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On Saturday we celebrated Baby’s Birthday with her party (her actual birthday was on Sunday).

We hired a hall a couple of villages away from where we live, it was a really pretty little hall.  Saturday may not have started in the best way.  Baby specially chosen birthday dress wouldn’t go over her head!  Such a silly dress with no zip or fastening and a very small head hole.  Cue a little stress and then we resigned ourselves to the standby party dress.

Finally after a bit of last minute decorating we were ready!  The hall was adorned with playing card bunting, tissue paper pom poms, quotes from Alice in Wonderland, pink flamingos, decorations made from playing cards, chocolate fountain, butterflies,  china and feathers.  I flicked on a compilation CD I had made with some of Baby’s favourite songs on it.

Party 1

As the guests began to arrive it was lovely to see so many of Baby’s friends had come to celebrate her birthday with us.  Baby was very lucky as she received so many presents.  All our guests wrote in Baby’s birthday book (to which I will add her cards and photo’s of the day) so she has a keepsake for years to come.

Party 2


Baby was so well behaved, especially as she was quite tired even before anyone arrived!  So we made lots of time for cuddles with Mummy.


A couple of times she shared the love with special cuddles with Daddy.


The fruits of my (and my wonderful friend S’s) baking labour!  Baby’s Mad Hatter’s Top Hat cake, which was very yummy and will probably feed the neighbours for weeks to come!.


Then it was time for me to give out the party bags.  Baby’s was different to her friends, as with her personalised homemade gingerbread, she had a Tattie Teddy.  Instead of bubbles, books, wooden toys, hair clips and various other things that her little friends received.  Needless to say I am not very good at icing, when faced with 15 rabbits!  They looked a bit like Gromit….

Party bags

When everyone had gone home and before the clean up commenced, we went outside to enjoy the sun.  It was such a beautiful day and we were lucky that the hall was located in such a pretty setting.  We played croquet (on our Big Game Hunters Croquet set) and soaked up the sun.  Such a lovely moment of calm after what had been a hectic week.  Baby and I enjoyed a few more cuddles.


So that was Baby’s first birthday party.  I would like to thank all her friends for coming and for her lovely presents.  Also to my friend S and Baby’s Aunty and Uncle who helped us lots on the day, thank you so much you are all superstars. xx

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