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There is no doubt that blogging is amazing. I have said it before, blogging has changed my life, totally and for the better. For all the fabulous things blogging will bring into your life, it is a huge learning curve. Many of us started our blogs on a bit of a whim, having no clue where it would go or exactly what we were getting into. There is so much advice out there on how to blog better and you will even find a good amount of it here on this blog, but there are some things you don’t find out about until your feet are well and truly wet!




Here are a few things that no-one tells you before you start a blog.


Your efforts will be rewarded but it will take A LOT of work

Everything blog related takes time. That perfect blog post or Instagram image isn’t just a fluke, someone has spent ages taking the images, editing them, writing, proofing; it isn’t a quick win. To post regularly and earn from your blog you will have to invest a serious number of hours.


You won’t get rich quick from a blog

Starting a blog, building your followers and growing your online presence takes time. Learning all the skills you need to become successful also takes time.


It’s addictive. 

Blogging sucks you in and it is easy to get totally consumed by it. The online world never sleeps and there is always so much to do that it can be difficult to draw a line.


You can do things your own way and still be successful

You should always do things your own way. You will shine if you do and people will respond to that much more than if you are trying to be a carbon copy of another blogger. It is easy to think that you should do everything other’s do, but if you are not feeling it, then don’t do it.


It can make you feel amazing and awful in one single day

You can receive an email offering you the best opportunity, and twenty minutes later you find out your Tots100 score drops and you feel awful!  There are a lot of ups and downs to blogging, thankfully many more ups.


You don’t have to go it alone

Most people imagine bloggers to be working alone, but one of the best things about blogging is working with other bloggers. There is no doubt it is wonderful to be your own boss and organise your schedule, but it is equally awesome working with others.


You may end up with the best friends you ever had, who you met through blogging.

You will make friends with people you have met online. I always used to think that must be a bit weird, yet here I am with more ‘proper’ online friends than offline friends. Most have now crossed the line to be considered ‘real’ friends.


We all spend hours online, I am chatting to my blogging friends throughout the day and it’s so lovely to have these friends who ‘get’ what blogging is and what it means.


If you build it, they may not come.  

Some people write a post and it goes down extremely well, resonates with lots of people and the traffic comes to their blog. This is not what happens to most people. Most people spend hours building their sites, more time writing fab posts and taking gorgeous photos, but this does not guarantee people will know about your blog and indeed pop over for a visit. You need to go and tell people your stuff is there and encourage them to pop by.


It does cost (something)

I think there is a common misconception that all you need to blog is a computer and a wifi signal. While this is all you need to initially get going, there are various expenditures. Many people start on a free blogging site, such as WordPress. However, if you want to get a little more serious and potentially make money then you can’t do it on a free site. So you will need a domain name, a theme, monthly hosting. None of these things cost the earth, but they do cost.  A camera, tripod, props, social media schedulers, monthly fees for access to linky tools or design programmes. All the little bits and bobs add up.


You’re going to spend half your life on social media. 

A joy or a necessary evil, social media is very important to the success of your blog. There are so many accounts to manage, so many interactions to be part of and lots of promotion to do, all of which is very time consuming.


You need to develop skills

There is no doubt that good photographs will draw people to your blog, so you will need to improve your skills and you will also need to learn how to edit your pictures.  As bloggers we are all things to all people within our blogs; we need to wear many hats. You will find that you need to learn about SEO, possibly coding, accounts, the list goes on and on.


Blogging is competitive.  

Hundreds of people start blogs every day and even if you’re good at what you do, there will be others who are good at it too. To be successful you need to work hard and have persistence, you have to be prepared for the knocks. Although it is competitive, it doesn’t feel like it and on the whole people are really thrilled to hear about the achievements of others.


Blogging is the most supportive place to be.

Despite the competition, it is the most wonderfully supportive place you can be, FACT.


So there you have it, a few things they might not have told you before you started your blog. If you had been told, you would still do it right?!  I know I would!  What were you not told before you started a blog? Would it have made a difference?



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