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10 Mistakes Bloggers Are Making Right Now

For this week’s Blog Club I thought I would share my blog dislikes with you, those mistakes I feel many bloggers are making.  These are the things I would put into Room 101 like a shot.


  • No/Hidden/Hard to find social media icons – It depends on your blog template, but I will look for a nice group of social media buttons on the top right hand side.  My heart sinks when I don’t see them.  If I am on your blog please just make it super easy for me to be able to tweet you or follow you.  Remember PR agencies won’t spend ages looking, they will move on.

  • Small pictures – Small pictures make me sad.  Especially, when I am on my phone/tablet and they then become tiny.  I think all pictures (with the exception of badges etc) should be as big as your template allows.

  • Captcha – I realise people have to protect their blogs, but I really hate captcha.  Often I have written a comment, clicked it away and not even realised that the captcha was there and so the comment was lost.  Some seem very temperamental and I haven’t got time to try to figure out the code and keep inputting.  I have Akismet as a spam filter and it puts into moderation anything it is not sure of.  I prefer this as it only takes me a few minutes to approve the few that it holds back.  Maybe try a click box if your human system instead?

  • Unclear fonts – A font might look cool or appealing, but consider what it will look like on the screen and on an entire post?  Clean, easy to read fonts get my vote.

  • Bright coloured backgrounds – I love colour, but I think colour on blogs should be treated with caution.  Just try to think about the reader experience, could your coloured page be giving them a headache?

  • No author bio box – I understand that some people are camera shy, but when reading a blog I like to see who is speaking to me and so I may switch off if I never see your face.  I love a little box probably near your social media icons (!) that tells me a little snippet about you.

  • Tiny disclosure – On some blogs I would need a magnifying glass the read the disclosure on reviews and sponsored posts.  This annoys me, just be clear and honest that you have been given the item/been paid to write the post.  I think the disclosure should be same size text as the rest of the post.

  • Pop ups – I know that people are trying to encourage subscribers or followers (aren’t we all!), but they really annoy me when I am trying to read a post and they pop up in my face.  I recently installed a Hello Bar, which I though was a happy medium, thinking it would stay at the top of the page.  However, it moved down when people scrolled down the page, so I removed it.

  • No information on the ‘About Me’ page/no ‘About Me’ page – If I enjoy reading a post, I might want to read a little more about you and your family, to make a connection.  The absence of such information makes it harder for me to identify with you.

  • Empty sidebars – O.K so clutter isn’t really the way to go, but I like to be able to get quick links to other posts and see a little bit more about you, when they are just empty, I feel unsatisfied!

So what would you put into room 101?

N.B This is just my personal opinion and no offence is aimed at anyone who’s blog has any of these aspects! 

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