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Earlier in the week Baby and I headed to London for a blogger event.  The event was organised by I Just Love It and we were going to be cupcake docorating!  As a rejected Great British Bake Off Applicant I was VERY excited by this and couldn’t wait to get stuck in.  After an awful journey, saved by the lovely brand sending us a taxi, we arrived and were thrilled that the kids could join in too.

dipping strawberries

The chef demonstrated the different piping techniques for us to try out. Baby adored dipping strawberries and trying her hand at icing the cupcakes. Although she prefered her own style of icing….


Finishing touches

Baby was so proud of herself.

proud Baby

The concentration and consideration that went into every placement of decoration was hilarious, considering the slightly haphazard result!

Baby's cupcakes

My girl and I

Then everyone’s best cake was submitted for judging.  I think Baby was robbed (ha ha!), but there was a very worthy winner and that was Katy.  She won a bottle of champers for her wonderful Christmas tree cake (middle of the top row).


We retired to the seating area to eat our spoils and check out the fabulous personalised gifts that you can pick up from I Just Love It.  Baby spotted the Frozen things straight away, so I think some of those will be going on her Christmas list!


I love that the personalised items aren’t tacky, which I sometimes find.  We were sent away with some lovely gifts, including a personalised wooden rolling pin and spoon, some chocolates and a great nursery rhyme book which has the child’s name on the front.  They would all make wonderful gifts.

Baby’s little friend Harry was there and the pair of them enjoyed time together being a bit bonkers.

with Harry

Which resulted in one VERY tired Baby by the time we started to wind our way home!

tired Baby

Thanks so much to I Just Love It for inviting us to the event, we had such a lovely time.

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