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One of the most amazing things about the blogging community is the support network.  There is always someone to help you and support you, whenever you need it and to share their knowledge. There is a lovely ethos of sharing information, whether it is the posts of others or information about opportunities.  A couple of times on my Mums’ List posts, I have shared a few blogging tips, things that work for me (usually plugins). Most of the time I think it is just being aware that a piece of technology or a system exists.  So it is great when we can all share this information.  I know I am always looking for ways to improve, be more organised and be inspired!

Bloggers Share Their Tips for Better Blogging

I recently put a shout out across my social media network asking other bloggers to share their top tips for better blogging and had a great response. Here is what works for them…

Tips for better blogging

Tigerlilly Quinn


  • “I write notes of blog titles/topics/lines that I want to use, so I don’t forget them when it comes to writing an article” – Hannah from Budding Smiles
  • Life According to Mrs Shilts Emma says – “Keep a template of your social media channels to hand, so that you can copy & paste the info at the bottom of your blog post”
  • Shay who blogs at Two Tiny Terrors – “Invest in a diary to help plan your blog post schedule, makes life much easier”
  • Jocelyn from The Reading Residence says that the diary should contain more than simply posts – “keep a diary just for blog posts, so you can write down your scheduling, ideas, linky reminders, to-do lists etc. all in one place”.
  • “Write posts on your phone first, then upload them (great if you can’t get to a PC due running round after small baby)” – Gillian, A Baby on Board
  • “I love Evernote for sorting out ideas, planning and keeping a note of everything.  It is like a virtual notebook and you can use hashtags to help keep everything easy to find” says Becky from The Mummy Adventure.
  • “My tip for better blogging is to write on a chart all the daily linky’s that you join in with” – Super Busy Mum Debs.Tips for better blogging

Snowing Indoors


  • Cass from Frugal Family  – “My top tip for better blogging would be to always remember the reason you started blogging – I’m willing to bet that most people didn’t start blogging to get to the top of any charts or rankings or to get free things.  For most people, it’s a way of recording family life, but it’s all too easy to forget that and start to get drawn in to the competitive side of blogging or to feel obligated to do things.  Enjoy blogging and blog your way.”
  • “My tip would be to write about a subject which you are passionate about, this will make writing enjoyable and never a chore” – Kirsty, Hijacked by Twins
  • Emmy’s Mummy Clare says “If it all feels overwhelming take a step back and remember why you started.  Joining in with a few memes and linkys can help when writers block sets in.  Have your own style and don’t get drawn into worrying about stats.”
  • “Be consistent – think about what sort of blog you want and stick to it.  Are you trying to entertain? To shock? To encourage debate? To inform? To emote? People come back to you because they like your style and what you say.  So keep saying it!  Don’t try and be something you’re not. E.g.  if you haven’t got much interest in style, don’t bother with the ‘what I/my kid/our pet wore’, you’ll just look daft, permanently, on the internet” says Eleanor, The Bristol Parent.
  • top tips for better blogging

Mums’ Days / Gingerlillytea


  • Laura who blogs at Petit Moi Big World –  “Make the most of good light.  When there’s good light, photograph as much as you can, posts can come later when the light’s not as good.  Take a photo 10 times and whittle them down later, you’ll be grateful if the first few went wrong and you hadn’t realised.”
  • Top 10 Blog Photography Tips – Snowing Indoors has so many tips for better blogging using photography.
  • 6 fab android camera photography apps – Cardboard Cities.
  • “Make sure you have permission to use an images on your blog.  Create your own library of images, that will come in useful later on.  You can get ten free images each week by signing up to Unsplash (which is free)”,  You Baby Me Mummy.


  • Kate (Crafts on Sea) – “I use buffer, I’m terrible for forgetting to tweet posts, so it’s good to get it all set up when I remember!”
  • Wild and Grizzly’s Lori – Organise your blogging week on a planner, think about schedule tweets, Pinterest pins and posts, so you can focus on enjoying the day and snap away to great images you can use later on.  Think about the composition, what will make your images stand out?  Use apps like snapseed, afterlight or vscom to edit your images and stylise them.”
  • I use Twuffer to schedule all my tweets, as there are no limits and it is free! (You Baby Me Mummy)


  • “When you’ve written your post, before you hit publish, read it, and then read it again.  If you can preview the post on your blogging platform, then do that and see it how your readers will see it – make sure images are aligned correctly.  Have you used headers and bullet points if necessary?  Does it read as intended, ie., did you miss off a comma here, or an capital letter there?  If you can ask someone else to read it (especially if its a long post) they may be able to pick up mistakes, which your eyes missed!”  Michelle from The Purple Pumpkin Blog.
  • Along similar lines, Witty Hoots’ Helen says, “Think before you hit publish. If you are happy with your photo/opinion/statement, then still do a checklist in your head before hitting publish.  Is it something you are happy to be attached to your name, as once it is ‘out there’ it is harder to retract.  Plus watermark your photos”.


  • Charly from Podcast Dove – “My tips would be to join Linky’s to discover other bloggers and get yourself yourself noticed (especially if just starting out), comment on blogs and share the posts you like”.
  • “Join in on Twitter, create a list of bloggers you interact with most.  That way, if you have lots of followers, people won’t get lost in your timeline”,  You Baby Me Mummy.


  • “I get inspiration from books, blogs, people watching; sitting in a cafe for an hour and just watch everyone interact.  Pinterest also can spark ideas”. Jenny, Let’s Talk Mommy.
  • 50 Blog writing prompts – Snowing Indoors


  • My favourite WordPress Plugins – WP Calendar, Related Posts, Copy to Draft, Akismet, JetPack.
  • “Pic Monkey is fabulous for editing pictures and is free (although you can upgrade for more options for a small fee).  Pictures can be lightened with ‘curves’, backgrounds can be changed or blurred and there are many photo effects that can be used”.  You Baby Me Mummy
  • “Back up your blog, you never know when you might need it.  I use Updraft plugin, that backs it up daily to drop box, google drives etc”  – You Baby Me Mummy
Are you a blogger?  Do you have any top tips for better blogging?

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