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I get asked a lot, my tips on how to grow your blog.  I have been blogging for about 19 months, but only properly for 15 months.  In that time I have made the move from complete novice/hobby blogger to professional blogger.  I don’t profess to have all the answers, but what I can do is share with you what has worked for me.

  • Write about what you love and keep writing –  Be truthful and honest.  Write about what you love and your passion will shine through.  People can tell the difference between people writing purely for SEO or those writing purely what they think will be a hit post, and those who are genuinely interested and passionate in the topic. Don’t lose faith, things take time, keep going.
  • Content is King – You will hear this phrase so much in blogging circles.  However, it is true.  Try to make sure your posts are giving something to the reader; either useful information, solving a problem they may have or giving something of yourself away.  A post about even the most mundane event, if written with passion and sentiment can be a great post.  You have to open yourself up.
  • Quantity is Queen – I have just coined this phrase.  You need to read this article by Neil Patel, giving details of his blog figures and corresponding number of posts he published. He found the highest rewards gained by posting three times a day!
  • Offer value – Give your readers something useful, be someone they can rely on for great, reliable information or inspire them in some way.
  • Evergreen content – Evergreen content is content that is always useful or interesting to readers; content that is timeless.  My most successful evergreen posts are Blogging: A Full Time Job?, Blogging as Therapy plus all the posts in my Blog Club series.  Creating content like this gives you a constant source of traffic.
  • Attractive images –  If you are writing a personal post, then gorgeous images will catch the eye and attract people to your blog and your post.  If the post is potentially ‘useful’ then make sure the images are pinterest friendly! Remember text on the picture, will make people pin it. Why not customize your Pin it button as I have done.
  • Write in a conversational style –  Just write as if you are talking to a friend, ask questions and build a relationship with your readers. Make them want to come back to your blog again.
  • Support your readers – What do your readers want to read? Try to fill the demand.  I was getting asked a lot of Blogging questions, so I created #BlogClub.  It also helps that I am passionate about blogging and love writing about the nuts and bolts of it.
  • Write a Crowd source post – Writing a crowd sourced post, will give you a high chance of retweets and shares, as the people featured will probably share the post for you.
  • Pinterest Group Boards – Pinterest is where it’s at.  I still need to crack my Pinterest sweet spot, to reap the benefits.  However, what I do know is the benefit of joining collaborative boards.  I haven’t focused on Pinterest and have 1,115 followers, my blogging board is followed by 1078 people.  I have just joined a collaborative blogging board that has nearly 200k followers…. it’s just simple maths.  The more eyes on your pins the better.
  • Be original – I admit this is difficult.  In a blogosphere which is saturated with blogs, thinking of a totally original idea might prove difficult.  I think it is natural and inevitable that we will repeat each others content and ideas.  However, how you deal with the topic will be unique to you and your voice. When I was putting together the Linky List, I hit a stumbling block.  After spending hours putting the information together, I stumbled across another blogger who had written a similar post.  My first reaction was disappointment, worrying that maybe I shouldn’t post mine.  Then, I decided not to waste the effort, I took comfort that mine was arranged differently, in a way that made more sense to me and was more thorough.  I posted it and that post has done VERY well for me.  It is mentioned by others on social media regularly with people tweeting others the link.  So it was worth going ahead and being confident in the originality of my take on the idea.
  • SEO – This is a little tricky I feel.  Everyone knows you should SEO your posts, but I personally find it difficult to find the time to keyword research.  Also I like to write and not have to remind myself to put my keyword in X amount of times.  However, there are some things you should do and I covered them in this post, SEO for Bloggers.
  • Run Giveaways – Like it or not giveaways will give you a boost in stats.  They might not lead to engaged blog readers, but they will help numbers.
  • Respond to comments – Readers need to feel valued to return to your blog.  If they are always leaving comments on your blog and you give nothing to them, they will probably stop visiting or at least stop leaving comments.  I respond to all comments (apart from giveaway entries) on my blog.  I have Comment Luv Pro, so they get an email telling them I have responded, which I think is vital as MOST people won’t check back to see if you have responded to them.  I then, where possible, go to their blog and comment on one of their posts.  I co-host two linkies, so I comment also on half of the people who link up. Commenting in all forms takes up the majority of my blogging time.  However, remember that every time you leave a comment, you also leave a valuable back link.
  • Limit invasive annoyances – If there is one thing that gets my back up, it’s pop ups!  Grrrr!  I have to waste time getting rid of them and I find them a little intrusive. I also really don’t like it when I leave a comment and find I should have unclicked a box and now I have signed up for the newsletter/posts by email.  If people want to sign up they will, things like this just put me off.
  • Give people a reason to sign up – building your blog subscribers will mean more people potentially reading your posts.  Why not give them a reason to subscribe; extra information that is not on the blog, an ebook, printable, you get the picture.
  • Clear social media buttons – Clear social media buttons (please!) make it easy for people to follow you.
  • Use sharing buttons – I use Shareaholic (WP Plugin) which puts sharing options at the end of every post.  The more shares, the more potential views.
  • Give away your secrets – Again I will use my #BlogClub as an example.  I could keep my blogging tips to myself, but I believe together we are stronger.  I like to share the information I have and by giving this information away, I get great views in return and feel I am supporting some of the community.
  • Hustle – To grow your blog successfully you need to hustle.  That press release you just ignore, should be responded to.  Someone offered you a review you didn’t want to do, don’t ignore it.  Respond, start a conversation and see where it takes you.  Email your PR contacts every so often and just ask if they have any suitable opportunities.  I hear people say they don’t want to bother people, but as long as you don’t pester people it is fine.  You can guarantee if you aren’t emailing, then someone else is and they are getting the work!
  • Work hard – I mean REALLY hard!  To grow at a significant rate, you need to put the hours in.  I work on my blog 7 days a week, I write every morning, every evening and in any break I get during the day, ie. if Baby naps.  If we are driving to a day out, I will be working in the passenger seat.  A serious amount of graft is required to see results.
  • Say yes – In another breath I will advocate saying no to small reviews that take your time. However, when you start blogging, saying yes to smaller giveaways and reviews can get you noticed.  Do them well and people will notice you; hopefully they will then lead to bigger opportunities.
  • Collaborate with other bloggers/sites – Tap into other bloggers networks by working with them.  Collaborate on a linky, a giveaway, start a tribe, make connections.
  • Comment comment comment – I mentioned it earlier, but it is so important I have put it in again!  Go comment!
  • Share other’s work – Sharing other people’s posts is a nice thing to do, but it also means people are more likely to share yours.  I never share with the intention of getting something back, but people like to say thank you.  Remember together we are stronger.
  • Comment/engage on social media – Comment on people’s social networks, leave a nice comment on a IG post, respond on Twitter and Facebook status, get involved and your network will grow.
  • Be visible – Blogging is a remote, sometimes solitary experience; however being visible and present for your readers/following helps to create a community.  If you regularly drop off-line for days on end, it will be hard to keep conversations and relationships going.

There you go, my top tips for growing your blog.  I hope it helps.  What do you think are important factors in growing your blog?

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