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The snowflakes have gone but the sun hasn’t woken up quite yet.  This time of year can be a welcome lull in activity for us grown-ups, but for kids, it’s a time when restlessness sets in.  The days are still short, the weather is drab and school becomes especially monotonous.  But the truth is, this time of year is full of fun events and exciting changes to help keep kids active and learning.  With a little imagination (and after a pot of coffee or two) we’ve come up with some fun and educational weekend ideas for kids and parents alike.

  1. St. Patrick’s Day

Skip the pub and shots of Jameson this year and throw an Irish themed party at home for you and the family.  You can cut four-leafed clovers out of green paper, paint Irish flags on old bits of cloth or learn some silly limericks.  Green food colouring can make an ordinary meal an adventure.  Try adding it to some scrambled eggs and reading the Dr. Seuss classic, Green Eggs and Ham!

    2.  St. George’s Day

Soon after St. Patrick comes St. George, and what a great way to celebrate English culture and history!  Take the day to visit a local museum or castle, or throw a party for your little ones and their friends.  St. George’s Day is on a Sunday this year, so there’s no better time to take advantage.  Decorate your house with some of Party Packs’ fun and reasonably priced decorations and the kids will be playing knights and dragons for hours!

    3.  Carnival


Carnival is celebrated all over Europe and the world and provides a great opportunity to go a little crazy and learn something new!  Pick up some beads and plastic masks and have the kids use their imaginations and what they can find in the house to come up with elaborate costumes.  When snack time comes, order festive finger foods from around the world and have the kids try to guess which country they come from!

   4.  Go Mushroom Hunting


After a long winter, I think it’s about time to get out of the house!  This idea is perfect for slightly older children, but not recommended for toddlers who can’t avoid putting every little thing into their mouths.  Mushroom hunting is an excellent way to learn about nature and get acquainted with the local countryside.  Mushrooms grow just about everywhere, and this is the perfect time of year to find the valued Velvet Shank and St. George’s Mushroom.  Make sure to bring a book, like Mushrooms, by John Wright, to help you properly identify each toadstool.

      5.  Have a Picnic in the Garden


Having a picnic is as easy as pie.  If the sun happens to peek out from behind the clouds, grab a few blankets and pillows from the closet and head outside.  All it takes now is a bowl of fresh fruit or crunchy veggies and a few cakes or sandwiches to make today’s tea one to remember!

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