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Hiring a Virtual Assistant & making it work for your blog


Are you struggling to keep on top of your blog admin? Too many balls in the air and wondering how long you can keep going at your current rate? I recently shared why you need a Virtual Assistant as a blogger and so I wanted to also share some tips on how to find the perfect V.A for you and importantly how to make it work.


Hiring A Virtual Assistant & Making It Work For Your Blog


Here are my top 9 tips to help you hire your first V.A AND making it work


1. Get clarity on exactly what you want help with. 

Being clear on what you want and what you expect will set you and your V.A up for a successful relationship. Start making a list of the tasks and programmes you’ll need your V.A to know how to do before you start to look for someone. You can then find exactly the right person for your needs.


2. Think of hiring as starting a partnership.

Approach the process as the start of a partnership rather than an employer/employee relationship. Put systems in place for a two-way communication, to help develop your V.A’s feeling of ownership of their new position and to iron out any issues before they become larger.


3. Don’t forget about personal qualities.

While it’s sensible to pick someone who has complimentary skills to your own, you need to know you will gel with them too. You will be working closely with your V.A so this is so important.


4. State your rates & define the deliverables in your advert

You’re already short of time, hence looking for a V.A, so you don’t want to waste time with V.A’s who are looking for twice the fee that you are prepared to offer. Nothing has to be set in stone, but it’s helpful to start attracting people in the right ball park initially.


You can always hire someone on the basis of certain deliverable for a fixed fee. If you need to show the person how to do a task you can record your screen easily using software such a Camtasia or Jing.


5. Ask for recommendations.

Facebook is a wonderful place to connect with other people who might be able to offer you a personal recommendation for a V.A they work with. Giving a test project as a trial or for a one-off fee can be a great way to see if a potential V.A will be a good fit and would be able to meet your needs.


6. Don’t hold one bad experience against all future V.A’s.

Sometimes things don’t work out. Maybe a past V.A hasn’t done the best job for you, this is a shame, but it doesn’t mean you will never find the right V.A for you. Learn, improve your handover/selection process and move on with an open mind.


7. Make time for proper handover.

Even before you start looking for someone, you can start building up a series of guides about how you do various tasks. Then you will have them for all future V.A’s you work with.


8. Set your goals/instructions clearly.

Make sure you’re both on the same page by detailing all of the expected tasks with a rough guide time for each. Having a super clear Job Description, which explains the specific details of the arrangement can be a great idea. You need to have a clear process for handing over work and systems that both parties are totally clear on.


9. Be patient 

It’s inevitable that there will be some misunderstandings along the way and it’s unrealistic to assume the your V.A (however well chosen) will perform tasks as we would do them ourselves. However, it’s really important to be patient and give your V.A time to settle into their new role.


Where to find a V.A?



Have you ever worked with a Virtual Assistant? Are you tempted to find one now?

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