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At the beginning of August Baby decided it was time to start potty training.  All of a sudden she didn’t want her nappy on and so her potty training journey began.  Although I was looking forward to bring rid of nappies, the thought of potty training filled me with dread!

As we are Huggies Pull-Ups Ambassadors we had been supplied with day and night pull-ups and a My Carry Potty to make our journey as smooth as possible.

For the first few days we stayed at home, so it would be as easy as possible to use the potty and get used to her new routine. However, it wasn’t long before she was going a bit stir crazy. When we first ventured out the My Carry Potty was totally invaluable, as it gave us peace of mind; we knew if she needed to go she could regardless of where we were.  We have used it in the street, on the beach, on the hard shoulder, in a layby, in car parks, fields; everywhere you can think of.

Even though we are now a couple of months into the training, we still use Huggies Pull-Ups and the My Carry Potty everyday.  The Pull-Ups themselves give us confidence that the day won’t be ruined by a wet bum!  So I always pop a pair on Baby if we are leaving the house.

We recently went on a day trip to Brixham with our friends (Em and her family), taking our essentials with us of course.

Huggies Pull-UPs

We strolled down to the stunning sea front and let the kids burn off some steam, while we took in the gorgeous views.  Such a beautiful area.

Huggies Pull-UPs

As it was out of season the public bathroom was locked, but Baby was happy to have a wee on her My Carry Potty while checking out the view.

potty break

Huggies Pull-UPs

potty and view

Then it was back to playing with her friends, skimming stones and chasing each other up and down the beach.

Huggies Pull-UPs



Ez and a big stone!


Our gorgeous friends, Team Snowing Indoors.



After collecting stones and enjoying the best hot chocolate with cream that I have ever tasted, we wandered back to the harbour for a look around.

Huggies Pull-UPs

Baby totally adores Annie.

Checking out the view



Wall ducks

I loved this shop wall and had to get a snap.


It wasn’t long before tummies were rumbling, we spotted Rockfish and decided to give it a try for lunch.


The girls were impatient waiting for it to open.  Do you think they were hungry?

Huggies Pull-UPs

We are so glad we picked Rockfish as it was amazing and the view wasn’t bad either.


All the kids were given a great goody bag to keep them occupied.  Although there was obviously toilets in the restaurant, Baby was still wearing her Pull-Ups, which give both of us some security.  Her Pull-Ups always remain dry, but I think we will continue to use them, as she has progressed so quickly I would hate anything to set her back.


Our top tips for potty training on the go

  • Be prepared, take a potty with you.  My Carry Potty’s are great, as they are sealed and can be carried without leaks if you are unable to empty it straight away.
  • Consider Pull-Ups, they really do help with confidence building and they also help us parents relax a little too.
  • Offer a toilet break before getting in the car/on the train.  Try to pre-empt your child’s request to go, if you are going somewhere that having a wee will be awkward.
  • Take stickers/charts with you.  These were great when Baby first started and we just popped them in our bag if we were going out.
  • Rewards.  We bought Baby a cheap present after her first week for being brilliant.  We also treated her when she had her first day out while potty training.

Are you about to start potty training you little one? What are your tips for potty training on the go?

Disclosure: We are Huggies Pull-Ups Ambassadors

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