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If you blog for more than a hobby, then blogging goals are very important.  With blogging comes an endless list of tasks that need doing, plus so many ideas that you want to explore and perhaps implement; so without goals you might find that you don’t feel as if you are moving forward and growing your blog.

blogging goals

Goals help you stay motivated and can drive you forward if you hit a bloggers slump!  However, a problem may arise if you decide one of your goals is the hit 200k Pinterest followers in the next 6 months when your current followers are 500.  You probably wouldn’t achieve this, which could then leave you feeling despondent and deflated, as if you had failed.  When the truth is that you didn’t fail, your goal was just unrealistic in the first place.

Have you heard about SMART goals?  In order to be able to effectively achieve our goals they must be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timed.  You can further help your goal setting if you also;

  • Evaluate your current point.  In order to grow, you need to know what your starting point is.  That way you can check back and evaluate how far you have progressed.
  • Establish where you want your blog to go.  Is your ultimate goal (long-term) to be a pro blogger? Write a book? or start writing in other places?  Having your ultimate goal in mind will help you figure out which short-term goals will be useful in getting you to this end point.
  • Goal setting.  The next thing to do is to set your goals, this is where the SMART goals come into play.

SMART goals

Specific – So rather than ‘Increase my social media following’ your goal should be ‘increase my pinterest following to X number of followers in X months’.

Measurable – Make sure you can quantify your goal.  So for example, if you said your goal was to be the most popular UK parenting blog.  How would you quantify/measure this?  Do you consider the most popular blog to be the one with the highest page views or the one ranked number 1 in Tots?  You need to be specific, so that you can accurate measure your achievements.

Attainable – Your goals should be a challenge, but when setting your goals they must be realistic and attainable with hard work.  You want to push yourself, but not set yourself up to fail.  A goal to reach the top 10 in the Tots rankings, if you only blog for an hour a week, might not be realistically achievable.

Relevant – Linking back to my earlier point about looking at your ultimate goal.  If you blog for purely hobby reasons, a goal focusing on increasing collaboration with brands might not be that relevant; whereas one on improving your photography might be more useful.

Timed – Open ended goals will be really difficult to achieve, as things crop up the goal may fall by the wayside. Setting a completion date means you will be motivated to get it done.

Other ways you be make sure you achieve your goals

  • Don’t focus on too many goals at once – If you try to achieve everything all at once, you will soon become overwhelmed and probably not achieve very much.  So try to keep the number of short-term goals to between 5-7.
  • Believe you can achieve – You have heard the saying, ‘If you don’t believe in yourself, no-one else will’, well the same goes for goals.  You have to believe you can do it, in order to achieve.  There is great power in positive thinking.
  • Commit them to paper – Writing down your goals makes them much more concrete, and the more concrete they are the more chance you have of achieving them.
  • Reward your achievements – Treat yourself when you achieve one of your goals.  Rewards will help you stay focused and motivated.  You could always tie the reward to the goal.  If your goals was photography orientated, then the reward could be something new for your camera, for example.
  • Find a tribe to make you accountable – Finding a small group of like-minded people, within which you can share your goals can help.  You can all hold each other accountable and help each other achieve your goals.  Think about sharing expertise to help each other.
  • Review frequently – Know your goals well and revisit them regularly, even if it is just a little check in to see how you are getting on.  This will re-motivate and refocus you, also giving you an idea of the work still to do.

To help you with your short-term goals I have created a downloadable weekly goal planner. You can download it here.  You could use it in a few ways; laminate and use a dry wipe marker, print a new one each week and simply write your goals in the boxes or print one and use post it notes for your goals.  Whatever way you use it, I hope it helps!


Have you set yourself blogging goals?  If not will you be tempted now?



Image: Luis Llerena

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