A blogger linky is a fabulous way to get involved in the community and to gain exposure for your blog. I’ve previously written a post explaining the differences between linkys, a blog hops and blog carnivals.  If you’re a little further into your blogging journey and fancy setting up your own linky, here are my top tips on running a successful linky.



Top tips to running a successful blogger linky


  • Do you have the time? – Running a linky can be time consuming.  There might only be a few people linking at the start, but if your linky takes off you could be hosting 50+ linkers and that will take time. Have you got the time to dedicate to it?


  • Decide on your link up method – Linky Tools/ Inlinkz / Mr Widget.  I prefer Inlinkz, as it’s really user friendly. As a ‘linkee’ it fills in the form for you when you put in the url.  If you link up to a lot of linkys, this saves time and is why it gets my vote.


  • Do you have an original idea? – There are many different types of linkys, photography based, a writing prompt, recipe etc. Keep in mind that the more open the idea, the more potential linkers you could have.  A lot of people like to link one post to a few linkys, and may not want to write a post specifically for a linky. For example, our linky The List.  This was originally followed a set format and was called Mums’ List.  When I joined as host, we rebranded it The List and so opened it up to any post in list format. Since then it has gone from strength to strength, with almost 100 link ups weekly.


  • Make sure you’re interested in the topic – as you will potentially have to comment on A LOT of posts.


  • Think about the name – try to pick a name that explains what the linky is about, but keep it catchy.  ‘The List’ is a perfect example!


  • Design a grab badge – One of the benefits to running a linky is the back links you will gain from all the people linking up.  They should all put a link on their post detailing where their post it being linked to.  This could be a text link, but most people like to add badges.  So, if you design a linky badge and then create a grab my badge button, this will make it easy for people to add to their posts.


  • Decide on your rules – how many posts can people link up?  How many posts do you expect them to comment on?  Don’t make it too hard or people might not bother linking up.


  • Schedule – how long it will be open (allow enough time for latecomers).  The List is open all week, almost until the next one.  Point + Shoot has a shorter window, as it’s for sharing weekend pictures.  Think also about what other linkys are going live on the day you pick, will there be competition?  Try to fill a gap and it may serve you better.


  • Co-host – consider co-hosting your linky.  I co-host both of my linkys and I think it works really well.  You share workload, give people double promotion (for example in the form of retweets) and draw in people from two blogs.


  • Promotion – there are various ways to promote your linky.  You could email regulars when it goes live, tweet individuals who joined in the previous week to say it’s open, tweet prospective linkers. Ask all of the people you tweet to retweet for you. The linky badge on linkers posts will be promotion, pop the badge in your side bar or have a page for the linky on your blog.  Pin all posts to a special linky Pinterest board.


  • Enforce – decide how strict you’re going to be on making sure people stick to the rules.  No-one likes a killjoy, but you don’t want the essence of your linky diluted.  I usually comment saying I enjoyed the post, but it isn’t really a list (for example if hosting The List).  If they haven’t added your badge, then politely ask them to add it or a link back.


  • Build a community – As a host you should give value in some way to those linking up.  This might be by commenting, retweeting or sharing last they have linked up.  For both of my linkys we pick a featured post from previous week to highlight in our main posts.


  • An incentive? – You could offer an incentive/way to thank linkers for joining in.  In the past I have had a sponsor for Point Shoot who gave free prints to each week’s winner and we have offered a personalised diary and a £50 voucher for a randomly picked Lister!


So here are some ideas which will hopefully help you if you want to start your own linky.  Running a linky is a really great thing to do and can really help you build a community, which is a wonderful experience.


Do you have any tips for hosting a linky?


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