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Recently, I have been making some changes on this old blog of mine. The first thing to change, a couple of months ago, was the overall look. I changed my theme and gave the site a slicker, more polished aesthetic. I also wanted to make my content more clearly sign posted.


I have been blogging for a little over three years now and for over two of those I have been blogging about blogging! Sharing my knowledge and experience to help other bloggers. My site has become a destination for people in search of tips and advice, to help improve their blogs or to solve particular issues that they are experiencing.


I have mentored bloggers for free, done site overhauls, new designs and answered hundreds of questions. I have done all this because I genuinely love the blogging community and I like to play my part in helping it to grow, by helping the bloggers within it.


I come from a training and coaching background, so it seemed like the next logical step was to formalise the advice I offer, so that more people are able to access it if they wish.


I launched my free 5 day productivity course, which has seen 210 bloggers register and the feedback from this course has been amazing.


This course has, quite simply, been a game-changer for me. There are so many little bits of info in manageable chunks, along with challenges to help you achieve them. The Facebook group is fantastic too and so supportive. The planning and goal setting were the best bits for me. I just needed a little nudge (ok, maybe big nudge!) and this was it! I also got myself an accountability buddy from the course. Go and sign up…  – Carol


I’ve been blogging for almost 6 years but have been lacking motivation recently. Aby’s 5 Day Productivity Challenge was exactly what I needed to bring structure into my creative chaos. I feel motivated and excited about my blog again and I’m determined to take it to the next level using the tips and tricks she’s shared throughout her course.  – Carolin


Aby’s 5 Day Productivity Challenge has been fantastic and it has helped me with my blogging in so many ways. It has taught me ways focus and even given me the motivation to move forward with my blog. I honestly couldn’t thank Aby enough. So if you’re looking for some focus and motivation to be productive with your blog then this course is for you. – Kelly-Anne


I cannot explain the motivation and encouragement I’ve had from Aby on this course. I’ve got my focus back, set goals and it’s encouraged me to move forward productively! I am so pleased to have been part of such a positive course and I can’t wait to do myself (and Aby) proud with my output. Thank you Aby  – Fi


The 5 Day Productivity Challenge has pointed me in the right direction for where I want to go with my blog. It has given me the confidence to realise that I can succeed in growing my blog as a business. Aby has broken every part down to make it manageable and therefore achievable. Thanks – Rachel


Aby’s 5 day productivity challenge has been like a shot of adrenaline, straight to the heart. I feel motivated, determined and BELIEVE I can succeed. Drive and hard work, not a problem, but Aby has shown me the how and why, I was lacking. Her honest and simple coaching is a game changer. I’ve doubled my Twitter followers in 4 days. – Natalie.


It’s been the perfect kick up my behind that was long overdue to get me back on track with my blogging. Thanks, Aby – Vai


It’s been a complete revelation. I know now what I need to do to get my blog out there more. Plus from my personal perspective To describe Aby things like: big sister, BFF, teacher, coach come to mind – Markus


This productivity course has given me confidence for the first time since I stepped into the world of blogging, being able to engage with others has been fantastic, and the tasks you have set have been manageable but so so helpful in getting me sorted out and my mind a bit more clear about what i want to achieve. Thank you so much Aby. –  Kelly


If you want to make the most out of your blog, learn how to be more productive, find more readers and maybe even make some money, then this is for you! Blogging can be overwhelming and sometimes you can feel like you don’t know where to start. Aby takes blogging, breaks it down and explains it simply and as a result build your confidence. This course will leave you feeling motivated and ready to take your blogging to the next level!  – Emma


Quite simply without Aby’s knowledge and support, I would have a collection of articles instead of a developing blog. Aby has structured a motivational and informative course that she’s cleverly enveloped with a supportive community of bloggers. I’ve learnt and done more in five days than in the preceding 3 months of my blogging journey. Perfect for a total newbie like me and can’t believe it’s all been for free. You’re a diamond, Aby, thank you! – Jo


Aby, this course has been amazing. I haven’t fully implemented everything yet but I have made copious notes and I no longer feel like a rudderless blogging ship, bobbing about and wondering what on earth I should tackle next. The clear, bitesize tips are just what I needed and all of the valuable time-saving shortcuts and techniques will save me so much faffing and time wasting once they are in place. May I also say that the supportive#mombosssquad community here on Facebook has been an added bonus and having people set up twitter lists and help each other has been a wonderful aspect too. Bravo Aby! – Jane


You can sign up to this free challenge at any time and if you do, you get access to our supportive private Facebook group too.


Personally, I went from writing my first post to being a professional blogger, earning more than I had in my previous job, in 18 months. I always get asked how I did it, so I have produced a series of fours courses, Hobby to Pro, which take you through the steps I took and provides you with all the knowledge you need to go pro.


I have also started to offer blog coaching, from blog critiques to one to one Facetime or Skype sessions to make sure you get the help you need to make your blogging dreams come true.


Of course I will still be offering advice through my blog, but these new offerings will enable to to help more people in a more structured way.


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