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A few weeks ago I announced that I had been chosen to become a brand ambassador for Anna Lou of London and I recently announced that we are brand ambassadors for two other brands, Tommee Tippee and Huggies Pull-Ups.  I thought I would share some of my thoughts on what a brand ambassador means and how you can become one.



A brand ambassador acts as a representative for the brand to the public.  There is no one magic thing you can do in order to become a brand ambassador, but there are lots of things you can do to put yourself in the best possible position.

  • Be yourself

Write about the things you love, in your voice and be authentic.  You want people and brands to identify with the real you and you want to secure a partnership with a brand that is a good fit and that you will enjoy working with, so there is no point in not showing the real you.

  • Share your passion

Brands like working with people who are passionate about things they love and who can then shout about their brand in the same way.  Sharing your passions and creating exciting content will stand you in good stead.

  • Create great content

Think of showing brand what you can do with every post you write, even if it is not sponsored.  Use your posts to show your skills, whether it is lovely photos, brilliant writing or creative ideas, every time you write a post you have a chance to show off.

  • Be professional

This should go without saying, but every time you deal with a brand be professional, deliver on your agreements and take pride in doing the best job you can.  Every business you deal with could potentially want a brand ambassador in the future, so make your interactions count.  Don’t get drawn into any negativity on social media and don’t moan.  No-one likes a moaner and brands certainly don’t want to work with someone who moans in every post.

  • Be consistent

Brands are looking for reliable representation and someone who can project a consistent message.  If you post every day for a week and then not for a month, the brand may think that is how you will represent them too, and will be put off.  Also be consistent in your message and your voice/tone.

  • Build your social networks and presence

Building your social media following takes time, but a large and engaged following is what brands would love with regards to their ambassadors.  The key is engagement though.  Interact on social media, comment on other blogs and then people will comment on yours too.  This engagement is really appealing from brands and is one of the major pulls that us bloggers have over more traditional advertising.


Next Steps?

So you have worked on all of the above, what next?

  • Write a wish list of brands you would love to work with.
  • Show them why they need to work with you.
  • Interact with the brand on social media – but don’t stalk!
  • Write about the brand and tag them.
  • Be careful who you work with.  Working with every brand under the sun, might appear a little disingenuous to a brand who are looking for a long-term relationship.
  • Be confident and pitch to the brand.


Been approached?  What to consider.

It is really flattering to be asked to become a brand ambassador, but you need to make sure it is the right move for you before you accept.

  • Do you love the brand?  It will be hard work to promote a brand that you don’t love.
  • Is the deal exclusive? If it is then you need to ensure you are not cutting out lucrative future opportunities.
  • What do they want from you?  Is it fair, how many posts do they want, what social media?, attendance at events?, will they cover your travel if they expect you to be there.
  • What do you receive in return?  Is there a fee or payment in goods?  Is it worth it for the number of posts they expect?
  • Is it worth it?  Is the brand a good fit for you and do you get enough in return for your promotion of the business?


I hope this has given you something to think about on your quest to become an ambassador. I would love to know if these tips help you secure a partnership with a brand in the future.

Good luck!

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