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For many people making money from their blog is a personal goal.  If you have been blogging for a while and you are seeing fellow bloggers earning from their blogs, you may want some of the action.  You may even long to give up your job and blog for a living.  However, monetising your blog can seem a little confusing at the start.  There are so many options out there that it can be overwhelming and definitely not like the 9-5!


To Make Money From Your Blog


Today, I am going to share with you the main ways that you could earn from your blog.  This may not be an exhaustive list; the great thing about our online space is that it is constantly evolving with new sorts of opportunities regularly coming to market.  This makes is a very exciting area to work in.


It is worth bearing in mind that you will not earn enough to give up the day job by doing only one of these methods; you will have to combine a few income streams to build a sustainable income and it takes time.


Sponsored posts

Most bloggers will earn a proportion of their income from sponsored posts. These are advertising in the form of a blog post.  As you are being paid to promote the product/business you should disclose this to your readers.  I have previously written a post explaining the fees and how to work our what a post on your site is worth (although with so many variables for each blog it is hard to be exact).


Guest posts

Similar to a sponsored post, in that it is ‘paid for’ content; however this will be written by someone else and you will simply host it on your blog for a fee (usually less than if you write the content yourself).


Writing on another blog

Through the exposure that your blog gives you, you might pick up freelance work writing on another blog.


Freelance work

Freelance work could be secured in social media management or similar in the online niche.


Display Advertising

You can position display adverts in many places across your blog.  These could be in your sidebar, footer or be a banner ad at the top of your site of even within the text.  You can secure advertising with a business directly and will usually be paid a fee per month or you can use a network such as Google Adsense.


Google Adsense

After setting up an Adsense account you can use display adverts at various places on your blog.  Google will then feed adverts to these spaces and you will be paid a small amount for them to appear. This will be more lucrative for blogs with a fair amount of traffic, but your traffic will only grow so even newer bloggers might as well start now.


Affiliate Programmes

There are many affiliate programmes which you could be a part of; Skimlinks, Affiliate Window, Afilinet are some of the popular company which have a host of retailers on their books. However, lots of businesses have an affiliate scheme which you could be part of and sell their products through your blog, receiving a percentage of the each sale. The thing to bear in mind is what fits with your blog and what people come to your blog for, then tailor the adverts you have showing to this audience. Then you stand more chance of conversion.


A popular affiliate programme is Amazon.  Amazon have such a broad product range, so it is easy to include their links in posts.  Also if someone clicks through a link on your blog and doesn’t but the product you are recommending but goes in to buy something else, you will get commission on the other product.



Some bloggers charge for reviewing products.  It is worth bearing in mind that some people may question your objectivity if you are being paid to write the review.


Hosting Twitter parties

Various brands will pay you to host or take part in a twitter party.


Sponsored Instagram images

Posting images to fit a brand campaign on your Instagram feed.


Brand Ambassador

A lovely way to bring in an income is being paid to be a brand ambassador, which gives you a long term relationship. You might be paid a fee to represent the brand for a year and have a number of pre-agreed tasks to carry out.


Sponsorship of features

Why not get sponsorship for any regular well supported features or even linkys.  Brands may be willing to pay for promotion in this way.


Sponsorship for events

Being paid to attend events or having your expenses reimbursed to attend a conference/event.


Sponsored social media

You may be paid to recommend a brand/promote their product on social media.  Being paid per package of tweets or updates, or simply as a one off.


Digital products

Devise your own e-products and sell them from your blog.



Do you feel you are experienced enough to offer consultancy to brands.


Membership only section of your blog

If you have a thriving community, you could create a members only section to your blog which people pay a fee to gain access to,  in return they gain exclusive access to more content.


Adverts within Podcasts and Vlogs

Advertisers could pay you to promote their brand within your blogs or podcasts.


Speaking at events

If you have a certain amount of knowledge and standing,  you maybe able to secure paid speaking work.


Ghost writing

Being paid to write elsewhere not in your own  name.



If you have a vision, goal, or mission that inspires people to take action, if so this course of action may work for you.


Tips Jar

A website such as Tiptheweb allows your readers to contribute to your income if they enjoy your work.


Sell your blog!

Obviously this isn’t for everyone, but if you have built a successful blog then it could be possible to sell it. I know one blogger who has sold her blog and is now paid to write it.


Has this given you some ideas of how you could monetise your blog?  Do you bring money in by another means? If so leave a comment and share.



To Make Money From Your Blog

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