Our Christmas 2016 highlights - You Baby Me Mummy

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Did you all have a wonderful Christmas? We had a lovely family time and relished my husband being at home with us. Ava adores it when we are all together, add in her Aunty and her Nanna and she is one happy little girl.


I just wanted to share some pictures from our Christmas day and a little video of our festivities over Christmas week, as much for my own memory bank as anything else.


We were all totally spoiled by each other. Ava got so many presents that I think an extension is in order. I treated hubby to some cash for new clothes (as he has lost 4.5 stone), a Thai cookery class and lots of other bits and bobs and I got everything that was on my list! Highlights being a new ‘Winging it’ Selfish Mother sweater, Mama Cool necklace, Mama Life sweater, this epic tee, Mama you got this bag, this tote, mug, the list goes on!


Here are some of our Christmas shots.










Transfixed by The Wizard of Oz


What can I say she loves gravy!….




Here’s a little video I made of some of our best bits.


[vc_video title=”Christmas 2016″ link=”https://youtu.be/Nh48Mt28U88″]

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