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For this weeks Blog Club I thought I would share with you all the apps, tools and programmes, which make my life easier. We all like time savers and ways to engage, so here are mine!

20 Apps and tools to help your blog

  • Instagram App – Vital for bloggers and fun for everyone.  Part of the TOTS100 ranking is based on Instagram followers, so if you don’t use it you need to start.


  • Twitter App – So much better for mobile tweeting than the website.


  • Facebook Pages Manager App – This is different to the main Facebook App and makes posting and uploading photos to your page really quick and easy.


  • VSCO Cam – Photo editing app with wonderful adjustable filters.


  • Lightroom – Lightroom is a downloadable photo editing programme, that to my mind is magic. I adore it! It costs £8.59 per month but worth every penny.


  • Latergramme – A tool which allows you to schedule Instagram pictures.  This is a total lifesaver and I use it everyday.



  • Dropbox – Before I changed over to Apple I adored Dropbox.  It took all the pictures I take on my phone and dropped them into the Dropbox file on my desktop, so they are always ready and waiting.  Now I have an iphone and a Macbook this is done for me, but it is well worth investigating if you not an Apple user.


  • Priime – A great tool for adding filters and effects to pictures.


  • Twitter Lists – Now listen up!  I thought everyone used Twitter lists, but speaking to a few bloggers recently not everyone does.  In my opinion Twitter lists are crucial to being able to manage Twitter without a headache.  Twitter moves really fast and if you follow a lot of people, without some organisation, you will miss most of the action.  So create lists, which act as filters.  These can be anything you want and can include whoever you wish.  Click on your picture icon and the drop down menu should give the ‘Lists’ as an option.  Then click create list, name it and then you are ready to start adding people. To add someone click the wheel beside the follow button and ‘add to lists’.  So you could have a list of all the bloggers you interact regularly with, close friends, businesses you have worked with, the possibilities are endless.  It might seem like a daunting task to get started, but just create a list and add to it as you interact with people.  It may take time, but it will be worth it!


  • Snipping Tool – This is a simple tool on my laptop, but makes my life soooo much easier.  Just like taking a mini screen shot of a particular area of the screen.  cmd/shift/4 on a Mac does the same.


  • Social Oomph –  I can’t speak highly enough about social oomph.  As a blogger you will want to schedule some tweets and this programme makes it so easy and VERY quick.  I have tried Buffer, Twuffer and a few others, but they were either limited or time consuming and demanded that you input each tweet, then change the time.  For $4 a week Social Oomph allows you to enter one tweet and just set it’s schedule, ie. every 4 hours for 30 times, or once a day for a month, or every hour forever if you so desired!  Some people dislike automated tweets, but I feel as long as you interact too, I feel they are vital to promoting your posts.



  • Gleam –  I run all my giveaways through Gleam. I use the free version and it is just fine.  Don’t forget to use the ‘copy’ option (when you are in an old giveaway) to save you inputting all the options each time, just tweak for each competition.


  • Boomerang – an add on to Gmail, which allows you to schedule emails to send at a later date.  I often have to send live links of blog posts to PR’s and companies. Previously I would diarise this.  For example, if you schedule a post on a Tuesday to go live on Friday, you don’t want to email the PR before it is actually live.  Instead of writing in your diary, just write the email and schedule it to send on Friday. Done and you can tick it off your list.


  • Rapportive – another gmail add on.  This adds a panel on the right hand size of your inbox, which displays the senders social networks/image, very handy!


  • PicMonkey – Super easy photo editing website, that has a great free version.  Top Tip – if you have a dark picture, use the ‘curves’ option to lighten.


  • Canva – An alternative to PicMonkey with more options, some free and some paid for.


  • Excel – I use good old Excel to plan and also keep various records. One of my favourite uses is my spreadsheet for all posts, which details the shortcode etc, making finding things so much easier.


  • Feedly – I have only been using Feedly for a few months but I totally love it and it makes it really easy to stay on top of your blog reading.


Are there any new ones to you?  Which apps/programmes do you use most frequently?


20 apps & tools to help your blog

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