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Why 17?  As that is how many posts (on average) I write each week.  Do I think all my posts are fabulous? Maybe not, as I am terribly British about blowing my own trumpet; but I write a lot of content that get shared a huge amount by others, so I am going to take that as a sign that some of it is fabulous!  The point of this post is to show YOU how you can write lots of quality posts each week and drive more traffic to your blog.  If you don’t want to post that regularly, then that’s o.k too, just take from this what is useful to you. There is never any pressure here.  We must all dance to our own tune.

how to write 17 fabulous blog posts a week

So before I share how I work, I wanted to share the background to this post.  I receive lots of emails from bloggers asking for advice and a fair amount of the advice they are seeking is around being more consistent with a blogging schedule and how to find time to write more posts.  Now, I can’t give you more time, if only!, but what I can do is share my working methods and things that help me produce lots of content, in the hope it helps you too.

So, first things first, you need to be organised.  Oh and you need to work hard, yeah you knew that was coming didn’t you?!

Organisational Tips

  • Editorial calendar – My friends will be laughing reading this, as one of my favourite things in the world (well certainly in blogging!) is my editorial calendar.  Mine is a WP Plugin (called Editorial Calendar) that is quick to install and easy to use, allowing you to plan weeks ahead, dragging and dropping posts around to your heart’s content!  Which I seem to do A LOT!  To produce a lot of posts you need to be organised my friends and this beauty, well is a beauty. There is something fabulous about seeing your whole blogging month laid out before you (I am such a geek!).  As a visual person, this is perfect for me.  If you want a different method, then an excel spreadsheet could be just the ticket to help you plan your posts.
  • Schedule ahead – In order to produce a large number of posts you need to plan ahead and schedule posts.  There is no way you will survive trying to post twice a day, if you are writing them the night before.  You may go mad if you try…
  • Utilise time savers – There are lots of time-saving apps, programmes and add ons. Remember saving time elsewhere, gives you more time to produce posts.  I use Boomerang for scheduling emails, Pocket to help me remember posts I need to read, Social Oomph for scheduling tweets, Copy to drafts WP Plugin to replicate the base of a post that you may post weekly, Latergramme for scheduling Instagram posts, Dropbox to upload pictures to my PC.
  • Batch tasks – Some tasks can be done in batches to save time.  The most obvious one is photography.  Simply put some time aside and take all your pictures in one go, or at least the ones you can.  You can then edit them in a batch and save them to separate files, waiting to be added to the posts.
  • Back up posts – Have one or two back up posts written and waiting to go live.  Then if something happens and you cannot produce the content you planned, you can still publish a post and stick to your chosen schedule.

Writing Tips

  • Stock up on ideas – Brain storm regularly and start filling a note book with post ideas, even just titles.  This means you won’t waste time thinking about what to write when you have time.
  • Save to drafts – All post ideas you have that have got further than just a title, save them as a draft post.  So, if you are tagged to do a post or you agree to a sponsored post then create a draft for it.  You can save the main brief details in the draft too, which will save time.
  • Use headline analyser – To create fabulous posts then you obviously need a fabulous headline. I love Coschedule’s Headline Analyzer to make sure I get the best possible headline for my post.

Brand Work

  • Organise your inbox – Your inbox can be a complete time sink, meaning that you end up with less writing time.  I organise mine with folders and the brand ones are divided into Review/PR/Waiting for Product/Affiliates.
  • Try to put a personal spin on your brand work.  A personal story is always better than a bland brand post.  Remember you want 17 fabulous posts and not 30 half-baked ones.  So try to weave a story into your brand work, it will also make you stand out to the brand too.

Planning your schedule 

  • Certain posts on certain days – I think creating a structure for your posts is great and can really help you start to increase production.  If you regularly join in with certain linkies, then you may find certain posts of your going live to fit in with these.  Think about the categories you have, you could put one category on each day. My schedule has evolved over the last 20 or so months, meaning I now have a pretty strong structure, which helps to keep me focused. For example, I also post a portrait shot of Baby and a personal ordinary moment post on a Monday.  Tuesday is #BlogClub and our #PointShoot linky. Wednesday is free, so is usually brand work and another personal post. Thursday used to be my weigh in post, although this is changing at the moment. Friday is #TheList.  Saturday is when I like to post my Gratitude list and Sunday is another photo post and my 5 Things feature.  In addition to these I have reviews and brand work, which could fall on any day where space allows.
  • Excel Spreadsheet – I would recommend using an excel spreadsheet to record all your url short codes and the post titles. This makes it really quick to find things and link up or add your own post links in future posts.  You can them add in the social media scheduling, so you are always on track and in control. I highlight the post in grey when it is scheduled and yellow highlight anything I need to still do (ie schedule the social media), if a post has no highlighting on my spreadsheet then I still need to finish it.  This is just my system, but it works really well for me.

So there you have it, a glimpse into my working brain.  I hope there is something you can take away from this post whether you want to write 17 posts a week or 17 a month, the key is creating a schedule you feel happy with and being consistent.

Do you have any tips for producing a lot of content?


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