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As Bloggers we are so lucky to be able to gain so much inspiration from all around us.  Day to day life, conversations, music, television; everything that we come into contact with, has the potential to inspire us in some way and provide blogging inspiration.


I wanted to share some of the things that have recently inspired me, or that I have recently done, in the hope that it may just inspire you too.   This will be an irregular feature, when inspiration strikes.

Blogging Inspiration

To Read

My wonderful friend Hannah recommended Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.  I am still in the middle of reading this book, but it is fabulous and has already made me think, while giving me ideas of how to explore my creativity further.

Blogging inspiration


To Listen To

Sometimes we all need to grow a stronger backbone and realise what we have going for us (and what we have to offer).  I listened to this talk, Become Unfuckwithable, given by Ash from The Middle Finger Project recently and thought it was fab. Very inspirational.  You need to pop your email address in and you then get access to the talk.


To Check Out

If you want a colourful blog with personality that still looks slick and professional, then you need to check out Emma’s blog Life According To Mrs Shilts for inspiration.  It is such a fabulous design, which ticks all the boxes for me.



To Think About

How you can maximise your blog income with minimum effort.  Could you start to use Google Adsense or Amazon affiliates, for example?  Both can sit there on your blog and provide a passive income, but can also be linked within posts or pages to boost this potential income.


To Buy

If you want to add some variety to your photos, why not invest in a photography background.  I have this one, which was less than £10;


Ella Bella Photography Backdrop/Background Fadeless Paper 1218mm x 3.6M. Superb new range of pre printed papers(use drop down for your choice of design)in sophisticated, muted designs. Designs of – Classic Vintage Wood, Charming Classic Damask, Soft Pink or Baby Blue with Dots, Weathered Whitewashed Wood and Multi Dots. (Vintage Wood)


To Start Planning

Obviously you will have already planned Valentine’s Day, so the next major date to begin thinking about is Mother’s Day.  Are you going to do a gift guide, some recipes or maybe some crafting ideas?


To Try

Why try a new linky, you never know you might tap into a new group of blogger friends.  I have a long list of linkies here organised by the day they go live.


To Follow

It is no secret that Instagram is my favourite social media platform and I am always discovering feeds that I love and am inspired by. Katie Saul’s feed sixacresaul is divine; a magical feed that I can’t get enough of.  I hope you enjoy.


To Sign Up To

We all need images to use on our blogs.  A lot of the time we can take these ourselves, but for the times when we haven’t got the shot we need, sign up for Unsplash and ISO republic. Both of these companies email high quality gorgeous photos directly to you each week.


To Remember

Rising tide


Got Time? Need More Blogging Inspiration?


  • 5 minute project

Make a cuppa and visit your favourite blog.  Spend 5 minutes reading and being inspired.



  • 10 minute project

Write a list of 11 blog goals you would like to achieve this year, then allocate one to each month for the remainder of the year.


  • Got longer?

Focus on what you wish to achieve with your blog, for example a better blog design, a more pleasing Instagram aesthetic, a smarter Pinterest account. Then spend time researching people who are doing this exact thing well. Write a list of these people and what you like about their feed/blog/design (whatever you are focusing on). This will give you an immediate hit list of the tasks you need to undertake.


I hope something here has given you a little blogging inspiration.  What has inspired you recently?  Let me know in the comments.



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