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Do you get enough sleep? If you’re reading this and you’re a parent, I’m guessing the answer is probably no. As adults we know how important sleep is, to provide us with enough energy and brain power to get through the day. Sleep is also critical for a baby. When they’re asleep their brain is developing; processing all of the day’s information and experiences.


Sleep is vital in the early years as children’s brains grow to 75% of their adult size in only the first year. Imagine all the development that takes place! So you can see it is hugely important that they are getting enough sleep. The time that most of the important development takes place is during the REM sleep phase, which is towards the end of the night. This coincides with when the child will move around more frequently. As you can see this makes it really important to reduce the best we can, any factors which would disrupt this precious part of our baby’s sleep cycle.




  • By the end of the night the baby’s nappy will contain lots more fluid, so it’s important that you are using a good quality nappy, which reduces bulk, and prevents leakage.


Pampers Baby-Dry has three absorbing channels, which are designed to help spread wetness evenly through the nappy for less wet bulk in the morning. When I travelled to Germany with Pampers to see the Innovation Centre, we got to see these nappies being tested and it was amazing how the channels drew the moisture away and dispersed it for so much less bulking between the baby’s legs. These nappies also feature Micro Pearls, which absorb 30 times their weight in wetness, locking it away or up to 12 hours. It was fab to see these Micro Pearls in action too and have a direct comparison between those and the usual pulp that is contained in a nappy.





  • Make feeds during the day fun/social and night-time feeds quiet and calm.
  • Encourage your baby to fall asleep on their own.
  • Create a short and simple bedtime routine from about three months.
  • Popular routines are; bath, pyjamas, bed, story.
  • Keep the lights down low during the bedtime routine.
  • If your baby wakes in the night try to avoid talk too much and keep your voice quiet.
  • Coincide the start of the bedtime routine with the last daytime bottle/feed.
  • Bedtime is not playtime, so avoid engaging your child in fun and games.


Then when their finally asleep, all us parents can head downstairs for a well-deserved break…. well maybe not for long!


Getting enough sleep for baby and parent is so important (babies spend half their lives asleep!). I know personally I cope with life’s little bumps much better if I’m not tired. I think we have all also come across over tired and grumpy babies in our time. Pampers also know the value of a rested parent and a rested baby and this is why they continue to work hard developing cutting edge products to ensure the best sleep possible for our babies.


For more information and advice you can check out the official Pampers website.


Disclosure: I’m a paid member of the Pampers Baby Board, however, all thoughts expressed are my opinions are my own.

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