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Well, I never thought I would be writing a post about Canals!  However, I recently heard about LOOK’s ‘What Floats Your Boat’ campaign.  This campaign highlights what LOOK believe to be the top 5 canals in Britain, but they are asking for our views.  Asking if we would have any different canals in the top 5.

We would!  The Kennet and Avon Canal runs through our local town and we love to spend time there.  It runs from Bristol to Reading, but the section which we frequent is at Newbury.  If Mr Hubby is with us we walk from the town out into the countryside, taking in all the colour barges and sometimes wishing we could float away on one for a week or so.  It is so peaceful and, as a family who loves to be near water, a perfect walk for us.


When Mr Hubby is at work, leaving Baby and I to fly solo, we often walk through the section which weaves itself through the town.


Our favourite part is the Wharf, where there is the cutest tea room and lots of super friendly swans and ducks to feed.


I love the contrast of the beautiful countryside walks changing into a more vibrant town section, where you can sit, feed the wildlife and spend time people watching.


You also get to see beauties like this one!  What more could you want?

Do you have a canal near you?  Do you like canal side walks?


Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.


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