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Many of us have pets at home and they become an intrinsic part of the family. I know our home wouldn’t be the same without Lily and Lou Lou. Dogs give us unconditional love, unlike any other animal. So it’s important that we have peace of mind when we are away from our honorary babies! To know that they are safe and well when they are home alone is so important.


Petplan pet insurance have teamed up with Panasonic to bring pet owners a Smart Home Monitoring Kit and I was asked to try it out at home. Both of these brands are exceptional, so I had high expectations of the kit.


The kit allows you to monitor your pet via an indoor camera which you can access on your smartphone or tablet. The micro SD card, allows you to share footage with others, which could be really useful if you dog displays behavioural issues when you are away from the home. Also if you have two or more dogs, the kit can let you make sure they all get along when you are not there watching over them.



Included in the kit is a door sensor, which means you can monitor when people are entering and leaving your home. Useful if you have someone coming in to walk the dogs. There’s also a smart plug, so you can turn on a radio or lamp to help keep your pet comfortable and content.


As it happens my suspicions were confirmed when, having been away from the house for about 5 minutes I check in with the girls to see Lily’s bed empty! She had given us a few minutes before she left her bed and jumped on the couch! Lou Lou on the other hand spent most of the time sleeping.


[vc_video title=”Our Dogs” link=”″]


The system can be set to one of three alert settings: Disarm/Arm, Away/Arm, or At Home. When armed, the hub activates the camera’s motion sensor and window/door sensors. The sensors track motion and sound and instruct the camera to begin recording when disturbances are detected. This is really clever as it means you are not searching through hours of footage to find where the disturbance occurred.


All the footage is stored on a microSD card in the main hub. You can also set the app to alert you when the sensors are triggered. The app features sub-menus for every connected device, which, when clicked, offer a variety of commands. For example, going into the camera section enables you to see a real-time view, instruct it to record video, take photos, or use its built-in microphone to talk to people in the room.


The camera can also be used as a baby monitor, with the lullaby feature allowing parents to play one of five preset jingles. The smart plug lets you remotely turn on and off whatever is plugged into it, such as a lamp or the tv. Great for when you are away on holiday.


The basic kit can be added to over time, so you can protect and monitor all the rooms of your house, also Panasonic doesn’t charge a monthly maintenance and storage fee, which some competing camera system companies do.


I think this is a great piece of kit and we have already started to think of how we can add to it in our house.


Disclosure: This post has been commissioned by PetPlan, all thoughts are my own.

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