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13 months

Every month I find myself thinking, wow how is my little baby this old?  Well, today Baby is 13 months old and the last month has been quite eventful for her.  It amazes me how all of a sudden so many changes happen at once.

So new things this month;  Baby has got two more teeth (bottom molars), so she now has ten pearly white nashers.  A couple of weeks ago, with the encouragement of my lovely friend K, Baby took her first two steps.  A few days ago she took two more, whilst strolling across her playpen.  She is increasing the time she can stand hands-free and is so thrilled with all her attempts.  I don’t think it will be too long before she is walking properly, as she does seem quite stable.

She can now do three impressions, a snake, a pony and a train, which are all super cute.  She has the most amazing personality and seems to gain a fan club wherever we are, usually lovely old couples, who she seems to charm instantly.  I think she is going to be quite the chatterbox as her language develops.  She has lots of different sounds and seems to talk pretty much non stop,  which is actually lovely.  She tries to say tickle (it sounds more like ticker), but it is so cute that she is trying to copy us.

She can have her diva strop moments, usually when you take something off her that she isn’t allowed (TV remote), but they never last long.  She loves dancing to our ballroom song.  I hold her and put my hand up, she takes my hand, smiles and off we go dancing round the living room.  If I just hold her (even if he is crying) and start our ballroom song without putting my hand up, she will put her hand out in a ballroom hold position and wait for me to take it.

I love the way she will get so excited when she hears Mr Hubby come home from work or when she can see one of us across a room.  She waves at everyone and still likes a high five.  She has times when she gets really cuddly and she will say ‘Ahhhhh’, while cuddling in.  She strokes or pats my hair and then buries herself into me.  I adore it, I never want these cuddles to end.

I love her more than I ever thought possible and I am so lucky to be her mummy.



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