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A couple of months ago I went on a trip to Germany as part of the Pampers Baby Board. I was excited about having the opportunity learn more about the heritage of the Pampers brand and to meet the experts who work daily to develop Pampers’ best nappies and wipes. Germany there and back in a day, I thought it couldn’t be done, but it can! It might make you a little bit tired, but it can be done.




I’m part of the new Baby Board, bringing you all of the Pampers news straight from the horse’s mouth. So, as part of this role and to help me make sure I have all the information I need, I was invited to the rarely visited Pampers Innovation Centre in Schwalbach, Germany. To see first-hand how they design and manufacture their nappies and to gain an insight into the passion that drives the team behind the products and witness first-hand the exceptional care and attention to detail employed by all. Most of all to find out what really goes into making Pampers nappies so good.



After a ridiculously early start, a taxi drive, plane ride and another taxi drive, we arrived at Pampers HQ to learn more. Arriving in Germany at a similar time to when I used arrive to work in the UK, was a little strange.



Pampers is such an institution; a family brand that projects quality and reliability. So, I was really interested to go and see how how they produce such a revered product.


The entire Pampers team made us feel very welcome and gave us a rundown of the Pampers history, the ethos of the brand and the manufacturing process. Some of the statistics we learned were really quite amazing: such as the fact that families in 100+ countries of the world use Pampers and that Pampers are used EVERY DAY on over 25 million babies.



Pampers consult heavily with families in all aspects of their design process. They even have children’s area at the headquarters, where families are invited to bring their children to play! In Pampers nappies of course! The nappies are then tested in various ways to ensure they are doing good job. Families are also involved in focus groups and provide a huge amounts of feedback to the Pampers team to make sure their nappies continually develop at an exceptional standard. This doesn’t just happen at the Innovation Centre, 5000 families all around the world test over 2 million nappies each year and give their valuable feedback. The Pampers team have such a huge desire to create a product that cares for every baby’s happy, healthy development. This means every Pampers product innovation is inspired directly by babies and they are made by parents just like us.



[vc_video title=”Pampers” link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sscprk_LbN4&feature=youtu.be”]


Then it was time to have a look round. We were given a thorough tour of the headquarters, from the manufacturing parts to the children’s centre. Being able to ask the professionals all our burning questions as we went. I genuinely couldn’t believe the level of care and thought from every member of the team, which goes into producing these products. They are simply so passionate about their product and providing the best solution for babies and children. They are very well qualified for the job too, with over 50% of the staff working at the Innovation Centre have a PhD. If my husband and I were to have another baby, I know Pampers would be the right choice, without doubt.



Here’s the story of my visit.


[vc_video title=”Pampers” link=”https://youtu.be/Z9PleMv6jRg”]


I saw for myself that Pampers nappies really do offer superior dryness and protection across all of their products. Their new design of nappies are designed to spread out the moisture into channels and are shaped to reduce bulk between the babies legs. Seeing this comparison first hand was so powerful.


Do/did you use Pampers?


Disclosure: This blog post is sponsored by Pampers.

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