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Whether we like it or not, Christmas is fast approaching! Did you know there are only 50 shopping days left until Crimbo?! Do you have some lovely people that buy you pressies?  Yes? Good!  Well with that in mind I started to think about what I would like Santa to bring me and it quickly came down to blogging related things, obsessed? Quite possibly… Anyway, I was thinking about all the lovely things I would like,plus some of the fab blogging related things I have and I thought I would share the whole lot with you.  Just in case you need some inspiration.

Blogger's Christmas Wish List

Photography reflector I have these reflectors.  You get gold, silver, translucent, black and white in a little storage bag and they are great for using on the move or helping you with the light direction at home.  Super cheap too.

Photo Lamp 84cm White Umbrella Light Stand Light Holder  This is something firmly on my list for this year.  Our house is like a cave and I always need more light. Add in to the mix winter and EVEN darker days and it does not make me a happy bunny, so I would love a little more light on the subject.

Photography backdrops – We are not blessed with a stunning house, providing wonderful picture backdrops wherever we look, sadly.  So I have to make do, usually with white boards. However, sometimes that is not the look I need, which is why these wooden effect backdrops would be fab to have around.

Lightroom subscription – I have been nagged by friends for ages about the virtues of LR.  I bought the subscription which is less than £9 per month and I am now a total convert!  I adore it.  You can subscribe like me or buy the software package.  It makes SUCH a difference to your photos.

Blogging Day Mug – I think a blogging mug would always go down well with a blogger.  This beauty is from the US, so you need to allow 20 days delivery.  However, there is a similar one here in the UK if you get short on time.

BlogNix ticket – Last year I got my BlogFest ticket as an early Christmas Pressie.  I really like the idea of getting blog conference tickets for Crimbo.  Top of my list is the wonderfully sounding BlogNix Weekend in February 2016.

Twitter handle necklace – I am not 100% sure what I think of these.  I am not sure if you have to be a bit geeky or supercool to wear these.  Either way you can also get them from Amazon if they float your boat.

A Blog theme – I am super happy with my blog theme which I have had for a couple of months, but I love the idea of giving or receiving a blog theme as a pressie.  A theme changes the whole look and feel of a blog and as we invest so much of our time and effort into our blogs, it is a lovely way to help someone get just want they want out of their blog.

Blog Planner – This bad boy is on my list.  A totally tailored blog planner, with all the bits and bobs us bloggers need and you can chose the slogan on the front and the size to suit your taste.

Take Your Camera Wall Print – This print from the US is fab and if I had a dedicated office, and not a desk in the corner of the living room, then it would already be in the post to me!

Mini tripod – I have one of these, but I have no idea where it is in our house.  So I may actually buy another as it would be really handy to use to record vlogs with.

The Badass Blog Planner – Another great planner/strategy book with tips and helpful advice. I have heard LOTS of good things about this book.

Oh Joy! – My wonderful friend Hannah bought me this awesome book for my birthday this year.  It is by Joy Cho who must be one of the most successful bloggers in the world, with products in Target and other major US stores.

Busy Girl’s Guide to Digital Photography – I also have this, although I haven’t had chance to read it all.  What I have read is great though.

Blog Beautiful ECourse – I think an ecourse is a great gift. Especially if it is something the person couldn’t afford themselves.  Although this one is very reasonable at $24.  Often it is things like this that we are reluctant to spend money on, as it is for ourselves, and there are hundreds of other things that we put before ourselves!

So that’s my Blogger’s Christmas Wish List.  Has this given you any ideas?  Are you hoping for any blogging related pressies this year?


blogger's christmas gift guide

Disclosure: This posts contains some links which I earn a small amount from if you make a purchase. I still love these products.

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