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Making a living online is the dream of so many. It can seem as if people who do make money online, bang out a blog post a week while simultaneously sipping Moet and Instagramming it. However, most people who are making a living online are probably used to more late nights  working, than late nights drinking champers.


Making money online can be hard work, but what if you could think a little more strategically about the money you earn, you could maximise every possible penny.


How to make money online


Set realistic goals

If you don’t make goals, chances are you will drift. Making SMART goals means that you are much more focused on what you want to achieve in terms of your numbers.  Set goals that are big and a little scary to make sure that you stay motivated.


Reduce your overheads

Figuring out where all your money goes is such a good exercise. You may have a subscription for a service which you no longer use. Make sure you go through all of your outgoings to double check you’re not paying over the odds for the services you have or no longer need.


Don’t spend it all – save & reinvest

Don’t forget that you will have to pay tax on any money you make online. Setting aside around half of all money you make is a good habit to get into. You can then split the money you are saving into tax and reinvest. Remember you have to speculate to accumulate. So you might want a new blog theme, to do a course which will help you blog better or some new equipment. You have to invest a little in your blog to keep moving it forward.


Do what you love, not just what you think will make you money

This is so important, your love for what you do will shine from the page and will be part of what attracts people to your blog. Also it never feels like work, when you love what you do!


Create a passive income

Creating a passive income is the ultimate goal for many people who want to make money online. You invest time in creating an product, maybe an ebook, course, printable and then this product can sell hundreds of times over with no more invested time on your part.


Quality products are the way forward

If you created an ebook and sold it for £1 you would have to make 100 sales to make £100. If you created a quality ebook which sold for £10, then you would only have to sell 10 to reach the same amount of money. You might think you want lots of customers, but in reality people that will take a punt of a product sold for £1 might not be the type of people who will be invested in your blog/business long term.


Stay inspired and keep learning

There is no doubt that we create better posts when we are inspired and excited about the topic. Getting with other bloggers, attended conferences can both fuel our creativity. So keep being inspired and you will create your best work.


Grow your community and support network

The people in your blogging life can be a hugely important factor. They can make you feel part of something really special, as if you can achieve anything and they can also help you spreading your message if they like what you do.


Outsource your weak spot

What do you really dislike doing regarding your blog? Do you hate checking for broken links? Or maybe scheduling your social media? Does it take ages and you always think you could be spending your time better elsewhere? If so, find someone who offers that service and outsource it, it will cut your stress and leave you more time to focus on work you enjoy and that specifically needs you to do it.


There are my secrets of how to make more money online. I hope you achieve your dreams of earning a living from your blog. Do you have any tricks to maximising your online income?


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how to make money online

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