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Keeping skin healthy in winter


Winter’s definitely here in full force and I’m definitely NOT a winter person! I feel the cold terribly and my skin always suffers too. The cold, wet weather plays havoc with my hands, leaving them dry and itchy. Winter’s also the time of year when it’s much more of a challenge to keep our children’s skin healthy too.


As parents, we are wired to take care of our children’s skin in the summer, when they are susceptible to sunburn. However, it’s just as important to look after your baby’s skin during the colder winter months. When the weather is cold, your child’s skin can lose moisture quicker causing dryness. You know from your own experience how uncomfortable dry skin can be, so it’s super important to make sure our children’s skin stays soft and well moisturised.


How to keep your child’s skin in tip top condition?


Dress them in layers

It’s only natural to want to wrap our little ones up, so they stay snuggly when out in the elements. However, skin irritations can be caused by overheating. So, dressing them in layers, which can be easily removed one at a time, can prevent this happening.


Protect little lips

Winter’s prime-time for chapped lips and children, especially drooly babies, are even more likely to suffer. Use some high quality balm to keep chapped lips at bay.


Protect against the weather

Using a stroller cover means you can still get out and about, benefiting from some fresh air. While making sure your little one is not exposed to the wind, which causes dryness.


Warm baths and moisturise

We all know how comforting and warming a bath can be. For children make sure the baths are warm, not hot, and that they’re not in there for too long. The heat and prolonged exposure to water can also have a drying effect. Patting their skin dry, then apply a moisturiser to replace any lost moisture.


Protect against wetness

If your children are still in nappies, then using a good quality nappy is key to avoiding nappy rash. Pampers Premium Protection Nappies are the only newborn nappy recommended by the British Skin Foundation and they now go up to a size 6. Pampers Premium Protection include a unique Absorb-Away Layer, which quickly draws wetness away from your newborn’s skin, so that it stays dry irritation free. There’s also a wetness indicator, which turns blue when your baby has a wee Perfect to ensure skin health and happiness.


Pampers Sensitive and New Baby Sensitive wipes are also approved by the British Skin Foundation. They’ve been dermatologically tested to be milder than cotton wool and water. While being the only baby wipes to offer gentle cleaning while protecting and restoring natural pH levels. Wet wipes are always our go to ‘cleaner-upper’ throughout the year. Their mild formulation means you can use them freely without worrying about causing dryness.


Do you have any tips to protect your child’s skin over the colder months?


Disclosure: This is part of a paid collaboration with Pampers, all opinions are my own.

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