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In previous posts I have talked about why you need an email list and I have also walked you through a simple RSS newsletter set up.  Today I wanted to share with you how you can grow that list of subscribers quickly.  Just to recap your email list is the only list of subscribers or followers that you actually own. Unlike social networks, who could do anything with your following, your email list is yours to do with it whatever you wish (within the guidelines you set our initially).


What are the benefits?


Building our email lists can be added to the back-burner where they invariably remain for a long time. However, I think we need to realise the importance of building them and maintaining them. Through your list you can gain direct contact with your audience, you can build a relationship with them, and if appropriate, in the future you can sell to them.


how to double your email list


How to increase subscribers fast!


– Use an opt in reward

The idea is that you need to create something that people will want and give it to them for free if they sign up. You don’t have to think big on this one, sometimes a simple one page printable is all you need to make people consider signing up. Think of something you can create using an old post perhaps?  Could you add some information to an old post? A printable, an additional resource?  This could be your opt-in reward.


– Use a good opt in plugin

You want to use the best plugin you can; the more sophisticated your option plugin is the more valuable information it will give you.  This information can then help you to further build your list.  It is also important to have a plugin that is customisable so it fits with your blog design and colour scheme.  I use Sumo Me, which is fully customisable. I have the basic version, but you can use the full welcome mat which allows your computer to track where people are moving their curser to, flashing a pop up if they are moving to the close window x.  You can also change the information they are shown depending on where they are visiting from too.  So if they come from Facebook they will get a different welcome message than if they come from google search (or whatever you choose).  Clever stuff!


– Plan your rewards

People who build their email lists fast are people who make it a priority and give people lots of opportunity to sign up. They have forms at different places on their blogs, put sign up sections on posts, offering different and creative incentives to get people to subscribe.


You need to think of servicing your subscribers too. Give them an incentive to remain on your list after they have received their freebie. So you could provide them with regular content that isn’t on your blog.  Or offer an extension to the information provided in a post, which is the approach I took with two posts.  Sponsored posts how to negotiate and what to charge, had an extension to the post with lots of helpful information which people would get if they signed up.  Also more recently in my Blog image guide, people who signed up will have got access to a secret page on my blog containing about 40 website where they will find good free stock images.


Both of these ways to offer additional content from an original blog post are possible by using Mail Chimp.


Make sure you schedule certain times of the month when you will ensure you have your subscriber ‘reward’ planned. This will incentivise new subscribers to join and encourage existing ones to stay!


– Add opt in forms to successful old posts

This is really easy and relatively quick to do and I covered it in how to make your blog sticky, but adding an opt in form to your high performing posts can be a great way to redirect that traffic to your mailing list .


Are you focused on growing your email list? Have you tried any of these methods to build your subscriber list?

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