Does the thought of a room full people people fill you with dread? For some people, events which mean they will be mixing with new people can evoke uncomfortable feelings and be the cause a great deal of worry. For introverts, social situations such as conferences can be hugely daunting, but there are a few things you can do to ease these concerns.


Does the thought of a event fill you with dread? A room full of people you don't know terrify you. Here are my top tips on how to network as an introvert


How to network as an introvert


Connect on social media in advance


Social media makes it really easy to find out who is going to particular events and chat to them beforehand. Some blogging events even have Facebook groups dedicated to those attending, which are a great way to do some pre event chat.


Prepare your elevator pitch


An elevator pitch is a few sentences which sum up your blog. It can be really useful to get this crystal clear, so it rolls off the tongue when people ask you about your blog. This preparation will reduce the umms and ahhhs, making you seem more confident.


Arrive early


No-one wants to walk into a room full of people, so making sure you get there early is really important. The room then fills up around you, which is much more bearable.


Buddy up


Find someone who’s going to the same event and go in together. Use social media to connect with people and arrange to meet up outside the venue. Any companion, whether you have known them previously or not, will be a welcome addition by your side as you walk round the event. Lots of people will be in the same boat, feeling just like you.


Prepare small talk


For confident people small talk is easy and spontaneous. For introverts small talk can be stressful and painful. The best thing to do is prepare some questions to ask people. Having a few things in your head will help you to avoid awkward silences and keep the conversation flowing.


Don’t try too hard


Don’t try to be something you’re not, be yourself – just a more confident version. You don’t have to try to crack jokes, be the funniest or the most entertaining person in the room. You will make lasting connections based on whether people see the real you.


Focus on one conversation at a time


Give your focus to the person in front of you at any one time. We can all fall into the trap of splitting our attention between the person we are talking to and people walking past, but this can be distracting for all involved. Instead focus solely on one conversation at a time and don’t worry if you aren’t left with enough time to talk to everyone.


Follow up on social media


After the event use social media to connect with people you have met. This is a great way to carry the relationship on beyond the event.


Are you an introvert of an extrovert? Do you have any tips that help you in similar social situations?


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