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Yesterday Baby took her first little steps, they were very small and then she fell over, but they were there and the best thing of all, I managed to video her.  My friend K, who is a nanny, helped her while I filmed (just in case) and after a few false starts she did two tiny steps.  She was so happy and kept wanting to try again, although she was quite tired.

If you want to skip the failed attempts check out the video about 1 minute 4 seconds to see her biddy steps.

It is so exciting, strange and bittersweet to see her start the next part of her journey.  The journey of independence.  It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were bringing her home, watching her chest rise and fall as she slept.  She will more than likely be our only child, so all these milestones will be the first and last time we experience them as a family.

Sometimes I will we could freeze time, just long enough to let us enjoy each stage for a little longer.  However I know this is not possible and I am so excited to see her toddling around with her friends, enjoying her freedom.


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