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What do you do when you pick up a book? Most probably you turn it over and read the blurb, to find out what the book is about and what you can expect from it.  Your ‘About Me’ page is to your blog, what a blurb is to a book.  Therefore, it’s vital that you get it right, otherwise your blog could be put back on the shelf.


I think the most important thing when writing your page is that your personality shines through.  Most bloggers, unlike a traditional business’, haven’t got a physical product to promote; it’s your personally that needs promotion. People read your blog because they buy into you.  Sharing a little about yourself and your life, therefore, becomes so important. Don’t forget brands/PRs will look at this page too when they’re searching for bloggers to work with and apart from your home page, it will probably be the most viewed page on your blog.


It can be difficult to write about yourself and About Me pages can seem a little daunting, but I have broken my tips down and hopefully you will have whipped yours into shape in no time.

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First things first – It’s not all about you

Seems odd huh?  Your About Me page surely is about you?  It is, but it’s really important to identify your target audience before you start writing. If you don’t, how do you know who you are writing for?  You need to know who your ideal/target reader is, so you can include relevant information and write in an appropriate tone.


If you write a blog to entertain mums who are stuck at home with the kids, but you haven’t identified your audience, your About Me page could be written in a tone which is too formal.  This page should reflect what you would tell people about your blog if you met them.  If you write a quirky blog, make sure this is reflected; ….you get the picture.

Now you can start talking about YOU!

Who are you?

You need to share basic relevant (although, sometimes not relevant can be funny!) information that gives new potential readers an idea of what you are about and why they should stick around.

How old are you?  Do you have kids? A partner? Do you have a job? Blog full-time? Hobbies?

So you might say I am a 25 year old working mum and wife who blogs under the cover of darkness and loves fairies. Or whatever suits you.  They don’t need war and peace, so be punchy.

Why are you different?

O.k, so this is the bit most of us will struggle with.  Blowing our own trumpets, it’s a terribly British thing to do; to hide our lights under a bushel, but we need to become more confident in selling ourselves. Believe me, if we don’t someone else sure as hell will be doing just that.

What are you good at?  What have you done? Achieved? Why should I stay on your site and read more posts?

What do you do?

Do you love to photograph your pets? Your kids? Do you love walking and sharing your hikes? Do you hope to inspire others from your past experiences? Think of how to put this across in an exciting or creative way.


What do you love? 

From the heart, what do you love? Your family? Your camera? Your pet tortoise? What ignites a passion in you?  Do you love helping others or sharing your recipes with the world?  Then share that with the world in a way that we feel your passion.


What’s the ethos of your blog?

Think about the overarching ethos of your blog. Is it about living a slow life?  Or about making busy mum’s lives easier? If you had to sum your blog up in one sentence what would it be about – this might be reflected in your tag line.

What can you give others? 

What can you offer?  Can you provide the reader with a plentiful supply of inspiration, quick recipe ideas, reliable fashion advice?  Or can you make them feel like they’re not alone in their experience of motherhood?  What will people gain from reading your blog?


How to write an awesome about me page

Now create your page


  • You need to make sure your voice comes through.
  • Use photos. A picture tells a thousand words and people want to see you to be able to connect with you. Make sure the pictures shows you in a good light.
  • Graphics can also add a fun aspect and break up text.
  • Link your About Me page to your author bio and picture which you should have in your sidebar.
  • Make sure your About Me page is clear on your main menu.


Think of your About Me page as the front door to your blog. It needs to be inviting and once your have worked through this post, answering the questions, it will be awesome! You never know it might even have a shiny knocker now!

Here are a couple of great examples of creative About Me pages for inspiration.


  • A unique and exceptionally creative page from The Middle Finger Project



Has this post given you something to think about?  Will you be polishing your front door?


How to write an awesome About Me Page

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