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Why you should be repurposing content & how to do it + FREE SPREADSHEET

As bloggers we can feel the pressure to continually write new content. This process takes a huge chunk of time, even for the speedier workers out there. I think we’ve missed a trick and haven’t been getting the most out of the content we’ve already written. We often don’t give enough life-span to our good archived content. Just because we published it X number of years ago doesn’t means everyone who could benefit from its message has seen it or that it has served its purpose for us.

Last year, I wrote Be smarter! Stop writing new posts, repurpose old posts and I wanted to come back today with a bit more content on why this is important and share some new ideas with you. I also have a super duper spreadsheet for you, which will make repurposing and keeping track of it so much easier.

Good content is always good content regardless of when it was written and so you owe it to yourself and your readers to make sure you give enough attention to this content. Also it is worth bearing in mind that different people like to consume content in different ways. Some like to read, others listen to podcasts and so the more formats your content takes the better traction it will get.

So what is repurposing?

Don’t forget to check out the first post in this mini series – Be Smarter – stop writing new content, repurpose old posts.

Repurposing your blog content is taking a post that you’ve already written and re-packaging into a different format so it can continue to work for you.



Repurposing means that you will:


  • Get more organic search engine traffic.


  • Reinforce your message. Repetition can be an essential part of sending a message that sinks in.


  • Reach more potential customers, maybe in a fresh niche.


  • Spend less time creating content just to fill gaps.


  • Get an SEO boost. Multiple pieces of content on the same theme can help to generate additional opportunities to target a desired keyword. Also if you take your repurposed content outside your site (maybe as a guest post or another network), you can receive good quality back links with the bonus of being able to control the anchor text of the link.


  • Devote more time towards making connections and working on your blog to move it forward.


  • Positions you as an authority. Publishing quality content in a variety of places on one topic can really help to raise your profile in the industry and cement your standing as an expert.


Repurposing content allows you to breathe new life into old favourites and continue to gain an ROI (return on investment) from these old favourites.

Which content should be repurposed?


The content which is perfect for repurposing is your evergreen content. Not sure what Evergreen content is? Don’t worry I got you, check out this video where I explain all.

To summarise Evergreen content is; high quality, valuable and timelessness.

In Be smarter; Stop writing new content, repurpose old posts I shared lots of ways that you can repurpose your content and now I’m going to share a few more with you.

  • Syndicate your posts – Content syndication networks allow you to access a whole new relevant audience by sharing your post on their site. Usually you pay per click and your post is suggested as the “Recommended Reading” or “Related Posts”. These links don’t usually count toward SEO, but they will drive important and targeted traffic to your blog. Examples of these sites: Outbrain/ Zemanta/ Taboola/ SimpleReach


  • Republish on a website such as Medium/Reddit/ Growth Hackers/ BizSugar/Social Media Today


  • Add to Quora – You can use bits of posts to answer questions on Quora.


  • Email newsletter – Use posts or parts of posts in email marketing to your list.


  • Create a book – Expand on a post or group a few posts together to produce a physical book.


  • Create a case study – Use post as basis for a detailed case study. This could be how you grew your blog traffic or a similar post which would enable you to show step by step with more detail than you would share in the post.


  • Write an expert roundup – Ask a group of experts to answer a brief question about the topic of your post. Then publish all of their answers as a new post. Obviously linking to your old post in this new one and vice versa.


  • Use portions for new posts – When you write on a topic that overlaps with one of your old articles, use some of the old content in the new content. For instance, if you are writing a tutorial on how to edit photos in Lightroom if you have already covered one of the steps in a previous blog post, simply copy and paste those steps and images into your new blog post.


  • Instagram quotes/tips – Take some key points and use a programme such a canva to create Instagram images, which you can obviously then link back to your post.


  • Instagram stories – Use salient points from your post and create a short video/series of graphics for Instagram Stories.


  • Expand for paid ecourse – Can you expand your posts to create an ecourse? Adding some extra resources and value, this blog post could become a source of income.


  • Expand for paid workshop – Take the post and expand it into a workshop format which you could then run in person or via a google hangout style workshop.

So, how do I actually do this repurposing thing?…

You might be thinking this is tricky or time-consuming but it’s really not and don’t forget you will not be writing as much new content.



The process: 


  • Write an epic blog post on a topic that your audience will love or find this post from your archive.


  • Use the spreadsheet I’ve created for you and work across the different columns. Think about which ideas would work for you and your content and fill in the appropriate columns.


  • Share the new content on your various platforms.
repurposing spreadsheet

Want the Repurposing Spreadsheet?

Get yours here!

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Are you going to give repurposing a go? Which post are you going to start with?

Want to get even more organised? Check out my Ultimate Blog Biz Spreadsheet bundle – 16 spreadsheets which will get you organised in no time.

repurposing content
blog post repurposing

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