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Your blog is like your home or your car and needs to be maintained in order to run smoothly. This maintenance isn’t difficult and can make a huge difference to your blog in terms of blog loading speed, appearance and whether the users of your blog find visiting a pleasurable experience.  If your blog is slow to fully load, then you could lose traffic.

I recently spoke to a few blogging friends, who despite being very successful bloggers, weren’t maintaining their blog as effectively as they should be.  With this in mind I thought I would share some blog maintenance tips, which will help keep your blog on the road.

Blogging Tips

  • Resize your images – Before you upload your pictures to each post resize them!  Find out the width of your page (the part for posts) and reduce the images to exactly this size.  We all know you can drag images to resize after you have dropped the image into your post, but if you do this you are still saving a large image, which is then taking up 3-4 times the space it needs to on your blog.
  • Delete all images that are not in use – You may have uploaded an image, then realised it was the wrong image and had to upload a new one.  If so delete the one you uploaded in error.  Again if it is left there on your blog (even behind the scenes) it will be taking up space.
  • Delete spam – All those spam comments take up valuable space, so as often as you can make sure you empty your spam folder.  I do this daily, as I can’t bear things sitting in there.
  • Get rid of any broken links – I find the best way to do this is with the WordPress plugin ‘Broken Link Checker’, which simply scans your posts, finds all the links which are no longer working correctly and allows you to remove or unlink them.  Broken links signal to search engines that a blog isn’t being maintained and so they will be less inclined to show your blog to people.
  • Delete all your blog post revisions – Every time you hit save draft, WordPress saves a copy of the post. So you can have hundreds, if not thousands of drafts sitting on your blog.  Even when you hit publish, you will still have numerous revisions still there.  I use the Better Delete Revisions plugin to remove all these drafts and free up space.
  • Delete old themes (WP users) – Themes are another thing that just take up your valuable space.  So delete any you aren’t using.
  • Delete Plugins – The same goes for plugins, if you have deactivated a plugin, make sure you also delete the file.  Otherwise it will sit their dormant cluttering up your blogs memory.
  • Update Plugins – Make sure all your plugins are the most current version, so everything works as effectively as it can.
  • Test your Navigation – Just have a little click around your blog and make sure everything leads where it should.  I often go on blogs to find their twitter icon doesn’t link to twitter, so make sure yours all work.
  • Make sure your contact form/subscribe email works – try out your form/link to make sure you are not losing subscribers.
  • Update your ‘About Me’ page – O.k, so this doesn’t speed up your blog, but it is important maintenance.  If someone lands on your blog, but this page seems outdated, they might think you don’t put a lot of effort into your blog.  Make sure it is current and reflects you now.
  • Update your Profile picture – Make sure it is reasonably current.
  • Clean up your side bar – Sidebars can end up being added to ad infinitum and can end up looking cluttered, making your blog bulky.  So every month or two have a quick look down and make sure everything is still current and required.  If there is anything that you can get rid of, do it!
  • Back up your blog – What would you do if something awful happened and you lost your blog?  All that work, gone.  Well after I had a little cry, I would reinstall my posts from my daily back up.  Do you back up your blog?  If not try using Updraft plugin, which does this automatically and emails you the files,

These tasks are a great way to make sure you are maintaining your blog properly.  It only takes a few minutes each day to keep your blog in tip-top condition.

Do you do anything to maintain your blog?
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