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Do you have posts in your archive that are diamonds in the rough?  Did you write a corker when your audience was smaller?  You don’t have to just forget about these posts, you can breathe new life into them and make them earn their keep!  Here’s how.

Which posts to target?

You can get very good information from Google analytics, this tells you what people are looking for on your site.  You can use this to your advantage by signposting them to what they want.  Posts that would benefit from a makeover are ones that are;

  • Current / In season for the time of year.
  • How to’s / Tutorials
  • Evergreen advice posts
  • Posts that would do well on Pinterest (ones which you can create a good pin worthy image for)

So in summary, you are looking for great posts that for whatever reason didn’t shine at the time they were published.

What you can do with them?

Update/rewrite the post

Would changing the title help?  Remember people like numbers and how to titles, i.e. How to get your child to sleep in 5 easy steps!  Update any information which is now out of date. Change things around so it shows your current style.  Check any links you have included, make sure they still work.

Optimize for SEO

Think of what the keyword would be and make your post SEO ready.  Yoast WP Plugin is great for making SEO easy.

Update Images

As you go through your blogging life your skills improve.  There is no doubt your photography will also develop, along with your writing skill.  So update any dodgy images with lovely new ones.  Also remember to set a featured image for the post.

How you can then get traffic to your polished diamonds?

  • Promote them on social media – reshare them on Facebook, schedule some tweets to show people they are out there.  Use the Evergreen plugin, which tweets out links to your archived posts.
  • Include a link to them in a new post – This leads readers to the polished posts and also helps lower your bounce rate, bonus!
  • Write a round-up – You have so many options with round-up posts.  They could be on around a theme, a time span (i.e best post of a certain year), anything you fancy. This is a great way to drive traffic to old posts.
  • Showcase them – You can do this in a couple of ways. Try a small badge in your sidebar linking to the great refurbished post.  Create a popular post widget for your sidebar.  Or if you have a slider across the top of your blog, put them in there.

Update or Republish?

If the old post has no traffic at all and therefore probably no links to it, you could consider republishing it and deleting the original.  If there was some traffic and maybe comments you want to keep then simply updating it will help.  You can redirect links, but remember this does slow your blog down.

However you approach it, don’t let your potentially great posts fade away!  Updating old posts can make them work for you!

Do you ever update old posts?

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