to create a Pinterest Pin template. I’m going to share the process with you today and hope it helps you to save time and produce well branded consistent pins.


  • Fonts

Your first job is to decide on the fonts you wish to use. It may be that you want to use the fonts you use on your blog or perhaps you want to start afresh. A good idea is to pick one sans-serif/simply sans font (these fonts are those without small projecting features called “serifs” at the end of strokes). Such font are Lato, Quicksand, Geo sans light, Didact Gothic. Plus one accent font, such as Impact, Black Jack, Coffee Break, Franchise, Marcelle Script.


How to create a pinterest pin template


You can get fonts from a wide variety of places. I have got lots from Creative Market (I signed up to their weekly newsletter, which gives you six free design elements each week) or you can download free from


  • Colour

What do you want your colour scheme to be? The colours will be a strong part of your branding. Do you want the colours to reflect the colours on your blog? Which colours do you like?


Places such as allow you to play around with different colours through the generator and see what works well together. Here are my pin colours.


How to create a pinterest pin template


You need to pick a dark, a light, a bright, a background plus you will have black and white.  You may not use all of the colours in each pin, but this will be your palette.


  • Image styles

Now let’s think about images. What sort of images do you want to be the background on your pins? Literal to the subject of the pin or not? Inside or outside?


There are so many places where you can source really great free images.  I have written a post about blog images and there is a resource page listing many free sites.  I often use Unsplash and Kaboom pics and have always found a suitable image.


Remember you want a portrait image layout and you will want your pin to have a 2:3 ratio when designed. Images that reportedly do well on pinterest are; Warm tones, light, bright images. If you are using people, avoid close ups of their faces.


  • Pin style

I think this is a good point, if you haven’t already, to go to Pinterest and see which pins stand out for you? Which catch your eye? Which maybe don’t work as well for you? Then start to think how you will lay out your pin. Will you put the url at the bottom or top, do you want your text on an overlay?


how to create a pinterest pin template


Examples of well branded pins


how to create pinterest pin template


how to create pinterest pin templates


So you now have the tools to be able to go and create your pin template. I would do this process in Canva, as unlike Picmonkey, you can save and amend a design, which will save you stacks of time.


Free worksheet!


If you fancy working through these steps I have created a worksheet for you to print and use to jot down your details for each section.  You can find it here.



how to create a pinterest pin template to save you time and strengthen your brand

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